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  1. I dont understand how this works myself. I can settle for bad path finding, ai issues, and texture problems and patiently wait for patches to release but c'mon, there is a big performance issue. Running arma 35-40 fps with med-high settings, than playing arma II with everything set to the lowest value and cant top 22 fps. Please allow us to adjust the shaders settings and Building details!! its really killing the FPS
  2. i only played the demo. What it appears to be is the shaders settings which isnt adjustable. It gives depth into the water with the waves and the lighting and the detialed textures on buildings. It really kills the frame rate. If Crysis you had the option to adjust and it would make the biggest significance in FPS. If you want to, you can try the lower the scenecomplexiety (only thing you can do for now). Basically its the object detail of everything. Go to your documents and there should be a file named Arma 2. then there should be 2 notepad documents, click the one that has your name on it, scrol all the way down till you see this sceneComplexity=85000; shadingQuality=0; shadowQuality=0; viewDistance=1446.9188; terrainGrid=4; volumeCD=7.7083106; volumeFX=10; volumeSpeech=5.8149724; soundEnableEAX=1; soundEnableHW=0; your scenecomplexiety should be higher, i just lowered mine to experiment, if you go too low it will make units/buildings into very low polygon models. Hopefully Arma 2 will have the function for model detail for water/buildings/characters/vehicles or shaders
  3. i am haji

    Meet reqs, but performance issues

    theres in unaccessable setting thats killing the fps, i bet its the shaders
  4. What exactly is it? towns are a killer for my computer. is it a unaccessable setting such as model detail, HDR, shaders? this is what im running my settings on -texture: high -video memory: high (i think video memory controls texture) ^ Setting both to low-very high have no impact on FPS -Anistropic: normal -AA: off -terrian detail: very low-high does not make a change in FPS -Object detal: low -shadow detail: off -Post processing: off View distance: Lowest setting possible Resolution:640x800 Fillrate: 100% (this is the killer but going lower than 100% just looks terrible) And i cant get more than 24 fps!!? unless i look at the sky. looking at the ground drops me to 13 and towns average 14-18 C'mon! i dont understand even with all the settings to lowest they could go (except fillrate, dont want to go lower than 100%) i average 18? System specs: ATi Radeon 3200 AMD turion 2.1 dual core 3gb ram Vista x86 I know its nothing to powerful but i was playing arma at all full settings on 1024x600 with shadows and post processing turned off and id average around 27 fps
  5. i am haji

    ArmA 2 Demo feedback

    WTF!? something is very wrong. changing the graphics settings does not make a difference at all to my FPS. i cant get over 22 no matter how high or with everything to its lowest possible setting, hell i even put the resolution to 680x400 and fillrate to 83% along wit no view distance. c'mon!!!! i cant go any lower and i still cant top 22 fps?!?!?!?! i noticed that towns some how magically eat your speed by 10-7 frames per second is anyone else getting this? I was playing Arma 1 on very high/high settings with shadows and post processing off and i would average around 30 fps. i know my rig is not the top of the line but i can play other games much smoother with higher settings ATi radeon 3200 AMD turion 2.1 dual core 3gb Ram Vista x86
  6. i am haji

    ArmA 2 Demo feedback

    optimization isnt very good, im barely getting over 20 fps. the odd thing is the only thing that effects the frame rate significantly is the fillrate
  7. dude i dont know!!! this is my second night not going to sleep, except this time im not going to sleep in the morning
  8. i got 10 minutes left on fileplanet. After the wait, do i have to press a button to download? or does it do it automatically demo is gonna take at least 4-5 hours to download, i have not slept yet, and its already morning!!!
  9. sigh* you still didnt figure it out? patience man file planet is FREE. just friggen register and wait in line or wait for other mirror sites
  10. woke up at 4 am, its almost 9 am now... now i can sleep. Thanks Placebo!!!!
  11. Omg! Stop taunting us with screeenshots!!!
  12. where'd you hear that? as someone already said, you should be runnng it at normal settings
  13. Laptops are unupgradable unfornately, the 3200 is not to shabby for a latop and meets recomended specifications for most game but its the processor i wish i could upgrade more than anything
  14. lol, if you dont think you can run arma 2 then crysis is probally way out the water for you