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  1. Hedo

    ArmA 2 Demo feedback

    Well, atleast we know you're rich... :rolleyes:But yeah, Arma 2 is an amazing game. (especially if you haven't heard of OFP and Arma 1)
  2. Hedo

    Red Dawn: Endgame Arma 2 Trailer

    That was just too awsome! Looking forward to it. Do you have a download version of your older videos? The Divx player on that site is just stupid.
  3. Hedo

    Few tips needed for a beginner

    Turn post-processing to "off" in graphics options, but it will remove also other postprocessing effects. Just select some member of your squad (with the F keys (like F2, F3...)) and click on the map.
  4. Hedo

    Change the Language in Arma 2?

  5. Hedo

    Temp FPS Fix

    Doesnt work for me neither. Actually, I think that I have a few fps more in fullscreen, but alt-tabbing is much less of a pain in the ass in windowed mode (in fullscreen it takes me like 30 seconds, in windowed mode it alt-tabs instantly).