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    New airplane issues in 1.04

    Nothing was fixed. It's always been like that and I can't see anything good in it, because it's directly connected with "THE BAD". If you try and use the Harrier using the digital controls you can see that it is able to lift up and hover on place without problem. The main problem is that they shouldn't divide the axis into 50% throttle and 50% braking, because you lose, de facto, 50% of the throttle range. That means, whenever you use analogue controls you only throttle the harrier up to 50% of it's engine power (for what I can see, correct me if I'm wrong). The base issue behind this seems to be the limitation of mapping the full axis into only part of the physical analogue axis. It would work fine if they changed the behaviour to range between 0% throttle to 100% throttle, but then you possibly couldn't sink fast, if needed, since you need a "negative" throttle (i.e. key 'Y' by default) to lower the plane. And while in non-hovering mode (and for other planes) you couldn't brake - but that could be remedied by air brakes that could be extended/retracted by an action (or button press for that matter).
  2. Those with mouse smoothing issues probably can configure their mouse driver to do smoothing, if needed. For me the removal of mouse smoothing means that I can finally drive a vehicle on the street for a sustained period. :p
  3. Did you consider the latest SLI profile? http://www.nvidia.com/object/nvidia_sli_profile_patch.html I always hear people bitching about lack of SLI support in ArmA II but never see anywhere that they mentioned installing the latest SLI profile - only the latest drivers.
  4. Fireball

    Wont work at all.

    Can you upload the arma2.rpt and DXdiag output somewhere? Maybe you should call the support hotline of your country.
  5. Fireball

    Analogue Throttle

    Got this filed in the A2 CIT; if we're lucky we're seeing a hotfix: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/show/3399
  6. Fireball

    SVD too weak?

    Am I the only one who has the impression that some of the (sniper) rifles are just too weak? I have composed a test mission that leaves you on top of a few soldiers you can take out with an SVD, crouching behind a earth wall. Tell me how many of them you need to hit two or three times with the SVD for a kill?? I'm not sure if this is realistic. A sniper rifle usually hits so hard that nobody is to survive one shot. Maybe it's more realistic with the Medic Mod loaded, but then again, when I hit them in the front with the SVD, nobody is just laying there and aiming in my direction anymore. EDIT: Use Veteran mode to make sure we have the same difficulty. I just tested it again and I had to hit one of them even 4 (four) times around the head/chest/torso region!!
  7. Fireball

    Online needs vast improvements

    You forgot to close it; while I do not condone policy violations I might just add on topic, that I observed similar performance issues in MP and filed a bug with it: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/show/1915 It is pretty generic, his post and my bug I filed, because the performance issues have various faces, hard to describe them all. Mostly it's generally out-of sync behaviour, which gets better, the longer players are on a server.
  8. Thing is, that the "zoomed-in" style walking is actually what you would do in CQB, but not with a sniper rifle. But it's not a big deal to click away the zoom with the sniper rifle. I use the zoomed in movements like crouch, cover a door, wait a few seconds, stand up and move in still notch-on with the aimpoint fixed - that's how it's done. You toss the mag, put the new one in, back to aimpoint as quick as possible - exactly what you want in CQB. One could argue that you don't go prone in CQB but I like it very much how it is done in the game, when you stand up that you keep the aimpoint. Maybe with a sniper rifle it makes less sense, because to keep the correct aim with the sniper scope while standing up makes you rather superhuman. There it would be more realistic just to make you click to zoom in and aim again, but it would involve a differing between zooming scopes and unzoomed aimpoints, which is not done right now. This would go for a feature request, I guess.
  9. Jimmy, exactly what I mentioned in the other thread, this is something that needs fixing since OFP afair.
  10. Fireball

    Minor but important things

    I agree though on the missing bullet in the chamber. If you reload a 30 rounds mag before you're shot empty, you're supposed to have 31 bullets loaded; this is - for an infantry simulator - a shocking glitch. Even Crysis had this one correct.
  11. Fireball

    Kamov Rudder

    And also remarkably well seen at 3:30!
  12. Fireball

    SVD too weak?

    I maybe have to revise my conclusion; I've just re-tried the mission with the KSVK sniper rifle and then it was one shot, one kill - thus it's not a problem with the arms being inpenetrable, but it's either a "percentage" system which reduces health more with the KSVK than with the SVD or the penetration is just so much better with the KSVK - in either case, the SVD would then be too weak, as I suspected originally. Specially at distances up to 1000 m. ---------- Post added at 12:56 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:18 AM ---------- Open question: Does ArmA2 take in account the penetration of the bullet or simply the overall damage it does to the body when hit, which differs then according to the part of the body? Or put another way; does hitting the soldiers into arms just reduce some health percentage until it dies or does the speed and thus thrust and penetration of the bullet matter? Maybe some dev can shed some blood ehhh light on this?
  13. Fireball

    SVD too weak?

    Because I felt like it. :j:
  14. Fireball

    Missile Speeds...

    This might be correct for the bombs, if they are retarded (not as in stupid, but delayed by aerodynamic measures :D). But seeing that many numbers in speed are incorrect, I don't doubt that they are a few kph off too...
  15. Fireball

    SVD too weak?

    Bug filed in CIT: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/show/2386
  16. Fireball

    SVD too weak?

    I re-tested myself again and I can confirm that when I have to hit them two to three times, that I hit the arms. But they also lay in a angle, that the bullet, also according to the description of the ammo by Zacho, must go through the arm into the torso - that should be absolutely devastating! But the main problem seems that the arms are absolut bullet stoppers and while prone, they can cover the torso with them - so this should be fixed and rather not the SVD then. EDIT: Ohh and Curry, while your point is taken, in the test mission, that's not exactly a "great distance" - even with a normal assault rifle shots on these distances would be mostly lethal or incapacitating, unless you really only inflict a flesh wounds on extremities with no arteria hit. But the soldiers just lay there, still aiming at me (and probably shooting if I showed myself).