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  1. Many people experienced lags with VON on MP CTI maps last days. Voice sounds are jerky. Does anybody else have this? I am not sure if this is a problem with the CTI maps or beta patches.
  2. These freezes happen in some specific situations only. You can play many hours without freezes until this specific situation happens. I had two situations during MP CTI game yesterday. I played couple hours without slowdowns before that. First freeze I got when my BRDM2 started to attack LAV25 and LAV25 started to shoot back to BRDM2. I also had few my soldiers around (AT, marksman, machinegunner). FPS dropped off significantly during this fight until my BRDM2 was damaged and crew left the BRDM2 and then fps returned back. I'm not sure if my infantry were attacking LAV25 too but they were in attack distance. I stayed close to BRDM2 during this fight. Second freeze completely hung my computer and I had to terminate ARMA2 from task manager. The situation happened when my BMP2 started to attack few enemy soldiers. Enemy soldiers had AT. I was about 500m away from this fight.
  3. I don't know why we need these maps in so bad textures quality if we have original big maps in good quality.
  4. +1 vote for NO BLUR ONLY in game menu or .cfg file.
  5. I also can't download the last patch from the official website.
  6. Also, I would prefer if AWSD buttons for vehicle control override mouse control
  7. To remove white dots on foliage for ATI cards you need to check 'Use application settings' for AA and Anisotropic Filtering in Catalyst Control Center->3D settings.
  8. I would like to see wheeled cars on slopes be fixed rather then steering changes. https://dev-heaven.net/issues/23406
  9. I want tank,apc or car driver to fast move stright in one direction when I command them "fast forward" as a commander of vehicle and make them "blind" to any obstacles on their path.
  10. Maybe this fix affects on firefights much more, so weapon is more lethal now. [85440] Fixed: Bullets damage reduced too much over distance (http://dev-heaven.net/issues/11479)
  11. Why do I see stars if I have ViewDistance 4000m?
  12. I don't like how text looks with FXAA enabled. The text is not clear and font edges are not sharp. BTW, I have removed white sparkling dots in game by unchecking "Use application settings" in Anisotropic Filtering inside Catalyst Control Center. I set 4X Per-pixel samples for my Radeon HD 5870. I don't have sparkling dots anymore! Who-hoo! I use Catalyst 11.11 and I set Low AA in game preferences.
  13. I cannot see big difference between tbb3 and tbb4. Benchmark : tbb3 fps / tbb4 fps Benchmark01: 30 / 29 Benchmark02: 10 / 10 E08 : 41 / 39
  14. Vipera

    Devs time for a 64BIT version???

    MavericK96, how much memory do you use for Ramdisk? You need enough RAM for ARMA2 and Windows to see improovements while using Ramdisk. For example, if you have 12Gb memory and you leave 3Gb for RAM and rest 9Gb for Ramdisk you will get bad performance than if you make 5Gb for Ram and 7Gb for Ramdisk.
  15. Has anybody found that when you have your weapon in aimed mode (right mouse button pressed) and you try to turn around it looks like weapon moves not smooth?
  16. Falanga missile doesn't hit targets. Missile hits ground around locked target. Is there any trick to shoot Falanga missiles?
  17. I have disabled ATOC for grass only and I am satisfied.
  18. Is there a problem to interrupt animation in a middle way and play it backward with a double speed to return back to previous stance?
  19. Thank you BIS that this time you gave it to try before release. I voted dislike just because I'm afraid of your global "surprise" changes, how it was with 1.57. I'm pretty happy with the current animation.
  20. FYI: After long tweaking AA settings back and forth in ATI CCC I left AToC=6. Grass looks more dense and realistic without AToC.
  21. I don't like AToC effect. It is too dotty and makes grass on Takistan map too transparent. And tree planes disapear if you look at them from different sides.