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  1. Thanks for the answer. I realized where the problem was. I was using the "Arma 2/Expansion" mod and that messed it up. From what I understand, that mod serves no purpose in the list as it's loaded automatically with OA. Maybe you could hide/remove it in the next update to avoid confusion.

    Great tool by the way. Nice to see you are still updating it regularly.

  2. Please do Hedo! I tried before but seems to have some browser issue with CIT and haven't got around to install another one just for that.

    Would appreciate if you also posted the ticket number here.



    Posted: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/12144

    I just need to know what version you tested it on and the skillFriendly and skillEnemy in your config. Would be probably better if you posted it to me by PM so we don't spam it here. Or if you can, post it in the comments on CIT.

  3. Must have been somewhat tired the other day...I noticed there was no example hiding in the woods on Chernarus so I repacked it if anyone will try to reproduce this on their machines...

    Test 1 - Hide_in_grass.Chernarus (surfaceType = CRGrass1, CRGrass2, CRGrassW1)


    When mission starts go prone directly and do not move a fin, just wait a couple of minutes. 95% of the time the Russian AI squad just passes by within a meter or two and does not detect me (as it should be since I'm wearing a Ghillie suit and are lying completely still in vegetation).

    Test 2 - Hide_in_woods.Chernarus (surfaceType = CRForest1)


    The exact same mission copied an pasted to a nearby wood. Doing the same procedure as above and the Russian AI squad always detects me 100% of the time at ~30-40 m!?

    Test 3 - Prone_on_tarmac.Chernarus (surfaceType = ?)


    Just for comparsion I copied the exact same mission to the tarmac on Chernarus airfield. Doing the same procedure as above and the Russian AI squad always detects me 100% of the time at ~40 m (as it should be since I'm on concrete).

    Link to testmissions:



    Report this on CIT if you or someone else haven't already. This will help BIS a lot more.

    If you don't want to post it, I may do it for you if you want. (with your permission of course)

  4. It's realistic.


    (Unless I am missing something, in which case I apologise)

    You are. The HUD works like a holosight (don't know the correct term) in reality. It would be useless if it would work like in Arma - you move your head 1 centimeter left or right and it is already misaligned. It's the same as with Aimpoint and Eotech in game.

    Some example videos:

    - homemade HUD

    at 4:25 - real F16

    Even ww2 planes already had reflector (holo) sights.

  5. C:\Documents and Settings\yourprofile\Documents\ArmA 2\yourprofile.ArmA2Profile


    C:\Documents and Settings\yourprofile\Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\yourprofile\yourprofile.ArmA2Profile

    There are only numbers so you probably won't be able to edit the keys, but I'm pretty sure that you can edit it ingame without the use of the "next" button.

  6. And talking about sales, check out which games OA is beating in the current Steam top sellers list. ;)


    It's currently the 5th top seller, after MW2 Resurgence Pack (>_>), Monkey Island, Bad Company 2 and Sniper: Ghost Warrior.

    I must say it's pretty cool to see OA selling more than both MW2 itself and the MW2 Stimulus Package. :D

    It's not that surprising considering all those games are pretty old. In contrary - I played demo of Sniper Ghost Warrior and it's incredibly shitty budget game.

  7. when i installed OA it told me that the Arma2 install (with 1.07) was newer.

    what does that mean?

    does it mean that there is no need to install the 1.52 patch?

    OA comes with ArmA2 1.06 patch. If you have 1.07 already it won't install the 1.06.

    OA 1.52 patch comes with ArmA2 1.07 patch and even if you have 1.07 already installed, you still need to patch OA. So download and install the patch even if you have ArmA2 1.07.

    OA version and ArmA2 version are 2 separate things. They are 2 different applications.