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  1. I'm trying to make a 1v1 multiplayer map so my friend and I can dogfight. The goal is to get one opfor and one blufor to respawn ad the respective airports and have 3 planes each. SU-25, AV8, F35. I've created each side and got the player respawns to work, but for the aircraft I've got some problems. 1) I'm using the same code for every aircraft but only the BLUFOR team's AV8 and F35 respawn, nothing else will, heres the code: BLUFOR Acft Names: BlSu Bl35 BlAv OPFOR Acft Names: OpSu Op35 OpAv The init codes are in each acft as follows: VehicleName respawnVehicle [-1,0] (VehicleName is replaced with each vehicles assigned name.) 2) How (after I get all the acft respawning like they should) would I go about making them respawn exactly where I put them at the beginning of the game? Right now they spawn in the area of my respawn_east/west markers I've assigned for the player restarts. My description.ext:
  2. I installed 1.2 and all my sounds work in multiplayer and no weird ammo hickups, woo!
  3. am I the only one having the weapon loadout problems online?
  4. Hey, thanks for the sound but I notice in multiplayer evolution mods (many variations of the mod) when you jump in the A-10 all the sounds function properly but the weapons behave oddly. A fresh spawned A-10 is missing most of its missile armament and instead of while it sits on the ground automatically refreshing its weapons, you now have to hit the reload button (even get a menu option to rearm it), while this is fine, I can just toggle through and hit reload on all the weapons, the Hydras always stay at 0. I can never get them to rearm. Any idea what this is about or why it doesn't just function like the old A-10, allowing expended ammunition to automatically rearm while sitting idle on a base?
  5. I don't know how to turn them on then, because I've got most all my settings maxed out and I can see them on your jet but not the defaults.
  6. Myke: How difficult would it be to add the contrails and visible air compression over the wing to all the standard aircraft? I think a mod of just adding that would be amazing, it'd make the airplanes so much cooler! Also do you think if you could do something like that, would we be able to use it in multiplayer without it kicking us out for having different versions or whatever? I don't know much about modding arma but I really want to get into it now that arma2 is out. Amazing work by the way, only things I'd change is putting in a joystick in the cockpit and clearin the radar screen, I'd rather look at nothing than fake targets lol. I wish they'd put your 16 in all those evo mods :(
  7. Alright I get it now, my friend and I played around with it just because we where bored and when he wrecked his first set of airplanes nothing but the SU would come back to him, and I got all his planes. I think my next step in learning to make a mission is addons/scripting. I'd like to get proficient enough at it that I can make my own little sarani life for my old roommates and I to play. ---------- Post added at 09:19 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:48 PM ---------- How can I change the teams of the F35s? If the OpFor gets in the acft the BluFor guy is going to see him as a friendly, instead of being able to lock him up like the OpFor can for the BluFor in the same acft.
  8. I'm trying to make a simple dogfight map, 2 players, infinite respawns of the 3 planes on each airport and the players next to them. Question 1: How do I make the map more than one player? Right now it spawns only one guy on the OPFOR side, even though I've got an identical BLUFOR player and respawn_west marker. Question 2: I've got VehicleName respawnVehicle [5,0] in the init of each vehicle with different names for each, but only one of my aircraft respawns. OpSu for my SU-25 is the only one that'll respawn, even though the Op35 (F-35) and OpAv (AV-8) have mirrored code minus the names of course. My description.ext:
  9. I posted a new thread in the proper area, but I'm still having problems so any more help would be appreciated. I got both player spawns to work now though, woo! Thanks