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  1. I've checked about 15 stores and malls and couple of Finnish online stores too. But I haven't seen the game yet :confused: It is sold out everywhere. I've been told that there is some kind of problems with 505 Games and I have to wait maybe 2-3 weeks to get it, maybe a month. And that is just a wild guess. Nobody seems to know when 505 Games is going to get the game next time to the dealers here in Finland. Hmm. Maybe I should save the money for OFPDR And no, I won't download the game. I want a decent retail DVD package.
  2. noobysnipa

    Body armour - Helmets - Protection

    Of course you can't never get your body 100% shielded and safe. And it is not even reasonable to do that. Anyway, could a decent pepperoni pizza be our solution for body armour?: One more vid. Do you think any body armour could safe you in this kind of situation: :) http://splodetv.com/does-your-mortor-say-made-taiwan
  3. noobysnipa

    Body armour - Helmets - Protection

    This video is quite old. But it shows you that body armour / bullet proof vest surely stops a bullet and gets you going again :)
  4. noobysnipa

    Realism, arma 2,

    Well. Arma2 is not a simulator. It is "realism-combined-with-fun combat simulation" as dslyecxi says it. Or "as-close-to-war-as-you-can-get-with-your-pc" -video game, as I call it. It is wonderful game but it is not a pure sim. IRL you don't kill people with mouse and keyboard, you use a real guns. IRL you don't get stucked every f*cking doorways when you try to come out of the building. 5 minutes ago I walked from my kitchen to my living room. And I didn't get stucked on doorway! In Arma2 (demo) I tried to come out of the little house leaning left and trying to look around the corner at the same time for possible enemy. But I did get STUCKED on doorway! That doesn't happen IRL :) . So it should'nt happen in simulator. IRL you won't be able to look yourself in 3rd person view, right? IRL theres no possibility to change difficulty settings for daily living, but in ArmA2 you can do that. Still a simulator? End of provoke and sarcasm. ArmA2 is a very good game, but don't take it too seriously. Sometimes is so satisfying to throw a couple of grenades on your own base just to get reactions out of your playing mates. Its absolutely beautiful. And fascinating.
  5. I am going to get Operation Flashpoint 2 when its out. And the most of you guys will do exactly the same :). Of course you do. At least you will play the demo. Maybe its an arcade style of game but it doesnt bother me at all. There is no realism and simulation in Tetris either and I surely can deal with that. I have to. But here comes my answer to the question: In ArmA2 you can bounce back and forth as a rabbit! :bounce3: You can't do that on OFP2. There is no rabbits in OFP2. If there is, that would turn my world upside down.
  6. noobysnipa

    ArmA 2 Demo feedback

    Well. I like that demo a lot. Camera shaking is very nice and graphic details are also smooth and beautiful. No big annoying bugs were found, or I didnt care about them. Couple of smaller ones. I got average FPS 40 (didnt change any settings, just default). I guess I have to go and buy the game today :bounce3: But now I'll go and play some ultrarealistic BF Heroes for a while... :)
  7. Im going out to plant some damn bushes and stuff in the garden. Its about 26 degrees here (Celsius) and sun is shining so it would be nice idea to spend some time outside. Max 2 hours...