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    Post pictures of yourselves

    Very well, I'll play along... Over a year ago, but whatever.
  2. Sounds like a cool project, not sure how I feel about having @FAP in my Arma directory though :p
  3. AnimalMother92

    AnimalMother92 Presents...

    Oh, you mean Snow Leopards? Yeah, uh, it's "WIP". Guess I should finish it one of these days...
  4. AnimalMother92

    Which part the time you spent at most in ARMA2?

    Story of my life :p
  5. AnimalMother92

    Air Support Scripts

    Thanks for the update Draper, gonna test this out soon..
  6. RC3 is ready for download on Six Updater! :) http://ace.dev-heaven.net/wagn/ACE_1_9_RC3 Reminder: Bug reports, feedback and suggestions, on our Issue Tracker please!
  7. AnimalMother92

    Community Awards 2010?

    Congrats @ all! I too hope that the next awards have more categories :)
  8. AnimalMother92

    How much RAM does the typical ArmA player got?

    8GBs, feels right for the time being.
  9. AnimalMother92

    Oil Prices set to tumble.

  10. AnimalMother92

    AnimalMother92 Presents...

    Great feedback mate, glad you enjoyed 'em, hope you get some time to test out the others. :) Re: Hind in Sight Re: Pest Control Quite honestly I never really use save games, but I will try to repro this. Glad you liked the mission. Sorry, but ACE will always be a requirement. I really recommend you give it a shot Thanks, it was great fun playing with your unit! Danke :)
  11. AnimalMother92

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Woah chill out there. kju set it up many months ago when he was helping Jarhead with configs.. :j:
  12. AnimalMother92

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    You mean like this one? :p http://dev-heaven.net/projects/jsrs
  13. AnimalMother92

    AnimalMother92 Presents...

    It's been too long...anyways, the day after my birthday I bring you a new singleplayer/coop mission for Combined Operations. Have fun, feedback and suggestions appreciated as always! DH Wiki updated: Wondering if these are worth your time? Testimonials Had fun? Pay for my Red Bull supply^^ Donate PS - Thanks to the guys from the 97th RR for helping me test this out!
  14. NVGs + irons = no go http://www.combatreform.org/nightvision.htm
  15. AnimalMother92

    Steam - opinions and experiences survey

    I love Steam *ducks for cover* and I have bought Arma 2, OA, BAF & PMC off of it. However, like others have said: loss of choice == bad. I would be all for stepping it up with Steam though, as there have been plenty of frustrating moments over the past few years due to Steam and Arma. Increased support would be great and I would welcome integration with Steam features. To be honest, I barely even see Steam since I'm playing with the beta patch through an external launcher anyways. So no time tracking or in-game overlay etc. But it is handy for chat and purchasing. Whatever you do, don't drop Steam support, just improve it. Like a reward for sticking with it through all the late patches and messed up CO business :p
  16. AnimalMother92

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    iirc the bypass variable was removed a few versions back.
  17. AnimalMother92

    User Interface Editor

    Cool & happy birthday :)
  18. Looks pretty cool, hope DICE pull it off.
  19. AnimalMother92

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    My little list: Fix/rework M134 (as Gossamer said) Apply HK416 sounds to M27 IAR (ACE) Add HK417 sounds Add CptDavo's flare sounds Rework M249 (doesn't sound mean enough :p) Fix RPT messages Conflicting addon JSRS_C130 in 'jsrs_c130_c\', previous definition in 'jsrs_c130e_c\' Conflicting addon JSRS_Mi17 in 'jsrs_mi17_c\', previous definition in 'jsrs_ka50_c\' Conflicting addon acex_c_wep_hk in 'x\acex_usnavy\addons\a2_compat\', previous definition in 'jsrs_hk416\' Updating base class B_9x18_Ball->BulletBase, by jsrs_sonic_cracks_c\config.bin/CfgAmmo/B_9x19_Ball/ Updating base class MGun->Mode_FullAuto, by jsrs_m240coax_c\config.bin/CfgWeapons/M240_veh/manual/ Updating base class Mode_SemiAuto->SCAR_H_Single, by jsrs_scar_h_c\config.bin/CfgWeapons/SCAR_H_LNG_Sniper_SD/SCAR_H_SD_Single/ Updating base class Mode_FullAuto->SCAR_H_FullAuto, by jsrs_scar_h_c\config.bin/CfgWeapons/SCAR_H_LNG_Sniper_SD/SCAR_H_SD_FullAuto/ Updating base class Sounds->, by jsrs_abrams_c\config.bin/CfgVehicles/M1A1/Sounds/ Updating base class Engine->, by jsrs_abrams_c\config.bin/CfgVehicles/M1A1/Sounds/Engine/ Updating base class M4A1->M4A1_Aim, by jsrs_hk416\config.bin/CfgWeapons/ACE_HK416_D10_AIM/ Updating base class Single->Single, by jsrs_hk416\config.bin/CfgWeapons/ACE_HK416_D10_AIM/Single/ Updating base class FullAuto->FullAuto, by jsrs_hk416\config.bin/CfgWeapons/ACE_HK416_D10_AIM/FullAuto/ Thanks again for your hard work
  20. AnimalMother92

    Arma 2 Reinforcements

  21. You should take a look at TrueMod's FOV changes, they're really good. Yes, you can go prone with a launcher in ACE.
  22. AnimalMother92

    Lennard's WIP thread

    An M240 w/ PEQ would be outstanding :)