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  1. It's Saturday, go have some Czech beers or something ;)
  2. [bias]http://dev-heaven.net/projects/anm-missions/wiki/Missions[/bias] or search armaholic.com ;)
  3. AnimalMother92

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    You want to use only the ending bit of the URL for the embed to work. [noobtube]5_crp_YSqs0[/noobtube] 5_crp_YSqs0
  4. AnimalMother92

    BI Developer's Blog: An interesting new entry

    Bit odd though since both the picture and the Google Maps link are showing downtown Seattle, and all the "connected" things are not really in Seattle. Valve -> Bellevue, WA Nintendo -> Redmond, WA Micro$oft -> Redmond, WA and moar. Their campuses are spreading like cancer around here Might have to leave the house and go search for clues :p This better not be an April Fools thing!
  5. AnimalMother92

    19 Backpack Variants by Lennard

    Nice, thanks for this.
  6. AnimalMother92

    BI Developer's Blog: An interesting new entry

    Doubt it, but that would be so cool :D
  7. Get in touch with Sickboy, I'm sure he would be happy to set you up with a project space ;) http://dev-heaven.net/projects/heaven/wiki/Entry
  8. Uh, I see nothing wrong there, just CBA being helpful. :confused:
  9. AnimalMother92

    ARMA 2, version 1.09 - Patch Released

    Really? Really?! First off, you should take a moment to actually read the CIT Wiki on how to report issues. You're not supposed to set Target version and Priority. All software has bugs, deal with it. You can also use the Search function to see if many of those 100+ bugs have already been reported. BIS has stated how helpful the CIT is and the site is run by volunteers. You should be happy that BIS is still supporting Arma 2 this long after release, rather than getting drunk and moaning about the effort you're putting in. Want issues that matter to you to get noticed? Then you have to put in some effort. Let's C ya :mad:
  10. AnimalMother92

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 79321

    I'm happy to see this fix as well, will be nice to see reloads in MP. I agree, more content fixes would be very welcome, such as http://dev-heaven.net/issues/12034 http://dev-heaven.net/issues/13108 It's a shame that many of the A2/OA models are not fixed/finished while we get new ones in DLC. I really love the rate of bug fixes, but if some focus could be put on dealing with many of the issues with models and maps, that would rock :)
  11. AnimalMother92

    BI Developer's Blog: An interesting new entry

    Seattle, what what? My hometown! :eek: Now I'm very intrigued. It's actually this a sculpture at the Seattle Center. http://www.hqphotography.com/Detailed/864.html
  12. AnimalMother92

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Great to hear Optical, best of luck. :)
  13. AnimalMother92

    ARMA 2, version 1.09 - Patch Released

    Nope. Go to "My account" in the upper right at DH and change "Email notifications" to "No events". No more emails.
  14. AnimalMother92

    3 Different IR Strobes, whats the difference?

    Is there a CIT ticket for it?
  15. AnimalMother92

    3 Different IR Strobes, whats the difference?

    Probably because the manual was for the original release of OA. Since then things have changed.. [76690] Fixed: Despite irTarget = 0 units/objects could be locked with TAB.
  16. AnimalMother92

    ToraBora "Sandbox Edition"

    Wow, cool news. Love ToraBora and looking forward to the next map.
  17. AnimalMother92

    USMC Pack

    Yes, please! Would happily pay for that. :)
  18. AnimalMother92

    Air Support Scripts

    Since you're talking about the Whiskey model, I'm going to assume that you're using ACE. There is no such classname as "AH1W". There are plenty of AH1Ws, all of which can be viewed in the Config Browser, if you want their classnames. http://browser.dev-heaven.net/cfg_vehicles/show/1132782 http://browser.dev-heaven.net/cfg_vehicles/show/1132784 http://browser.dev-heaven.net/cfg_vehicles/show/1132783 http://browser.dev-heaven.net/cfg_vehicles/show/1132785 http://browser.dev-heaven.net/cfg_vehicles/show/1132786 http://browser.dev-heaven.net/cfg_vehicles/show/1132787
  19. AnimalMother92

    Steam - opinions and experiences survey

    Indeed, to be honest the numbers voting in the poll aren't exactly impressive or indicative or what Arma players outside this community feel. Clearly there are quite a lot of happy Steam Arma players out there... ARMA 2 Official Community Group - 5,440 Members http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ArmA_2 ARMA 2 Official Group - 12,165 Members http://steamcommunity.com/games/arma2 ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead Group - 8,648 Members http://steamcommunity.com/games/arma2oa ARMA 2: British Armed Forces Group - 2,041 Members http://steamcommunity.com/games/arma2baf ARMA 2: Private Military Company Group - 1,540 Members http://steamcommunity.com/games/arma2pmc ...and those are just the ones that bothered the join the groups on Steam. I understand that hating on Steam is cool and quite popular here, sure it's not perfect, but no distribution method is. The main issue seems to be many panicking about losing their freedom/choices when it comes to purchasing BIS' games. I suppose part of the issue is in the wording of the original post vs the poll. The option FOR Steam in the poll makes it sound like it's Steam-only. The original post implies the possibility for Steam enhancements, as evidenced by the word "or" (emphasis mine). should we make our games Steam only? // I think most people would agree that loss of choice == bad should we provide Steam specific enhancements? // Steam users have been put through some rough spots and improvements would be greatly appreciated should we not do these? // Continue on with retail+Sprocket+Steam etc and not improve Steam As far as I can tell, those are the options being put forward in the original question. If everyone could just Deal With It and use Steam, the benefits to BIS could be really cool, but I don't think that's likely. As much as I like Steam, forcing things on people never really seemed cool. Don't take me as some über-Steam advocate, I've hated it at times (especially with late Arma patches and issues installing the DLC) but I think a lot of the hate here is unreasonable - the sky is not falling. tl;dr
  20. AnimalMother92

    Lennard's WIP thread

    OTF units look sweet.
  21. AnimalMother92

    Major suggestions

    Definitely dynamic voices/shouting would be really cool, like in other games. Basically a more professional, less random DSAI. Also, a finished 3D Editor would be kickass.
  22. By using the ACE interaction menus. http://ace.dev-heaven.net/wagn/Explosives+howto
  23. AnimalMother92

    Wirecutter don't work?

    No, I'm saying I'm not sure, but if you file a bug report (see earlier link), then the functionality could be looked at and possibly added I hope.
  24. That has annoyed me since the day I started playing this series :( Vote http://dev-heaven.net/issues/6545 please and thank you.