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  1. Jimmy the Saint

    Where do you live?

    That's just a saying. I was actually thinking of Willy Wonka! :p
  2. Jimmy the Saint

    Where do you live?

    I do live here click.
  3. Jimmy the Saint

    ArmA 2 on PlayStation 3

    I don't want to spoil your expectation, but I don't think you're going to see a PS3 version of "ArmA 2". The game seems to be too complex. Just think about how long it took to convert "OPF" to a gaming console.
  4. Jimmy the Saint

    Compatibilty mode

    "ArmA 2" supports WinXP, you don't need to activate any compatibly mode.
  5. Jimmy the Saint

    The Main Problems of Arma/Arma 2

  6. Jimmy the Saint

    strange unit icons

    Those are high command symbols and show you different groups (depends on symbols) under your command. You can change between high command units and your fireteam/squad by hitting "Ctrl+Space". ;)
  7. Jimmy the Saint

    AI After ejecting get wounded?

    You have to compare "Eject" with a emergency jump (out).
  8. Jimmy the Saint

    AI After ejecting get wounded?

    Be careful when giving the command to "Disembark". Sometimes A.I units tend to get injured or killed when jumping out of a vehicle while it's still slightly moving. So be sure the vehicle has come to a full stop and doesn't even float on a hillside. ;)
  9. Jimmy the Saint

    The Main Problems of Arma/Arma 2

    The thread starter made one incidental remark about the featured islands (Utes and Chernarus) in "ArmA 2". In my opinion they're just too few and do not satisfy my demand in numbers.
  10. Jimmy the Saint

    CO 10 Dawn Breaker v1.1

    Cheers! :) I always liked the exemplary Operation Flashpoint missions a lot. Of course, they might have been straightforward at times, but they had some pretty intense and remarkable moments because of their up close and personal situations (without the possibility to respawn). Those situations and the limitation of resources forces every player to become a tactical part of the whole team. I believe that's the essence of Operation Flashpoint, ArmA and now Arma 2.
  11. Jimmy the Saint

    little question

    Do you get a response like "roger" from your team or do they ask "Where are you?" Maybe you've just forgotten to select your team? Setting your team to "safe" or even better "aware" is a good hint aswell!
  12. Jimmy the Saint

    Bad Lands it is!

    By looking at the title of your thread, I guess you're fully aware of the problems within this mission. Maybe you should really try to use the search function or look for the numerous threads with the same content. You might aswell search for "Endmission". *by the way, Badlands will be fixed with the next patch, so they say
  13. Jimmy the Saint

    Big Problem with Arma 2

    You cannot argue like this, because there are exceptions of the rule. I could say ArmA2 runs best on a 32bit OS because ArmA2 is a 32bit application, but my statement could be wrong too. Have a look around the forums and you'll notice that people made different experiences. :) *But if you're having enough time and you're able to do it, I'd say, give Win7 a try aswell.
  14. Jimmy the Saint

    It seems a bug on M4A1 sight

    I agree with that! :)
  15. Finally somebody brings this thread back to its topic. :)