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  1. AnimalMother92

    Very simple OA suggestion

    totally agree. killed the realistic feel. i love that phrase! havent heard too many people use it
  2. sorry idk much about drivers and dx versions, but if no card supports dx11 why does it say Direct X Version: 11.0 in my Nvidia CP?? :confused:
  3. AnimalMother92

    ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead discussion thread

    im loving that apache! wish i knew what he was saying
  4. Americas army and rainbow six come to mind actually. Arma really should have this
  5. AnimalMother92

    ArmA II launcher by alpinestars

    perfection! beta+mods=profit
  6. ZOMG :omg: i see a SCAR! i also spy an 82nd Airborne patch. neato
  7. AnimalMother92

    giving my soldier a m136

    this addMagazine "M136"; this addWeapon "M136";
  8. AnimalMother92

    MICH TC-2000 Combat Helmet

    ...and the scout too. ive wondered the same thing :confused:
  9. AnimalMother92

    MH-53E addon released

    after my brief test, this update is great, much improved. thanks Gachopin! one small request, is it possible to change the interior (namely the seats) so that it is more realistic? reference pics: http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/michael_block/mh-53e_sea_dragon/
  10. AnimalMother92

    MH-53E addon released

    nice, downloading. love this bird :D
  11. i see what u mean about the mouse issue. i never had mouse lag, but after applying the patch the game just feels wrong. i like high sensitivity and i turn off mouse smoothing in other games, but this feel does not suit arma 2 at all. at least they fixed the smoke grenades, that had been bugging me
  12. it seems the foliage is the killer. it pisses me off. i can run any map @maximum settings, 1920x1200 @ 10k view distance with 30fps and higher (utes, porto, rahmahdi, sahrani, avgani, afghan village) but NOT chernarus, where i get around 10fps and have to set it all to normal :S so annoying
  13. AnimalMother92

    Your questions to the Devs regarding the expansion

    to what degree do original arma 2 and OA interact? for example, can OA units be used in Chernarus and can Arma 2 mods be loaded in OA with copying them all to a new directory?
  14. AnimalMother92

    Sound Of War v1.0

    thanks, didnt know that. also, my missions from before wont load in the editor because i was using vop sound. is there anyway to use them w/o deleting the line for vop in the mission.sqm? that would be a pain
  15. AnimalMother92

    Arma 2 on a Macbook Pro = Fail ?

    i bought the original machine from Apple the RAM i buy from OWC because it's cheaper. the hard drives can be purchased anywhere. the GPU i bought from Apple, to replace the 8800GT, but you can purchase it from other stores too.
  16. AnimalMother92

    Sound Of War v1.0

    ok i got it working and it sounds sweet, but the installation scared the crap outta me. im using the steam version with the linebackers launcher and after i added the @ to the modfolder and tried to launch the game i kept getting a application launch unknown error and arma 2 would not start. had to redo the install path for the launcher and it works now, but ive never had this problem before with any other mod. maybe a .7z file with just the @mod folder inside would be simpler than an installer?
  17. AnimalMother92

    RCIR - NATO Camo

    sooo, could we get the standard Marine units in Desert MARPAT perhaps? :D
  18. AnimalMother92

    MH-53E addon released

    wow, this is really awesome. i've been waiting for some form of 53. i agree with the other posters, could be less shiny. also the size of the tail makes flying in 3rd person view very awkward, idk if this can be remedied. what is the code for the init line to make the cargo door open on spawn? great job, no errors or anything for me so far
  19. ok, so i know there have been many posts complaining about the pilots' AI, however I'm wondering if there is a simple way to get them to not do the kamikaze dive. in my mission i need air support in Nadezhdino (if you want to check the locale out). the problem is that it is in a valley. ideally when i enter the valley a pair of A-10s show up and strafe up and down the valley taking care of the hard targets in the town whilst my team moves in. sadly the aircraft manage about 2 passes and then decide it would be a good idea to aim straight for a tree/building/ridge/mountain/ground or just about anything nearby but clean airspace. ive tried giving them a flyInheight of 300 meters which they follow but when they get to the town (with a seek and destroy wp) they nosedive! should i change the wp type or is there another command i need? i'd like them to hang around awhile so my team doesn't get slaughtered by the heavier forces in the town. if there is a more efficient way to achieve this, please i'm all ears. btw im a noob at scripting so take it easy. thanks!
  20. Sounds good, I'll test this out. Thanks for the tip!
  21. AnimalMother92

    Arma 2 on a Macbook Pro = Fail ?

    every game i've tried runs great at high settings @ 1920x1200 with the exception of crysis and arma 2 (before tweaking). half life 2 ep 2, America's army 3, etc all run nicely, even when I had my 8800gt. i bought the gtx 285 hoping that it would help arma 2...
  22. AnimalMother92

    Arma 2 on a Macbook Pro = Fail ?

    thats kinda my point. macs use a lot of PC components. the beauty of the design (airflow, ease of installing parts, etc) is in the Mac hardware *ONTOPIC* maybe try adding the -winxp parameter to the .exe?
  23. AnimalMother92

    Arma 2 on a Macbook Pro = Fail ?

    everyone who thinks macs cant game needs to have their head checked out. macs these days use PC components essentially and once theyre running windows with bootcamp, there is no difference. arma 2 runs wonderfully under windows 7 on my Mac Pro. full specs in sig..
  24. AnimalMother92

    BlackOps and desert mercs

    :eek: wowwowweewow! those are looking awesome. is the pilot's mask coming in the next release? that last screenie gives me kind of a Generation Kill feel. very nice
  25. "this removeallweapons" gets rid of current loadout "this addmagazine" adds ammo "this addweapon" adds weapon "this selectweapon" selects the appropriate gun when u first spawn puts these in the unit's init field and get classnames here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1292940&postcount=8