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  1. But I finally set my 8 core 3gigahertz 8 gig RAM ATI RADEON 4870 X2 up yesterday and got everything tuned up on my new installation of Vista Business 64...and the graphics were a pleasant surprise. A very pleasant surprise. Vast vistas of surpassing beauty. It's tilted me over the edge to decide that this October, for my 56th birthday I'm buying a second ATI RADEON 4870 X2 to run in crossfire and with Windows 7 I'll have Direct X 11 with Open CL...that's right Open CL not Open GL and this will allow me to run my GPUs as multicore arrays...1600 cores each for multithreading...I wonder what kind of frame rates that will give me. And this will allow three 24" screens instead of just one. Three screens with TrackIR...I must have it...the demo convinced me.
    Well, atleast we know you're rich... :rolleyes:

    But yeah, Arma 2 is an amazing game. (especially if you haven't heard of OFP and Arma 1)

  2. My big gripe is when I move the mouse left and right at speed, very blurred, especially in 1st person mode, is this meant to be the case, just means I have to stand completely still and scan the area very slowly for it to be viewable, any settings to help this?

    Turn post-processing to "off" in graphics options, but it will remove also other postprocessing effects.

    Oh and if you can help on the waypoints it would be appreciated. I'm right in saying you can't ask a squad member to move to a waypoint on the map, by foot, can you?

    Just select some member of your squad (with the F keys (like F2, F3...)) and click on the map.

  3. Doesnt work for me neither. Actually, I think that I have a few fps more in fullscreen, but alt-tabbing is much less of a pain in the ass in windowed mode (in fullscreen it takes me like 30 seconds, in windowed mode it alt-tabs instantly).