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    Waiting for arma 2 360 version.
  1. ATC Forgiven

    [SP/MP] Antistasi - Warlords of the Pacific

    We have a server running this and the antistasi mod. Couple things we've noticed is the radios glitch back into the inventory of the arsenal when loading our players. Also on antistasi the npc cars seem to be on a death mission to kill us. On the warlords of the Pacific can you change the factions you start out as? Much rather be shooting at drug dealers than cops. Maybe be fia or rebels. Thanks for you help look forward to any help y'all can give.
  2. ATC Forgiven

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    Agreed. It would take 90% of my personal time.:p
  3. ATC Forgiven

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    No one here is saying it'll be easy, just welcomed. The console market has yet to see anything like this.Also, while it may take a little while I believe they began a lot further back than most of us would consider. I dont beleive they announced it and then just left their work where it was after the delays, but rather that they continue to push forward. BIS knows the gold mine the 360/ps3 could be, and while it has run into some problems I think they can be solved.
  4. ATC Forgiven

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    At the end of the day all I want is the game. Doesnt bother me to dl,buy,rent,borrow, I'd say steal but its just not me :). I just hope it comes soon.
  5. ATC Forgiven

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    That would be the best dlc ever! Good idea, I hope they would consider anything possible to get this game to the console market with the realism and editor in tact. :p
  6. ATC Forgiven

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    I'm not big on what comes fist or how they do it, so long as its arma2 and not arma 2 something rising :)
  7. ATC Forgiven

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    I hope your right Avibird. I believe that if bis sticks to who they are and what they do they will make a game that will dominate the online gaming for consoles. Come on bis, crunch the #'s, build the game make yourselves rich and a hole lotta gamers happy:)
  8. ATC Forgiven

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    Just checking in for updates.Any day now placebo!
  9. ATC Forgiven

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    I'll be more than happy for the watered down version, assuming it will be even a notch above the original flashpoint for xbox. :)
  10. ATC Forgiven

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    Think he was just making a point;) Also, I have been reading around the web.While there is no new news, there are tons of ppl waiting for a 360 release.Hope we can get some info soon.Keep up the good job on the other sites by the way.Good stuff.
  11. ATC Forgiven

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    Blessed thank you. I had never heard of something like this, thought it was only pc.Well......I'll buy 2 copies to help make up for one pirate!!Lol. Still, the console fan base could be huge. Thanks for the polite reply.
  12. ATC Forgiven

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    Alot of pc gamers are now on consoles.Not to mention its cool that they care about their "fans" but lets be honest, they would not only have fans on the console, but make more money with no pirating the software. How many publishers are actually making money on the cod series? Alright placebo, any day now!!:D
  13. ATC Forgiven

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    Im sure he just meant "Why is it so hard to give away gold? Any publisher you guys have approached that has declined the opportunity is ....well... I just dont understand it.
  14. ATC Forgiven

    Evidense of Console version of ArmA II?

    I'd be willing to bet that after the console community has had the opportunity to play mil-sim games on a normal basis that future sales would rival that of the pc along with fan base ect. Fact is there are console teams built around mil-sim gaming. These teams grow quickly and have fan basis on games such as graw2, rainbow ect. Go to the xbox forums and type in team work,tactics and look at the search results.http://forums.xbox.com/search/SearchResults.aspx?q=teamwork&forum=&u= The console community will explode should arma 2 come out. While the sales the first year would be lower than following or consectutive years it would still hit the ground running. The current version has bugs,glitches ect. all of wich the community can deal with. Would there be those who didnt care for the game? Sure, but its not due to being a console gamer, its to their taste.:confused: