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  1. Hey everyone. This is my first mission created for Arma 3. It is designed to be a Co-op mission with 5 slots, however I don't have a ton of experience and don't know for sure that everything works in MP as it should. I hosted it on my own PC and everything works fine though. It can also be played SP if that's your thing. For this mission you will need to use some stealth. You do not wan't to be detected in any way until one of your targets arrives. Once he is on the ground feel free to go weapons hot. The mission will END if you are detected beforehand. You may also extract before all objectives are complete if you don't feel you can finish it due to loss of members ect and want to have a more realistic feel over just ending the mission. There are 3 targets. Target One: Eliminate AAF Officer Acacio. Target Two: Eliminate CSAT Officer Nassir. Target Three: Destroy Weapons loaded into the truck. There is a slight time limit. CSAT Officer Nassir will board the vehicle with the weapons and leave the area if you aren't fast enough. I hope you all enjoy my mission. Please feel free to post here or private message me with any questions, criticisms, bugs, ect. Thanks DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/mqhcscm6z46j7yu/Operation%2520Safe%2520Strike.Altis.pbo Armaholic mirror: - Operation Safe Strike Co-05
  2. Roe-31stMEU-

    Operation Safe Strike SP/Co-Op 5

    Anyone have a chance to try it out yet?
  3. Ok so there I was, working away at a mission. I put down an ammo box, use the VAS by Tonic. I drop the files where it tells me to, edit the Description.ext file the way it tells me to, and put the init line in as it tells me to. I accidentally added those files and things while the game was open, was a quick idea to grab script. I click Save and the game crashes :( I get an error that looks like my RPT file Please, can anyone tell me how I can get back to be able to load my mission and continue work? I spent almost the entire day working on it and it'd be a damn shame if I just had to start over cuz of this :( Thanks P.S. not using dev branch
  4. Thanks kju. I fixed that error and have edited my OP to show the latest RPT file where that error is no longer showing up, however the game still crashes with that same error message. ---------- Post added at 04:19 AM ---------- Previous post was at 03:32 AM ---------- Ok, so I took out the lil part for VAS in the description.exe and everything works again. Haven't tried getting VAS to work again yet, but I will later on. Thanks
  5. Ok, so just for shits n giggles I wanted to animate a bargate to close down a road for the opfor. Now I added a trigger that is activation Opfor, repeatidly, and in the On Act. field I have Gate1 animate ["Bargate", 0] and De Act. set to Gate1 animate ["Bargate", 1]. Set myself up outside the trigger area, and i am opfor. When I start the game, gates dont close. I can run through the trigger and back out billions of times, and I get nothing. Anyone know why? I copied the script part right off the Biki http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/animate. :confused:
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    Blood Mist

    I just started having this problem out of nowhere. The mod was working fine for me on stable alpha build and then all of a sudden it started locking up on Loading Addons. After trial and error the only mod that caused the freeze-up was the Blood Mist mod. I didn't add any new mods or do any updates that I know of. I'd really like to get this working again because I liked the way it looked in game.
  7. First I apologize if this is in the wrong section.... I really wasn't sure where to post this. Anyway, I want to attempt making a DCS A-10C + ArmA 2 OA video. I am looking for some people who maybe play both and are interested in being actors and/or voice actors for this. Also if anyone else has FRAPS or some other video capture program and would like to help get more clips from different angles, that would be awesome. Current positions are as follows: Actual Actor & voice actor for my wingman as an A-10C Pilot. I will need one for DCS A-10C and one in ArmA 2. Hopefully the same person, if not no big deal. Voice Actor to play the role of an ATC. Voice Actor to play role of a commander in HQ. Actual Actors and Voice Actors for 1 (maybe 2) Little Bird Pilots in ArmA 2. Actual Actors and Voice Actors for a 5 man Marine Fire Team in ArmA 2. If anyone is interested at all, plz send me a PM here on these forums and I'll get in contact with you for more details. Thanks :dancered:
  8. Hey, quick question. Does the Setunitpos and disableAI commands not work on civi's? I just tried it with a doctor, trying to make it seem like he is being held captive by some insurgents and he is just standing up at mission start, when I had the command as " This setunitpos "Middle; this disableAI "Move" " but he starts out standing up, and as soon as he notices the enemy standing near by, he goes prone....
  9. Roe-31stMEU-

    [MP Coop 1-8] Operation Night Sting

    So, has anyone even tried my mission? Anyone have any feedback? I am very interested in hearing what people have to say about it, any tips to wat I can do better in future missions, any tips to wat I can change for a future version of this mission to make it better? Anything at all?
  10. Author: Roe Version: 1.0 Probably requires combined ops to work.... uses A2 & OA weapons and it's on Takistan with US Army and Taki army units. Required Addons: Group Link 4 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=8849 GL4 requires CBA, which is also listed at the link provided for GL4. (I can make a no-addon required version if there is enough interest... very easy to do) Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?7kbbw7b33u8sbic Mission Description: One Army Fire Team of 6 men and a Sniper/Spotter team assigned to destroy a captured UAV, enemy anti-air radar, and an enemy truck. Also assassinate the enemy Colonel. Features: Kronzkys UPS Script is used, as well as Wolffy's random house positions. GL4 is used to spice up the AI. I put in a little intro. Known Bugs: No bugs found by me yet... however I wasn't able to do extensive tests. Please feel free to report any you find here so I can try to fix them. ChangeLog: Version 1.0: First version released. Thanks for trying out my mission. I hope you enjoy playing as much as I enjoyed making it. Plz post any feedback.
  11. Hey all, I need a little help with this trigger to complete an objective. Basically I need this trigger to either show up, or preferable follow a unit. It is an aircraft that is going to randomly crash in any # of locations... none are pre-set... the aircraft flys through a trigger and it kills the pilots so the aircraft will just randomly fall/glide to earth. Crash location is not pre-determined so I dunno wat to do with this trigger. Blufor needs to inspect the crash site... so a trigger with about a 25 radius saying when blufor activate it, set task 1 complete. I got the trigger created... i just need it to somehow follow the plane to its landing spot, or after the plane crashes, i need this trigger to somehow be created on top of it. Is this possible? If so how can I go about doing this? Thanks! :confused:
  12. Roe-31stMEU-

    script needed for my men

    U can place 1 waypoint down for the blufor group leader and set it to the seek and destroy thing and give it a big radius around your target area and let the AI go to town. But yea, this kinda question really belongs in the editing part of the forums, lots of great help there.
  13. Well I have 2 groups here that go out and complete 4 objectives. I've got all 4 objectives working fine now, and just need the last trigger for the end mission to work. I want it to trigger whenever the remaining alive blufor units enter the trigger AND all the objectives are complete, so i know the condition field has to look like obj1 && obj2 && obj3 && obj4 && ------------. I am not sure what to put in here that checks if all remaining alive blufor are inside the trigger. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks!
  14. Roe-31stMEU-

    End Mission Trigger - Help

    UPDATE: Well, this trigger worked in the editor when all the guys was just sittin there and I completed all objectives via the radio and it worked fine. Last night I got 3 guys to help in test it in a MP environment and after we completed all objectives and got back to the FOB for the end mission trigger, nothing happened. I'm not sure if it was because we did die a couple times and respawned.... maybe that took us out of the group we was supposed to be in from the start? Any other problems anyone can think of? Kylania wanna save me again? lol
  15. hey everyone, I am trying to get some hints or an sidechat type thing to work globally for all who are playing. Currently in my mission I am using sidechat and it seems like only certain ones will fire for everyone... Im not sure lol. I have it do sidechat about 3 different times, usually the first one will only show for the host, then the other 2 will show up for everyone.... is there any other method to get it to show for everyone or something different then sidechat that will send a message globally? Thanks
  16. Roe-31stMEU-

    parachuting soldiers script?

    @WOlle: I don't have the script anymore as it's been a LONG time since i've played ArmA1. @Kylania: You come to my rescue yet again lol. I think this script will do the trick, gonna go test it now. Thanks again!!!
  17. hey all, I did a search on this and found lots of different threads but nothing that quite fit my needs, unless I missed something. I also searched the DL section over at armaholic and didnt notice anything that seemed right either.... but again I could have missed something, there was a LOT of scripts there lol. I remember having a script back in the arma1 days that would paradrop soldiers really nice looking, one at a time, spaced evenly, so it looked good. I have it working now where they all para out but it happens all at once, just a big glob of units all at the same time, looks ugly lol. This is for a MP mission, but the units paradropping are enemy AI units. Anyone got any tips?
  18. Roe-31stMEU-

    Hints/Messages global?

    Double trigger as in 1 trigger setting something true, second trigger activated by whatever is true and condition field being the HQSide chat?
  19. Also in the Onact field of the first trigger you can put like trig1 = true and then in the condition field of the second trigger you put trig1 and then only after that first trigger is activated and sets trig1 to true, the second trigger will fire off.
  20. Roe-31stMEU-

    End Mission Trigger - Help

    I think I understand now. Thanks for the help with it. I did test that code you provided me and I am happy to say it does work and my mission is now complete. Thank you very much!
  21. Roe-31stMEU-

    End Mission Trigger - Help

    No I did look at the link kylania, I got the part about naming my groups so I can use that little bit of code u just put up there, and did see the part shk posted, but i guess having the two posts from you and cobra got mashed up in my lil brain and i got a bit confused....
  22. Roe-31stMEU-

    End Mission Trigger - Help

    Thanks. I will try to figure out both methods you both mention. @Cobra: I can't use option one because as I said, I have 2 different groups of blufor, both need to have all alive members of there groups there for the trigger to set off. So say I use method 2 you mention Cobra, since I am using 2 different groups, would I put that little snippet of code in twice, changing the name of the group and number of men, so for instance, the condition field would look like, " {alive _x} count units sfteam == 6 && {alive _x} count units sniperteam == 2 && obj1 && obj2 && obj3 && obj4 " ?? would that be correct? or would that not work correctly, because say for instance there are the 6 men in the SFteam, say 3 are killed or even say there are a total of 6 slots, but only 3 people end up playing.... then there are only 3 men in the slot (i prolly should have mentioned this is a MP mission). Would that make the trigger not even set-off because there are less then the 6 people?
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    ArmA II launcher by alpinestars

    I have Windows XP and am using TIR Version 5.0.300 build 6225
  24. Roe-31stMEU-

    ArmA II launcher by alpinestars

    Is the Autostart TrackIR not working currently? I see it in my Options Tab but it's like grayed out and I can not select it. I do have TrackIR installed obviously.... just wanted to check if there was something I can do... It does detect my Fraps now with version 3.0.1 but still no TIR.
  25. Roe-31stMEU-

    chopper waypoint help

    Thanks WOlle really appreciate it.