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  1. I know some mods are signed and when I delete some of its pbo and wanna bring it to multiplayer, does that count I modified the mod and get checked as cheated? :confused:
  2. Pundaria

    Removing some Pbo files?

    one last problem... after removing these, will AI still lay suppresive fire?
  3. Usually I join a game, a unit is created for which is not defined in editor before hand. How is this made? :confused:
  4. Pundaria

    Removing some Pbo files?

    Because as far as I know SLX mod has some PBOs to be removed to prevent freezing And SRY for posting at wrong place.
  5. Pundaria

    Chechen War Russians

    Is there anyone know is there a map of Chechnya?
  6. Pundaria

    hop in and play?

    how to define "when a player join the game"? And what is "soldierWB"?
  7. Thank you =) ---------- Post added at 18:18 ---------- Previous post was at 18:15 ---------- BTW, can I define only human to be killed?
  8. In real world as well as arma 2, whenever USA has her troops standed out, it is just like divine intervention. In next ARMA, can we have two ordinary countries fighting but without superpowers? I just want a modern fight but not massacar :p
  9. Pundaria

    Please....Stop the intervention

    But the map is chenerus, It is werid to have other troops on the soil. And I guess it will be good if there are two maps of the two countries which allow two fronts to be modded:p.
  10. Pundaria

    Knife proposal

    This is an idea for a knife.:rolleyes: 1. It occupy a slot in gear (those slot containing radios, watch, etc.) 2. When using the knife, R buttom becomes a lethal stab when enemy is unaware 3. By holding shift, it enters combat mode. The characters only walk.This prevent abuse. 4. Upon combat mode, hold LMB and drag is to wield your knife 5. Hold RMB is for defence 6. Since this is a game, 3 hits kill a person(We use Medic as other games, I dont see why we cannot tolerate a little bit gaming style in knife);) I always hate seeing a knife hanging on my bag but couldn't use it. And people always make up knife thread but without constructive advice for BI. So I am making this to urge a "knifed" ARMA 2 or 3.:p
  11. How can I add a action to the action menu that can only be performed by a player (or AI) near an object. Upon activating, it execute a move. And after activating the move, a truck is refueled. (or something is executed just after the move is done) And cannot be performed again after the action is performed. How to? I am totally new and dunno how to write an action script....I mean absolutely nothin' I know about it. Help! :p
  12. I am very ambitious in this. How to mod in various actions like waving the hands, giving a hug....etc. What tool and script is needed?
  13. How to make AI or Myself sit on BMP? Anyone have any idea?:confused:
  14. I didn't make one..... do u know anything using a tool making animation?:confused:
  15. I only want the artillery function. Not the secondery objective. So how to disable it giving me secop?:confused:
  16. Yesterday, I finished watching the two movie named <<CHE part one>> and <<CHE part two>>. They are great and also remind me of jungle warfare could be fun! I am dead tired about Russo-USA wars and MUSILIM enthusiasm. If this time we have jungle guerilla warfare on international socialism or drug war, it would be great. So please, I want an island filled with trees and few urban. Also things that associated like the falls , palm trees, crocodiles and Che Guevara :D P.s. RIVERS!!!!!!!! MORE RIVERS!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. How to make a trigger that trigger off when something is spotted by someone? I am planning to make a mission of both close recon and covert ops. but just no idea how to make people rush to you when you are spotted or end the mission when you find something(or looking in a direction). :p
  18. You are the man! I've played your ISLA DUALA. That's.... what's the word? Awesome!:D Keep up the good work. And remember, a CHE portray and associated socialism is needed!:p
  19. Pundaria

    Disabling Secop?

    too kind for you to help me out..... always got weird fire on me because of the secop.........:p
  20. Yay, I am tired of being the "Democratic bad guys" XD It could be a significant increase in the game's ranking for implementing a South American story.
  21. Pundaria

    Knife proposal

    Back to the old situation......... people argue about AI. Then improve AI while implementing melee!
  22. Pundaria

    Knife proposal