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  1. Here's a print screen I made of the original email I received:


    Can anyone get the farsi text from this so we can translate it?

    Anyone? I found only programs that decode Latin text from images. I don't suppose there's someone here that can read Arabic.

  2. It may be nothing, but has AANs website always had the adds at the lower left side of the page? If so are these new?


    Escape from Kolgujev I clicked on this add and this next add pops up.




    Kozi syry

    Nm eesty jedlines

    Malden Tours

    I asking about it since it references the "escape" and also "Everon".

    Those are old. Some of them (or all?) are on billboards on Chernarus. They're just easter eggs and the people on them are BIS devs (well, the Sahrani one probably isn't BI dev ;)).

  3. Looks like they are printed typewritter style behind those numbers to me, just smaller. "Y" I can see behind the shadow of 3 and next to 6. "T" seems to be the bottom of G and "J" is the bottom right of that number 8.

    Correct me if I'm totally off the mark on this one though.

    I think I know what you mean, but I don't think it's really there. Just your mind playing tricks on you.

  4. 3.) The difficulty I had was trying to find the last AA, which I still haven't. I would suggest having the guards post manned with stationary high caliber machine guns.

    I suppose there are only 3 AAs, not 4 as on the map. I haven't found anthing on the last mark. Are you sure you destroyed them? They need to explode and go up in flames for the objective to complete. I needed 2 satchels for each, not 1 as stated. Good, that my mates carry some in their backpacks.

    I was playing without ACE, so maybe that was the problem as this was created mainly for ACE.

    Haven't finsished the mission yet. I will give some more feedback later.