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  1. 1. I think this should be in the addon request thread.

    2. From what I've seen in the TV, the most action-packed thing they do is chasing some guy's footprints and catching him, so I don't see how this would be interesting. Unless you mean something like this, but that isn't really suitable for Arma either. Could you explain more on what would you do in the mod?

  2. Any definite reason for posting all the pictures and quotes? No offence, but it's getting a bit annoying and I don't really see the connection to the topic.

    void_false: We don't have that kind of thinking in Europe (as far as I'm aware). I think it should be up to everyone's free will to join or not to join the army. Altough I wouldn't be against if the mandatory service was brought back in some form.

  3. This update is for all Arma 2 versions including STEAM. However for STEAM version we recommend to use STEAM update.

    * ANY ORIGINAL VERSION OF ARMA 2 from 1.00 (including the Steam version, note that Verify file cache and autoupdate will not work properly until the full 1.09 is also out directly on Steam)

    So it should work for Steam too.

  4. You have to put it into the launcher shortcut, not arma shortcut. I'm not sure if it creates a shortcut upon installation, as I have installed it a long time ago, but if it doesn't, create one (go to the settings tab of the launcher and press "create shortcut"). I have it installed in my Arma directory, so that probably confused you.

    This is how it looks on my PC (if you wonder, I've got czech Windows)


  5. That works but it has no mods visible at all. How can i make it see mods?

    Even when i only have it 'see' ARMA2 i can't see mods, when i enable the mod detection it keeps doing the 'scanning..' thing again.

    Has development stopped for this launcher?

    From comments on the official site:

    #1 by Vovchik on 2010/09/10 - 22:02

    Version 3.1.1 bug.

    When switching on option “Check automaticaly for mod folder†program goes to cycle “Found new modâ€->â€Restartâ€->â€Found new modâ€â€¦ Of course no new mods added. Reset didn’t help.

    Reply Quote


    #2 by Vovchik on 2010/09/15 - 00:19

    I’ve found the reason of such behaviour. :) It was because of using symbols “[" and "]†in folders names. So, they have been written to the configuration file an make some mesh. It’s my fault. Sorry.

    So check if you don't have any unusual characters in your modfolder names (spaces too).
    Can someone answer my simple question please? Surely someone must know
    As Lonedive already said add the -debug parameter to the shortcut - press properties and in the target you should have
    "C:\Program Files\ArmA 2\ArmA II Launcher.exe" -debug

    Of course this is only an example and your path will be probably different. After you press start a pop up window will show you the string.

  6. There are already some very basic tutorial videos from BIS. Not sure if you are aware of them:


    also No.2:

    and No.3:

    Personally, I think the ingame tutorial is enough.

    Maybe a short video would be nice giving FPS shooters fans a heads up of what to expect from ArmA, i.e. the complexity of the controls etc.. a feature about ArmA's history, development and asperations would be cool. Hell, I'd love to see the development team at work and hear their perspective on ArmA and what they envisage for its future.
    A good trailer could do this. A one that would show the possibilities of Arma and what to expect - something along the lines of
    (altough this doesn't really show the complexity of controls).

  7. Hit execute.

    Yeah, that's the obvious thing to do, but it only updates/checks for update for the ACE, ACEX, ACEX_SM and CBA.

    This is what the update window shows:


    It doesn't even check for RU and USNavy.

    I had the same problem with ACEX_PLA before, when it at one point stopped updating(altough it showed that there was a new version available at the time), but I didn't really bother with it as I wasn't using it anyway.

  8. Hey guys!

    I'd like to try the ACE mod. However, I'm new new to mods for this game. In other games all I had to do is install some files into some folders.....maybe tweak a few config files. Hell, I can't even figure out how to DOWNLOAD this mod. All I can ever find is a page like THIS one and, maybe I'm just dumbing up here, but I see nothing intuitive here saying "if you want this mod, click this link to download it". It looks to me like a dev/upload page ??

    Thanks for any help guys, I'd love to try this mod! :)

    Oh and please tell me it has CCIP for fighters :P :D


    whole documentation is here http://ace.dev-heaven.net/documentation

    I'd recommend the stable release installation for you - it's the less tricky "download and go" version. You can download it here http://ace.dev-heaven.net/wagn/ACE_1_7 (scroll down to downloads).

    I also recommend using the Alpinestars launcher for easy mod management.

  9. Also my guy keeps blacking out and getting up and breathing heavily for some reason. I even restarted, oh well.

    That's a feature of ACE2 - the stamina system. When you run too much with heavy equipment you start to black out. It's not perfect, but it wasn't possible to implement it better.

    You should really try to play the game without mods and use them when you better know the game - you'll also appreciate the mods more that way. Especially the ACE mod is probably more complex than needed for a newbie.

    I also recommend changing (lowering) these values in "My Documents/ArmA 2/yourname.ArmA2Profile" under the difficulty you are using, if you feel all the AIs are snipers (particularly the precisionEnemy)


  10. Not really excited about this, but I'll probably buy it anyway. I'm most interested about the campaign, but I doubt it will be any good.

    I would like to see new features that cannot be made by addonmakers in future DLCs. I think that would be the best way for BIS to go with DLCs as they wouldn't compete with the addonmakers and at the same time it would be an insta-buy for most people.