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  1. How to add a radio message after a certain event? I want to make a radio conversation(how to type in the radio subtile that will be displayed in my mission such as "the extraction point is at eagle...") with a sound file played(what knid of file should I record the sound as and how to place it in place?). :p
  2. How to use support? Call Support in my menu is sth I never understand how it works. Everytime I call a medic from there, AI replies "HQ: there are no medic...." How does this logic work? BTW, how to reply oneself's current location to AI??? When I tap 5, the "report status" buttom is always dull. And they always say" where are you?" all the time.....:butbut:
  3. I would like to know how to place a gun on the ground without the crate.
  4. How to edit the action menu? I wanna add a new option in the menu at a particular moment to appear for player to select. And upon selecting, it gives an animation. and respectively, they trigger off different trigger. How could I do so?
  5. as mentioned The case is, I want an army to evacuate from an area and the % survived is checked when they reach their destination. For all, some or none make it to the evacuation pt., will trigger different trigger. How could I mod the % of survivers in a group to be checked by a trigger?
  6. For so long, OFP and its legacy have been proven to be extremely great. But I always think that there could be some more improvements. First, I want a good indoor fight. Even in ARMA 2, the indoor space is so "weird" that it is not good for an indoor fight. Second, I want to pick anything up with my bare hand. I want to pick up things and help with my entrenchment. Third, I wanna dig in! Make a trench for a lower chance of getting shot in my butt. I dunno if there are mods about dig in yet but it will always be more preferred for BI to do it officially. Forth, shooting from the car! I dont think I will be shot all the way in a car without the intention in firing back.....::D Lastly, could there be a cave or something that can be made on the landscape. Fighting inside a cave is really cool.....
  7. I think there should be a better interior combat as there is just no change in behavoiur between outdoor and indoor. ---------- Post added at 11:13 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:12 PM ---------- Most of all.... I still want the ability to shoot out of a car and dig my butt in!
  8. Pundaria

    Jump over fences/walls?

    Guys... but dont you think stop after running to a fence. And "v" the fence is silly? By you momentum, your can leap over it! A sudden stop looks silly.....:j:
  9. Thx, guys. Got it going already ;)
  10. Pundaria

    Arma2 Black Edition

    Well, at least look on the bright side. You save your opportunity cost if you can regenerate more then the extra cost you spend for the "black ed" during installation of 1.05 patch(which is very slow) and assumming you can do nothing while installing:D
  11. Now I see this problem haunted me from OFP finally comes to a rest in my old fashion way of treating........:p
  12. I finished OFP at the age of 9
  13. welll...... as my family is under ruler of communism style I dont get pocket money..... and I just dont have a bank ac...... (My bank ac is the safe at home. Whenever I need, I take.....):rolleyes: ---------- Post added at 08:42 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:39 PM ---------- Well thx folks..... I have sorted the thing out...... one of my elder friend is willing to lend me his card.....(with sth like $2 extra)
  14. I have lost my copy of OFP(both cold war and resistance):mad: I still got their CD key.....buy not their CDs....... Any idea where to buy?:confused: online shop for a soft copy is also ok....... It's been six years since I bought it (when I was in grade 6 back in my elimentary school:j:)..... Just can't believe it vanishes without a trace...........Now I am going to college and my old friend is gone:butbut:
  15. pal.... it's really interesting..... guess wt? my OFP was got in the mainland(PRC) .Much more werid and rare:D ---------- Post added at 08:36 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:34 PM ---------- Hopeless..... she has got beaten in our market and ran away few years ago.....
  16. Cool.... but a HK ac will require me to be at least 18...
  17. Just trying to stay away from detection of my family.........
  18. Tell you another bad thing..... I am only 17(under local legal age for a credit card) and I am a Hong Knog citizen. It would be a great trouble for me to get it from amazon............ Tell me how am I suppose to live without it
  19. By the way, is it possible to define who is saying that sentance? such as " Segt. Nogor :"..." "
  20. As mentioned: How to make a marker or a unit appaer after a certain event? I just dont wanna everytime the extraction point appears so clear to the soldiers. P.S. And how to creat a task? I couldn't make a task unavailable until a certain event. They are just all choosable at the beginning.....
  21. Guys, have really been a big help. Thx!:p