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  1. Thats a strange one if your arma files are the same as those on the server. Even a diff version of ACE you should still get in? The server we have also has a red icon, however it has a question mark inside it and I can get in. When no question mark, I wont get in. All red normally means the wrong version or mod client side. I doubt its a server.cfg issue, sounds more like a conflict in mods or something along those lines.

    You could always try and get in a similar server with the same ACE set up?

  2. I would say that although this map may have the potential to be heavy on the server but that is a small price really. After testing the other night, there did not seem to be any issues of that nature besides the task/notes list taking a while to load up. Anyway VanhA it has been a huge map to make and what I seen of it the work has paid off

    A really nice map which could be used for large squads or several squads to get together

    Excellent work old bean, look forward to the next biggy :butbut: :)

  3. I have had a look briefly at the missions on ARMA2 as finished ones can be done on our server.

    I have played VanhA's maps many a time in ArmA1 and I can only give a lot of praise for the effort he puts into them.

    The maps I have made are basic but getting there with scripts, mainly due to help of mr. vanhA.

    The missions are great and will come back with feedback here when I play them

    GJ mate keep up the good work :-D

  4. I have been battling with the briefing/task list ever since arma 2 came out. I finally thought I had it cracked however in my latest map I though all was dandy until the mission/task list started duplicating I think it amounted to around 5 extra lists. Apols if this issue has already been published, however I am pulling my hair out and hope some of you guys out there may lend a hand. People were joining the mission as our server is public, I wonder if it has something to do with this?

    Anyways any advice will be greatly appreciated


  5. Certainly a lot of work gone into this one :-)

    I tried the mission example on our dedi server. Unforunately the darn SOM bit doesnt work. Works fine in mission editor and when I host from own PC. I just dont know whats up with this game, perhaps a patch will be out in 2014 sometime lol

    Anyways apart from that it works really well, all the drop down aspects are fully functional

    One question, will this mess with Norrin revive script?

    Again top notch dude, there is enough there to use without SOM at present (yes the rest would be nice!!) I will inform here of the mission I aim to do add this script to

    Our sever is public so you may get a chance to try it on there to see what I mean. In filters search for jtf ....Servername is JTF-2 ArmA Server ip/port:

  6. In the mission editor or hosting on own PC the Chopper script works well. I have made a map with it on. However when it is hosted on our dedi server it doesn't work. If you click the radio twice the game crashes (server still runs however) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=7403 you can get the map there, any fix to get it playing on MP dedi would be cool and apols as I never mentioned you in the credits :-( when / if I get it fixed I will add your name to it :-) I have found this issue of things not working on dedi for a lot of things

  7. Hey VanhA,

    I tried to steal your idea and implemented the above code in a CWR mod mission I made. It worked fine as long as you were squad leader. When a non squad leader you don't see the messages for some reason

    I used this code

    this addEventHandler ["killed", "hint format['%1 killed by %2',_this select 0, _this select 1]"]

    It was entertaining as I used silly names for all the AI that were shot, like I say worked well. I tried several different things but just couldn't get it working for all squad members, only the squad leader seen who shot who. It worked also on buildings I set as objectives to destroy, agin though only seen by the squad leader. Cheers all to posted on this it is a nice thing to use.

    As per am I dong something wrong?

  8. I may be catastrophising a bit here but is it true that this security feature on 505games will only allow you to install arma2 five times

    I tend to reinstall windows around a 3 monthly basis, which means I will technically have to buy the game again within a year (as I have installed it twice) . With stuff like this its no wonder that people torrent games!!!!!

    Anyone know anything about this?:yay: