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  1. Vipera

    ArmA 2 I/O analysis results

    I have 2.3 Gb RAM disk where I have next files: buildings.pbo buildings2.pbo buildings2_Ind_CementWorks.pbo plants2_Bush.pbo plants2_Clutter.pbo plants2_misc.pbo plants2_Plant.pbo plants2_Tree.pbo rocks2.pbo structures.pbo I don't have any stutter.
  2. Vipera

    WarFX Particles

    I'm sorry guys, but I can't leave you with your "wow!" and "ah!" and I have to say that almost all effects look "ugly" and "unreal". They have nothing to real world effects and particle textures are so bad (their colors and details). The speed of different particles is not correct. Where dust should grow fast there it grows slow and vice versa. Explosion from GRAD missile has a huge size. And shape of explosion is not plausible. Since start of AT missile has a very dense smoke there is no way to control AT missile during the flight and it seams useless. IMHO.
  3. Game crashes without scripts too.
  4. After installation last SIX_Updater_Suite_v0.7.3_setup.exe I have only GUI updater shortcut. How can I start updates without web interface how it was in previous versions?
  5. Help me, please. 1. How can I change from cannon AP to HE rounds when I fly Ka-52? 2. How can I assign right mouse button click comand (select target) to any other button? I use joystick to control helicopter. So, using mouse to select a target at the same time is not very handy.
  6. When i connect to ACE server i receve error message: "No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons.ACE_Put'" What does it mean?
  7. I don't like JTD mod. It looks ugly and it's buggy. I don't like big fires all around the map. Sorry.
  8. I have the same error on first benchmark scenario
  9. Vipera

    1.05 released

    Thanks a lot BIS! +1 to your carma.
  10. Vipera

    Warning: 1.05 Broke All My Saves!

    If something doesn't work read manual finally (patch install instructions).
  11. Vipera

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    I'd like to see 'Addons' and 'Launch Options' tabs together for quick access.
  12. Something is wrong with all AntiAir machineguns on all tanks in ACE2. It's just impossible to shoot any flying targets using these machineguns. Left/Right rotation of MGs is fine but Up/Down movement is just insane! It;s too slow. MG is useless for the purpose it is made for. And T-90 turret roatation is too slow. It's impossible to shoot any moving target close than 100m.
  13. Vipera

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    I use this launcher and like it. There is only one thing that I would like to see improved - program start delay. Program starts with a big pause.
  14. go to Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\ userconfig\ACE\ace_clientside_config and change FEATURES: Disables/Reduces crosshairs "#define ACE_NOCROSS" ---> "//#define ACE_NOCROSS"
  15. I can't switch Ka-52 cannon rounds from HE to AP using 'R' key (Default). Is it something different now?
  16. Vipera

    Yet more Dogs of War bugs!

    I also postponed compaign for a good time, when this problem will be fixed. I hope.
  17. My SP compaign ran pretty good until "Dogs of war" mission. I constantly have this error in this mission. Mission is unplayable.
  18. Vipera

    Yet more Dogs of War bugs!

    I just wanted to see the end of this compaign. :-)
  19. Does anybody want and can to add FCS vehicles into ARMA2?
  20. Vipera

    Yet more Dogs of War bugs!

    I had played compaign pretty good. I had just few crashes until Dogs of War... This mission is just nightmare for me! Game crashes every 20 min. It crashes when i save file, it crashes just after save, it crashes randomly. Sometimes I have error message after CTD: Out of memory in file operations. I tried to play with mods, without mods, new beta ARMA2_Build_60309. I have the same result - CTD. What can I do stop game crashing? I repeat, I didn't have this proplem until this mission.
  21. Here is video FCS in action. YouTube
  22. I'm having a problem with the final version 9.11. The problem is with the tree textures for close view. I see white line border around each tree leave. So I rolled back to version 9.10.
  23. I have models with textures but they don't have interiors and I have no idea how inrerior looks like but externals have been modeled from blueprints. More images and information about FCS tanks you can see on my webpage. PS. Sulu, I have no idea what virus you are talking about. Images above are located on ImageShack image hosting service. Maybe they have some pop-ups but I can't see them.
  24. Vipera

    WarFX Particles

    I want to criticize a bit. I don't like helicopter HE canon explosions. They change scale with the distance. With high distance they scale up. I also prefer ARMA explosions to compare with this mod. They look more alive. There is only one thing that I like is small sparks for explosion, not the big sphere of sparks but just few sparks.