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  1. Can somebody help me out here. Ill ty to set of the different type of CN ammo that is in ACE 2. I can make the different grenades go of, bu i dont have the effect same whit a flash bang. It works fine when i is use the rigtht way but I want to use it as a bobytrap. that is set off by a trigger when you enter the bulding or area. need some help please.
  2. thx mate. I did find the topic that is refered to in your post, but it did not say that it was able to follow a unit. but great thx alot.
  3. How can I make the 3Dcredits follow a unit. ??? If i stand by the side of a road and a tank is driving by be, I want the 3D tekst to apear and FOLLOW the tank. I can make it aper fine, but i can not make it follow the tank. Can anyone help me out.
  4. hey guys. Sorry if I say something that is not relevant, but if you use a trigger to run the script you wont have that doubble action menu. like this. then it activate when the player spawn and only that player. I use it whit great succes in my MP Missions. I forgot to say that I have remove the multible launge string do to some conflict whit R3F logitsic script. so it is all in english. And this one is taken from my mission whit Virtual Training Space ( VTS ) thats why the name is Joueur1. the trigger has to be sync to the the player that has to have the option. set a timer on 30 sec and make it repeat. then you have the option every time you respawn.
  5. Ringhejm

    New Beta Build 71726 is up

    my big problem whit this patch is, when i have the black screen and it normal says "Reciving"..... it now only turns black and never come around again. it takes longer time now befor it turns black and it uses more RAM now, so that is god.... But at the moment it cant be played.
  6. Ringhejm

    New Beta Build 71213 Up!

    edit.... sorry. my bad... can be deletet.
  7. Ringhejm

    New Beta Build 70709 is up!

    I have tried many different settings. the only thing that helps is using one of the older Beta or no Beta at all. But the look of your signature you are using a qaudcore.... is that right. because no one whit more than 2 core have not run into this problem yet.
  8. Ringhejm

    New Beta Build 70709 is up!

    This is a Beta testing thread, that means that everything this beta F*** up has to be reportet, Then BIS can see if it something they want to deal whit or not. but it still has to be mention. All the vids there are on youtube has its part of selling this game. If it was Teamspeak that was F*** up by this Beta then you wopuld proberbly be sad about that to.... and surly it is better to have a perfect game than a laggy game that works whit FRAPS.
  9. Ringhejm

    New Beta Build 70709 is up!

    No matter what settings I ruyn FRAPS on it is the same.... all i can see in the moment is that all of you that dont have any problems is usesing more that 2 core.
  10. Have try whit and whit out it. no luck. :mad:
  11. Ringhejm

    New Beta Build 70709 is up!

    I dont know to much about procecor. But it seem to me that those who have more than 2 dont have any problems. ??? Can it bee some thing like that. ????
  12. Ringhejm

    New Beta Build 70709 is up!

    you got it right on. I dont excpect them to fix it right away, just look in to it. Because if you cant use FRAPS on OA there will be some Drama about it. And since it looks like it has something to do whit the new engine optimation, they might take a look in to it.
  13. Ringhejm

    New Beta Build 70709 is up!

    Why should I talk to those guys of the things you F*** up.... READ MY POST. FRAPS works fine if i DO NOT USE the beta patch AFTER version 63826. the version 63826 is the latest patch where everyting is fine. after that the Beta F*** up and will only record in 2 FPS. everything is fine if i DO NOT USE THE BETA. That means that it is the BETA patch that is the problen and NOT FRAPS. The FRAPS I use is an original version that is up to date, that means it is version 3.2.2 build 11496 and it works fine before the BETA So please look in to the problem why the beta makes FRAPS un usable. thx.
  14. Ringhejm

    New Beta Build 70709 is up!

    no it does not work. no matter what i try i can not make FRAPS to work/record whit more than 2 FPS. It is somethibg in the ARMA2_Build_69645 patch that makes it. it has not been fix. :(
  15. nope that did not do the trick...... any other ideer. ???
  16. Ringhejm

    New Beta Build 70709 is up!

    yea.... my experience to. it happed after one of the patch, because if you remove the beta everything is fine, and if you take the beta before the one I postet there is no problem. so it is something in the patch at that stage that makes FRAPS unable to run at the same time..... and if it is someting to do whit the OA, then it is something they HAVE to fix before realesing. there are many peoble in the community that use FRAPS to record the game so they can evaluate theire preformance on the teamwork. so please fix this problem.
  17. I dont know if it has been mention here before, but after this patch, FRAPS wont work anymore. I dont know why FRAPS dont work after this patch but it is quite sad. preformence is getting better but please look in to the problem of why FRAPS dont work.
  18. Ringhejm

    New Beta Build 70709 is up!

    After I had install some of the latest beta, my FRAPS dont work in the game anymore. when i try to record it drop down to 2 FPS.... whitout the Beta it will record fine. It is quite a shame that this is happening. I love to recorde. it all startet after patch ARMA2_Build_69645
  19. hmmm If there is anyone that can help me make the CN gas go of by this way I will be happy. I can make all of the above to work, and i can mange to make the canister whit CN gas to go off right away, It dont wait for the trikker to be activatet, it just go of. ??? and then it dont have the gas effect, only the smoke..... So is there anybody that have an ideer of how to make it work whit CN gas. ???
  20. thax, I think that will do the trick.
  21. is there no one that can help. ???
  22. Thx Draper, it works like a charme..... Great script by the way.
  23. This is something I wana do... but I am not sertin of the part that I have to remove. like in this one, how much shal i remove to only have it in english so i can remove the string.xml afterwords if(jadam or lgb or cbuap or cbuat or cas or cbumine) then {as1 = _man addAction [localize "STR_MENUFXD","airSup\callFixed.sqf",[], 40, false, false, "", "_target == player"];}; if(helo or trans) then {as2 = _man addAction [localize "STR_MENUHEL","airSup\callHelo.sqf",[], 30, false, false, "", "_target == player"];}; as4 = _man addAction [localize "STR_MENUEXT","airSup\exitMenu.sqf",[], 10, false, false, "", "_target == player"]; Anf thanx for this lovely script. it is just perfect.
  24. My MP mission comes whit this when it is uploaded to the server. dont know why. some time it comes whit house patrole script or whit the Urban patrolescript. then the theird time it is uploaded it comes whit this error The file is there and it works very well on my pc when I host the game. Is there anybody who have a ideer why this is happening. EDIT*** When I start the mission I get a CTD from the server. then the server just starts a other mission.