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    Will ArmA 2/3 ever meet OnLive?

    There is no subscription fee, the only monthly fee for the service is for the playpack which is an optional fee for a pack of 50ish games. I'm afraid you're using outdated information, the monthly fee that was expected was scrapped around January 2011. (There is a blog post on Onlive's blog about this from that time however I really cba to find it right now) If you need evidence run: http://play.onlive.com/ <- Free So far the only two competent discussion points in this thread that actually have any coherent thought process put into it is that of the modding limitations (Which I agree would be a downside as ARMA is a game that is heavily mod centric) and the economical viability of running the game on Onlives data centers. Onlive CAN obviously run the game in the cloud, to say otherwise would be like saying a PC cannot run it, however the economical viability of Onlive doing so is an interesting point made. That would obviously be something that Onlive and BI would need to discuss, no idea myself if it would be viable for Onlive to do so as they are very tight with information regarding their servers used. Still this really shouldn't be much of a problem regarding the PC, this is more of a point of the game being brought to an area where CONSOLE players have a chance of playing this brilliant game. We all know that the current generation of consoles have absolutely no possibility whatsoever of playing ARMA, at the very least through Onlive they have a chance of doing so since all you would need is a basic laptop or PC to do so. Edit: Nevermind took the time to find it for you rupert: http://blog.onlive.com/2010/10/04/onlive-just-play-for-free/
  2. He does own ARMA2 I can assure you of that, to be honest Ben himself is somewhat mainstream rather than 'Fanboy' when it comes to DR if his comments here are to be judged by; also Dragons Rising was released as a "Tactical Shooter" not a military simulator like people here state. (Going by release terminology not during development)
  3. I'm mainly curious whom it's, I know of two people who would attempt to impersonate Polaris for a laugh but him and Zipper? No idea I'm afraid. Also Zipper to be frank the reason why the majority of people were taken in with the persons impersonation of you was probably due to you not being (How do I put this without offense) not well known in the forum itself. Polaris was a figurehead of the community like Templar is now during Dragons Rising so people would be able to spot any discrepancies between the old and new, as for you however you wasn't heavily active in the dragons rising community so people cannot use any previous knowledge to combat the new.
  4. Enjoyable read, still Ricbar thanks for reminding me who told me about the multiplayer streaming fiasco as I completely forgot about it last month when I was telling someone about it in the old'e'ol OFP IRC chat page. Still as for my 2 pence on this game (Or in exchange rate would that be around 1.6 pence?) I won't be buying the sequel on release, I might be blind enough to go for the honey once but I won't be stung a second time! ;)
  5. Reason: I missed an "a" out. Prize availible for pointing out where. It should be available now weres my prize? :p Well that's all I have for you and the fact that cm has only confirmed no planes. Best waiting if you don't believe that footage.
  6. God damnit, now your forcing me to painstakingly sift through tons of information (1 page). *Waves fist" I'll edit back when I find it. ;) Edit: 52 seconds. :)
  7. Well someone needs to do their research...
  8. Then constructively criticise on the flashpoint forums, sure some of the mod's might be a bit harsh on some of the responces you may give but as long as it's in the right thread etc... should be fine. --------------------------------- At the end of the day every 1 complaint piles up forcing CM to change something, still regarding fanboism I might be abit like that but at the end of the day each game will have something significant that the other doesn't have and lastly to the person who said flashpoint wont really have any modder's you are wrong in that regard. A few ARMA players are planning to mod for both. About 4 major mods being developed, sure not alot but it's a start is it not? At the end of the day: ARMA2: Full combat orientation. (Air combat/sea etc...) OFP: DR: Infantry orientated.