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  1. Redfield-77

    Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah

    You do outstanding work Drongo. I would like to see the ME irregs bundled into this mod. I think most people run both and it just simplifies things for everyone, mostly you.
  2. Redfield-77

    NATO 5.56 and 7.62 adjustor

    Yes as I said only the mod only works if you are running it. It is clientside. Thats not to say you can just join any server and have any damage you want. The mod is not signed and most servers would not allow you to join if you are running it. The mod still works but the update that sonsalt posted is the vanilla lao fei mao version. I have downloads to both original files in th OP and the version I made has not been updated and still works.
  3. Redfield-77

    NATO 5.56 and 7.62 adjustor

    All clients wishing to benefit from this mod must run the mod.
  4. Redfield-77

    NATO 5.56 and 7.62 adjustor

    Hi Hauer, Unfortunately That Update is not my mod. That mod is Lao Fei Mao's work and it only supports unmodded Arma 3. I can only assume it is his vanilla version that got updated. Im not sure why Sonsalt posted that here. There has been no update to my version of the mod. (The version that supports massi and RH ammo) There are links to both Mao's original version as well as my original version in the OP.
  5. Cool mod Spliffz but you should edit the video some. Thats a 6 minute video with about 30 seconds of relevance.
  6. Redfield-77

    NATO 5.56 and 7.62 adjustor

    @DirtyDel & @Acoustic I am currently in Law Enforcement Training and as such am very busy lately. There is a ton of stuff I would like to do but there is just not enough hours in the day. I havent looked into explosions yet but I have noticed the 40mm are a bit weak. As far as the canadian armed forces and caf aggressors go, sadly they are not added. You will have to add them manually. I always had intended to make this code as more of a template that others could add what they needed. The more stuff I add, the more mods people will be forced to download.
  7. Redfield-77

    NATO 5.56 and 7.62 adjustor

    Make sure you have added the mod to the required addons field as well. If you have not done this see the 1st post lines 9-10.
  8. Redfield-77

    NATO 5.56 and 7.62 adjustor

    I intended for everyone to alter the cfg to their own taste as well as to adjust for new mods and ammo. Lemondemon I appreciate you helping out Drakenof and you can change whatever you need and send it to him as long as you dont republish under another name as Your Mod.
  9. Redfield-77

    EricJ Release thread

    Just hopping in to say "well done on all your hard work Eric". We are still rocking the SCARS with very few exceptions. Dude, you are a machine, if you ever run out of stuff to do I would love to see the SMAWW, MAWWS, AT-4 confined space, and the LAW back in Arma. I know that some of these have been ported already but no one has ported them with proper optics or the ability to zero the optics as of yet. The ports have been rather hasty and guessing the ballistic arc of an AT weapon in combat is too arcade for me. Anyway, if you never get around to it, thanks for all the hard work you have already done!
  10. Redfield-77

    NATO 5.56 and 7.62 adjustor

    With .pbo manager it is easy. Just create a new folder (name it whatever) and drop the cpp into it. Then right click on the folder and click create pbo. This will create the pbo in the same location as the folder you just created but it wont replace it.
  11. Redfield-77

    NATO 5.56 and 7.62 adjustor

    Im not sure I completely understand the question but I will try to answer. If you mean choosing the ammo in game, then no. The ammo in game will have the same name it always had. If you mean in the cfg viewer then no. Most rounds are already effected in this mod and you wont need to do anything but some of the newer mods will have to be added manually.
  12. Redfield-77

    NATO 5.56 and 7.62 adjustor

    @DirtyDel You should be able to right click the folder and have the option to create pbo. If you dont get that option there are several other .pbo tools. If pbo manager doesnt work that way you could always try eliteness or cpbo or unwrap. @Chops I havent noticed, but I use blastcore tracers which are a different color anyway.
  13. Redfield-77

    NATO 5.56 and 7.62 adjustor

    There is, and has been a link to the vanilla version in the OP for a while now. I provided the code for those that want to adjust the vanilla version as well. Read the bottom of the OP and the link is called Lao Fei Mao's Version. His version only effects the vanilla guns and you dont need to do anything else. If you want to use mod rifles you will have to use my version, And yes, If you want to adjust damage you will have to use PBO manager to re-PBO after editing. As far as suppressors go Im not sure how they actually work in Arma 3. I am fairly certain that all damage is calculated by the round type. I can tell you that with this mod running you wont notice if the suppressors are effecting the round damage or not. Most hits will be one shot kills with or without suppressors on.
  14. Redfield-77

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    This mod script has civilians too. Just add them like you do enemies.
  15. Redfield-77

    NATO 5.56 and 7.62 adjustor

    Hi zach. It is Client side only. As long as you are playing on a private server with your unit you wont run into any issues. I dont think it can be made into a server side mod and there is no key for pubs.