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    Arma 2 OA CO & BFA

    If I'm not mistaken, PMC and BAF are available only in English language (BAF in czech too). OA should be in all languages. The language can be changed in Options -> Game Options -> Select language . Are you talking only about the PMC and BAF campaigns?
  2. If you buy only A2:R, the only thing you will miss are the OA camapign and scenarios. You will have all the content for unofficial addons and missions. I don't think that OA is worth the extra ~20€.
  3. Hedo

    A US Border Patrol Sim Mod?

    1. I think this should be in the addon request thread. 2. From what I've seen in the TV, the most action-packed thing they do is chasing some guy's footprints and catching him, so I don't see how this would be interesting. Unless you mean something like this, but that isn't really suitable for Arma either. Could you explain more on what would you do in the mod?
  4. Hedo

    Has OFP/ARMA put you off the Army ?

    Any definite reason for posting all the pictures and quotes? No offence, but it's getting a bit annoying and I don't really see the connection to the topic. void_false: We don't have that kind of thinking in Europe (as far as I'm aware). I think it should be up to everyone's free will to join or not to join the army. Altough I wouldn't be against if the mandatory service was brought back in some form.
  5. So it should work for Steam too.
  6. Hedo

    Has OFP/ARMA put you off the Army ?

    Quite the opposite. Without OFP/Arma i don't think i would be half as interested in the army as I'm now. But I probably won't enlist, I'm not the right guy for it. (But who knows, maybe sometime :rolleyes:) A poll would be appropriate - would be interesting to see the results.
  7. Looks really nice. Opens up lots of new possibilities for Seal type missions. Also do not forget to make diving soldiers less detectable to the enemy. I hope you can get rid of the bugs.
  8. You have to put it into the launcher shortcut, not arma shortcut. I'm not sure if it creates a shortcut upon installation, as I have installed it a long time ago, but if it doesn't, create one (go to the settings tab of the launcher and press "create shortcut"). I have it installed in my Arma directory, so that probably confused you. This is how it looks on my PC (if you wonder, I've got czech Windows)
  9. Hedo

    DOF seems a little much

    You may also try setting postprocessing to low. You'll still get most of the effects but not DOF. (but ambient occlusion will be disabled too) walker: I don't agree. I think they add a lot to the graphics. Without them it looks like Arma1.
  10. From comments on the official site: So check if you don't have any unusual characters in your modfolder names (spaces too). As Lonedive already said add the -debug parameter to the shortcut - press properties and in the target you should have "C:\Program Files\ArmA 2\ArmA II Launcher.exe" -debug Of course this is only an example and your path will be probably different. After you press start a pop up window will show you the string.
  11. There are already some very basic tutorial videos from BIS. Not sure if you are aware of them: SSKIgfdg7fY also No.2: and No.3: Personally, I think the ingame tutorial is enough. A good trailer could do this. A one that would show the possibilities of Arma and what to expect - something along the lines of (altough this doesn't really show the complexity of controls).
  12. Thanks for the quick reply :D That'll be the problem. I somehow hoped it was updating itself (and apparently it was supposed to do that). edit: Yes, it worked, downloading right now. Thanks again.
  13. Yeah, that's the obvious thing to do, but it only updates/checks for update for the ACE, ACEX, ACEX_SM and CBA. This is what the update window shows: It doesn't even check for RU and USNavy. I had the same problem with ACEX_PLA before, when it at one point stopped updating(altough it showed that there was a new version available at the time), but I didn't really bother with it as I wasn't using it anyway.
  14. http://ace.dev-heaven.net/wagn/Installation whole documentation is here http://ace.dev-heaven.net/documentation I'd recommend the stable release installation for you - it's the less tricky "download and go" version. You can download it here http://ace.dev-heaven.net/wagn/ACE_1_7 (scroll down to downloads). I also recommend using the Alpinestars launcher for easy mod management.
  15. Could someone tell me how to install the ACEX RU and USNavy using the sixupdater? I'm using these settings I couldn't find anything in the documentation.
  16. Hedo

    Essential Tweaks & Mods?

    That's a feature of ACE2 - the stamina system. When you run too much with heavy equipment you start to black out. It's not perfect, but it wasn't possible to implement it better. You should really try to play the game without mods and use them when you better know the game - you'll also appreciate the mods more that way. Especially the ACE mod is probably more complex than needed for a newbie. I also recommend changing (lowering) these values in "My Documents/ArmA 2/yourname.ArmA2Profile" under the difficulty you are using, if you feel all the AIs are snipers (particularly the precisionEnemy) skillFriendly=1; skillEnemy=1; precisionFriendly=1; precisionEnemy=1;
  17. Hedo


    http://www.acapela-group.com/text-to-speech-interactive-demo.html choose czech, type kozlice and tadaa - you have it
  18. There was a ticket about it months ago (sometime when OA was released). I don't have the problem though. OK, i found it - http://dev-heaven.net/issues/11722 - it didn't get much support as you can see.
  19. Hedo

    SARMAT Studio Train

    I'd say that's just vanilla train with scripted forward movement.
  20. I've got OFP:GOTY, ArmA, ArmA2 and ArmA2:OA Pretty much lost interest in Arma anyway. Didn't even play OA much. But I am sure that I will come back to it (like always).
  21. AFAIK you will have to buy it from another source, but it isn't sold on DVD.
  22. I haven't tested this beta patch yet, but this should be fixed now. Will give it a try tommorow.
  23. The link in the first post doesn't work. Replace it with the Armaholic one. I will try the mission and eventually report my thoughts.
  24. Why would you use OA without the A2 stuff if you own them both? Doesn't make sense to me.
  25. Not really excited about this, but I'll probably buy it anyway. I'm most interested about the campaign, but I doubt it will be any good. I would like to see new features that cannot be made by addonmakers in future DLCs. I think that would be the best way for BIS to go with DLCs as they wouldn't compete with the addonmakers and at the same time it would be an insta-buy for most people.