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  1. Something needs to be done against scripts which kill all people on server during MP game or destroy all vehicles on the map, etc. It is starting to be annoying.
  2. Make sure you have ping set to 0 in filters.
  3. I do agree with the point that interface should be more simple. The user shouldn't see all available options from the beginning. Interface should start from a simple list of games. When user selects a game from the list he will see Servers|Mods|... When user selects Mods he will see the next list or menu, etc.
  4. Vipera

    Warfare BE

    I like what gunso proposed and I do not like what SpanishSurfer proposed. I think we have to encourage people to make even teams but we do not have to try manually balance the game score. The score difference does not really mean in Warfare mode. A team with the high score can loose the round anytime by loosing MHQ or base structures.
  5. IMHO, since .exe file has been changed with the new beta you have to recreate your firewall rule for this file and do it every time when you install new beta. I don't have such problems but maybe your firewall restrictions are different. Try to disable firewall to check it. PS. Maybe Windows installed some update and made changes in firewall, just guessing.
  6. Vipera

    Warfare BE

    It would be nice to completely remove ability to rearm at town camps and enforce people to use ammunition trucks instead.
  7. Vipera

    Broken Filters

    I have the same problem. If I change ping in filters to something else than 0 then I have empty server list. So, try to keep ping as 0 in filters.
  8. If we want to remove the Tab feature completely then can we instead of red dots on radar for tanks use something similar as AA incoming missile warning for planes? If AI crew spotted a target then radar shows approximate direction to the target by red sector on radar circle.
  9. Automatic recognition now is what AI crew member says to you. When you see a red dot on your tank radar it means that your AI crew member has spotted a target, he recognized that this is an enemy and tells you where and how far target is. What is a problem with this? And when you want to tell your AI gunner "aim that closest target" you hit Tab and highlight that target. I think this is a good way to communicate with AI crew members until they will be able to recognize your speech in real time. Added: When we play on PvP only server than we definitely do not need Tab feature. In this case your human crew member should do his job on his own without magic radar.
  10. I like it! In AA vehicles only gunner and commander should have be able to lock targets. Driver of AA vehicles should still be missing ability to lock targets or even missing radar too.
  11. It works now. If it doesn't work then there is no point to be a tank commander.
  12. I have a suggestion which will simplify target selection if we remove TAB Lock feature. So, if Lock by Tab is disabled then when I press the Tab key it will automatically select my vehicle main gunner and pop-up list with available targets (as pressed key 2). In this case I do not have to remember and search who my main gunner is. This is a big problem in Warfare games with many AI units in squad when you try to find crew members for choosen vehicle.
  13. If you are an experienced player than do not use Tab when it is available, just a joke :) I stop to complain. I would like to try the game with all changes by CCP to decide how it is. Maybe with all CCP changes applied the game will get another look.
  14. Maybe Tab Locks seems as a crap but this is a tool to simplify communication with your AI gunner. Lets try a simple mission in editor. Put a tank with you as a commander. Put enemy tank around you which will spawn in random location around your tank. Start mission and try to hit enemy tank without Tab. Enemy tank controlled by AI will find you faster and shoot at you. Helicopter guided missiles will be also unusable because you cannot see what your gunner will lock when you tell him to lock target using radio. You will tell him to lock one of the tanks from list by radio but you don't know if you aim the tank you want because you cannot see target highlighted. Manually target selection by right mouse click is hard from helicopter because of lack of yaw maneuver on helicopters.
  15. If you are talking about PvP then Yes, I agree to play with the new rules because other player has the same difficulties as me. But if I play against AI tank then I do not want to be beaten everytime because AI doesn't have problem with finding and aiming targets as I have without TAB. Or do you want me to jump out from the tank every time when new target is spotted and let my AI gunner to make his job better without my command? If you want to remove features from the player then you have to think how compensate it by reducing AI abilities.
  16. I have found some difficulties with being tank commander when AutoGuideAT OFF: 1. When AutoGuideAT OFF then there is no green diamond marker on target which tells you that gunner is ready to shoot. If commander does't see his tank cannon barrel (during zoom) then he doesn't know if gunner still turning the cannon or he is already aimed to the target. Could be better if gunner will say "Ready" at the moment when he finished his aim to the target (at the moment when green diamond is shown with AutoGuideAT ON). 2. If you give order to the gunner using radio then he starts complete your order after the sound with order finished - "Attack that tank". Sometimes this phrase is long and there is a big delay between when you give order and when gunner starts to complete order. The gunner has to start complete the order when player pressed the button without waiting when speech with order stops to play. 3. When you want to give order using radio and icons at the bottom of screen then it is hard to know to whom you have to give this order. For example, if you are in BMP3 you see three identical "gunner" icons. If you have many tanks under command in Warfare game then some crew members might be mixed so you are unable to identify if this is your gunner or from another tank. We need to highlight player's crew somehow. https://dev-heaven.net/issues/29024
  17. If it worked I didn't ask. I can use only machinegun as a pilot. And I can use bombs and guided missiles when I switch to manual fire. I can't use unguided missiles in Manual and Not Manual modes as a pilot in Mi-24P. Update: I found where problem was. I play with the joystick and had "Switch gunner weapon" binded to the joystick key instead of "Switch weapon" key. So, problem solved. I apologize for that.
  18. Vipera

    Warfare BE

    Just a TK Count > 5 will not work bacause this could be an accident as plane crash or car explosion. You would also have to check TK Count within some time. Like TK Count > 1 within 3 secs should be considered as one TK. If TK Count > 3 within 15 mins = punishment for 3 mins otherwise TK Count set to 0. Every next punishment time might be increased.
  19. Kju, how do I select unguided missiles in Mi-24P with CCP mod active?
  20. I have checked CCP and found that helicopter AI gunner is definitely fixed. Thank you for this fix! UPDATE How do I select unguided missiles in Mi-24P with CCP mod active?
  21. Can we prevent helicopter AI gunner automatically switch from gun to unguided rockets when I engage enemies in manual fire OFF mode? Now, when I have gun selected and try to engage enemy infantry my AI gunner constantly switches to rockets what is silly. UPDATE: I have checked CCP and found that helicopter AI gunner is definitely fixed. Thank you for this fix!
  22. Can we increase yaw maneuverability a bit for helicopters, especially for Ka-52? https://dev-heaven.net/issues/23473 What we have now is difficult to use. When helicopter flies with the normal speed it is not possible rotate it left/right to use fixed weapon (fixed machine gun on Mi-24, unguided missiles).
  23. Vipera

    Warfare BE

    I played two games on weekend and two games my team was suffering from the team killer. We have to do something with this aspect. The current vote system does not work well. I think both commanders need ability to kick players from their team who make team kills for purpose or destroy team vehicles or buildings. Now, when we have such crazy or stupid players joining the game we get more frustration than joy.
  24. Vipera

    Warfare BE

    We have a big issue with the team killers (TK) in MP games at the moment. Lets see an example for CTI map with 16vs16 players when there is no admin on the server. Lets say that blue team has a TK who stays on the team base an kills all new spawned players or destroys team vehicles. Obs What we have now in this case. Blue team starts to complain in global channel that they have a TK and they want to kick him. They start to vote kick this player or vote for admin to kick him. TK can start to type that he is not TK and TK is someone else. Red team has no idea who TK in blue team is. So, all this voting in best case takes at least 20 mins and even more with more players on the server. This time is enough to ruin the game for the blue team. Even if TK was kicked from the server by voting he can rejoin and start to kill players again. Prop I would like to see Punish/Forgive system as it made in Battlefield2 game. When some player destroys team vehicle from another team player or destroys friendly structure or kills team player than we need an auto vote pop-up for that player whose vehicle has been destroyed or who was killed by TK player. In this vote pop-up player should choose to forgive or punish TK. If TK player got, for example 5 punishments within 15 mins then he will be automatically kicked from the server and not able to reconnect within 30 mins. In this case we do not need ask other players to vote because it takes too much time and not effective. There are situations when one player can kill many team players when they are in one vehicle. If you are the pilot with 10 players on-board and crash then 10 players will get Punish/Forgive pop-ups where they will choose if you did it for purpose or that was an accident.