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  1. Sorry Rydygier I missed this post. Re unlimited ammo is achieved by defining counter variables for each round type. As each type of mission is completes that round types counter is reduced. In the FO's code when the determining what fire mission to use, it checks these counters to see if a certain mission type is available. E.g. Target is armour, first check is to see if there are SADARM rounds available, if not it checks for HE rounds. Re determining the solution, I used pretty much the same process. Track the target for a while to get an average overall movement vector, then apply an offset based on that direction and speed. I also have a max cap on speed etc. I also check to see if the target is on the road, and if it is I look for a road near the calculated impact point. Rationalising that is the most likely point to hit if found. The module already checks all the known targets and determines which is considered the highest threat to the FO. Cheers Günter.
  2. If you wanted the option of having a keyboard shortcut if you decide to use an action menu, you are able to define one as part of an action menu item. The shortcut parameter from here: The list of options is here: If you used one of the custom keys eg "USER1" you could define that custom key to be any combo of keys you desired. Hope this helps Blake
  3. Do you mean broadcasting the pilots camera video, or using the camera code as the video of a UAV that is being controlled? Both are probably possible, the first would require some network traffic to keep the relevant positions updated, the second would be a new addon that would also need to deal with the UAV control. Note I also know absolutely nothing regarding Rover terminals, the above comments are more about viewing the video.
  4. Sorry Orcinus I missed this one. By design, one to keep the code simple and non intensive, and also a simple way of avoiding a lemming situation if possible where each member takes their turn to walk into a kill zone. Sorry for the slow reply, but I've been away. When a unit dies, it ends the FO code. So if you want to give the respawned unit an FO's ability you would have to re initialise that too. See the Version 1.1 additions (in the first post) on how to do that. By default when the unit dies another group member will try to "grab" the ability. To prevent having a respawned unit and a group member both having the ability see in the 1.3 version additions on how to stop other members trying to get the ability. Re infinite ammo, no other than setting the amounts to very large values. Re range, the ranges are set by the bis artillery module. So there is no way to alter them.
  5. Blake's Sling Loading v0.2.4a Requirements: TOH version of CBA. Media: sERZpUV1RE0 Sling loading a light aircraft, sling camera example. Introduction: I created this for myself. I wanted an out of the box sling loading functionality as I like to quickly throw a few things into the editor and quickly create a basic functional mission for myself. This allows sling loading operations to be easily created, without effecting any other missions created by others with their own sling loading scripts triggers etc. History: Installation: Same as any other addon. If you are unsure, please search the forums for help. A good starting point is here. http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1908141&postcount=2 Limitations: Only tested in single player. Although I did try and code it with MP in mind, I wouldn't be surprised if something didn't work seeing as it had no testing in that area. This hasn't had a lot of testing, created it more for myself, but happy with the result and thought it might be enjoyed by others in the community. I find it easier to disable my track ir when using the menus to connect the line to helicopters and objects. It requires you to place the cursor over them to make the menu item visible. The track ir makes knowing where the cursor position is hard. Features: Manual connection of the sling line to ensure no conflicts with other missions. To connect the line crawl under the helicopter until you get the menu item. You can disconnect either by the remote release in the pilots seat(action menu) or crawling under to manually release via the action menu. Electric hook releases for both loads and the line. Menu items. Hot key for the menu items can be setup for use as buttons on a joystick if desired. Found under custom controls in the controls dialog. User 1 = Line release. User 2 = Load release. The ability to manually connect and un-connect a load to your line if the load is close enough to the helicopter. Menu option becomes available when close enough and looking at the object. AI Loader unit Found under Civilian -> American -> People -> Blakes Loader in the editor. Loader will move to the nearest load it has been synced with in the editor if it is closer than 100m. Note if the loader is a member of your group you will need to order him to move close the the load. Designed to be in his own group of one ideally. If a helicopter with a sling line is close enough and slow enough the loader will attempt to hook the nearest load onto the line. Distance for connection is between helicopter and Load object. Must be less than the line length. Tried using a token object to track the end of the line, but they would bounce around like tied up rabbits until snapping off the line. Set AI loader values: Max hookup speed: Place the code in the ai loaders initialization field. Units are m/s. Default value is 3 this setvariable ["maxhookupspeed",1.4,true]; Load Time: Place the code in the ai loaders initialization field. Units are seconds. Default value is 6 this setvariable ["loadtime",10,true]; Sling camera: Turn on and off at the action menu. Once on, there will be the option to change the zoom. At this stage I haven't figured out how to define whether the overlayed version of the camera appears or not. In testing if i spawn the code in the init field, I get the overlay. Running the addon I only get the vehicle's monitor displaying? Hopefully as more people experiment with this a better understanding of how it functions will prevail. Download: Direct Download | Mod info Community Base Addons https://rapidshare.com/files/1394769025/Blakes_Sling_Loading_v0_2_4_a.rar
  6. @Foxhound and SickBoy, thanks as always. The only reticles I had were the standard BIS ones there, though they do look similar to mine. Everything seemed ok, even after respawning and grabbing new aircraft. Thanks again Blake.
  7. Small Update Download available from the first post. Version 1.01.1 Added HUD secondary System menu item as an option for avoiding conflicting addons/scripts. Causes PINS to use the alternative resource layer. Fixed a couple of issues when cleaning up after death, where overlay components would remain visible. Thanks to Kremator for the feedback, private testing on this and taking the time to point me towards the mission to help quickly fix a couple of small issues.
  8. Good. No Worries. Do you mean before ejecting from the racks, or after turning towards the target? First is possible, second not, after they are fired, it is BIS code that controls the targeting of the bombs. Not good, check your pm's, I have sent you a link to a test download just something to try to see if it fixes your problem. Basically it just switches PINS between the two different overlay choices we have available. Not point publically updating the mod until the issue is found and dealt with. Please send me the link to the mission or addons you feel are causing the issue if the test version doesn't work. Unless I can replicate it, I can't really try and figure out a solution. I won't pretend to be an expert with the title resources, just enough to get the infomation required to display :p Thanks for the feedback guys, Blake.
  9. Updated See first post for new download. Version 1.01 Added Toggle laser off and on while in camera view. LookCenter key Default NUM5. Added Reset menu item to action menu if overlay disappears. Requires user to hold zoom out key to make visable. Changed Hud Colour/Display options to require user to hold down the zoom out key. Help declutter action menu. Removed Zoom action menu, not required with using CBA key handlers. Fixed syntax error that prevented a CBA key eventhandler from being removed. Tweeked some of the routines to try and reduce mods overall impact slightly. Added a config modification to help resolve ACE unguided bomb issues. (Seperate PBO found in the ACE_Bomb_fix_beta folder in the download). Note: The ACE config changes PBO is only required if using ACE. From my limited testing it seems to help the situation with unguided bombs. It also changes the cluster bombs to show the aiming pipper for them. At higher levels the cluster munitions will fall short. Best employed at low level or dive bombing. Hopefully my changes don't impact on any other ACE functionality. Hence the beta label :p
  10. Both the config browser and the config explorer options will also do that for you too. On the browser page there is a link called "config" to the right of each item in the config view column click on that. A taste of what you will find there: The config explorer has a button to copy the config to the clipboard if you choose that option.
  11. Try this, check the notes section. It is what I have used on a number of occasions. Just need to change it from being referenced to the player. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/atan2 Hope this helps Blake.
  12. I can't answer your question, but I use the config explorer module by HeliJunkie to find config values. Just open the editor, create a man player object, place the module down and preview. Open via the action menu for a wealth of config data. No searching of files, extracting etc. Maybe you can find the values you are searching for in here? That said the info you are looking for would also be in the Six Config Browser link given above too. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=11827&highlight=CFGEXPLORER Hope this helps Blake.
  13. 1. I imagine they have altered the values which is the only way I have found so far to determine the type of weapon that is current. Like the CBU example previously. At this stage there is little I can do to get around this. 2. You could try that yourself, the _Plane_object_name getvariable "FLIR"; is set to "ON" where in camera mode and "OFF" when not. Personally I am many times climbing etc while using the camera and just want to maintain the current attitude. I either settle the plane or if using it, use my autpilot when testing. 3. Try the binoculars toggle on toggle off option should have a better response in CPU stressed moments as it uses CBA key eventhandlers. The hold breath is less responsive, but allows the programming of a joystick from within arma. CBA keys only registers keyboard input, but should respond to an external programable joystick button set the same way, though not tested. 4. The FlirZoom.sqf was added in response to poor feedback in reading the zoomin and out with trying to allow as above being able to program joysticks from within arma. I added a menu option as a way of getting around being stuck. Look for similar looking code in the FLIR.sqf script. That is where the changes are done, FlirZoom.sqf is the code that is run if you press the action menu option. Which is almost redundant now, and will prob soon get deleted as the CBA key handler allows pressing the actual keyboard keys button which is very reliable, hence why I suggested the binos option above as well :) 5. Will try and have a look at the zooms, just not sure when I want to try and get a quick small version out soon that allows for the resetting of the HUD. 6. I imagine it was a very WTF moment followed by frying as many infantry as possible after :p 7. Problem is in how to id what munitions is what type when addon makers need to alter config values to get their mods to function. Making compatibilty hard. At this stage I haven't found another reliable way to get around this. 8. Agree :) Thanks again for your feedback Blake
  14. Thanks Codfish, but I believe the rope simulation isn't MP compatiable. I haven't read anything in the change logs that imply they have. I read it but didn't think to post a reference to it here sorry.
  15. @Foxhound, Old Bear and SickBoy - Thankyou as always. 1. Not to much I can do there it is doing a lot all the time, I have already tweeked the timings, and the more breaks you put in the jerkier the overlay as a result. That said I get good results with both standard and ACE versions. Might be how many mods you have going? Also how well written or demanding the mission can mess things up too. 2. Works on my dedicated test server. 3. Only detects in vehicle at mission start or starts via the getin eventhandler. 4. ACE's CBU config has the laserlock attribute set to 1. This is how this mod determines whether a bomb is laser guided or not. So it see's them as laser guided bombs. I imagine there is something in ACE that requires them to be that way? 5. That's an issue with JTD fire. You need a laser target to aim your laser guided bomb at. I don't use this mod and don't get the star trek tachyon been effect :p I imagine the creator would need to filter the relevant object types that can burn more? this setvariable ["BombingDisabled",true,true]; You can place this in an aircrafts init field to only allow the navigation aspect. There is no way to disable the nav stuff though. The overlay stuff only has two layers that we all share afaik. This being the titleRsc and cutRsc. I have tried both at different times, decided to change it as the title version effects trigger text which uses the titleRsc layer. I have already included a reset menu item for the next version. Something I have kept meaning to do and never getting around to it :p Have now though :) Taro8 thanks for the feedback, it is always appreciated. You seem to be using many custom mods. A lot of times addon makers need to do things to create a result which in turn affects how their interact with other mods. One point for mine is how ACE has altered the unguided bomb configs which breaks how I have worked around to get my unguided aiming to work. Many times it is simply not possible to mix all mods. That said I am happy to hear of conflicts, but is doesn't mean I am able to get them working together or even find the time to test the many mod combos available. Generally I test with no other mods, and a little testing with ACE. What does help is stating what mods you are using because there are many, and some very similar to one another. 1. My guess it would be something similar to above where the mission uses the overlays which will cancel out the PINS usage. Will be able to reset in the next version. If a mission uses these a lot then there isn't much you can do afaik. 2. Most likely be something about the mod you are using to allow dynamic loadouts? This mod uses the current magazine and ammo configs to determine the bomb type. Not sure how your switching mod works to allow dynamic changes. There is possibly a good chance that how they are achieving this effects how they set their magazine configs? There are a lot of mods and addons, which there is no way to make something work with all of them unfortunately. 3. No idea sorry, I have never had the camera view stuck on? Try using the binocular toggle option. The hold breath is a hold over from some older code that I want to alter? The hold breath code is on my todo list. 4. I don't think I will be altering the cam stuff much, believe it or not I am trying to keep this as streamlined as possible :p 5. Will have a look at it, You can't use menu items in the camera view, arma limitation, so would have to be a shortcut key of some kind. 6. If you are refering to in camera mode, an arma limitiation is you lose all control input while using the camera. I have played around with my autopilot mod (not released to many things on the go already) which does induce an attitude hold. It would also increase the amount of overheads that are already an issue for you, the best way is to make sure you don't have any rotation of the aircraft as you enter camera mode else this rotation continues unseen while looking in the camera view. 7. No idea sorry, possibly check the GLT thread to see if there are issues with there mod and other mods that create cameras? Sorry I won't be making a scripted version. This is always changing developing "FIXING" :p where using an addon allows easy development where it always stays current. Rather than many old redundant versions. Plus it also means I need to try and keep to similar but different codes working. Was a pain with my mirrors ee and modules versions :crazy:
  16. Updated Download available in the first post. Version 1.0 Fixed missing { in the code contained in the fired event handler. Changed setting SP to be from within an action menu. Removed SP reset action menu, not required with the change above. Resized the text in the camera view. Removed firing range limits. Note to change the SP position in the map now requires users to open the map specifically with the SET_SP action menu item. The map can then be closed normally via the standard map shortcut keys. ACE users. As a temporary fix, I have altered the air friction and gravity values used to calculated the fall of unguided bombs to better "guess" where a bomb will land. This is how I was originally trying to mark the impact point of the mod. Not as accurate as the non ace version, which actually fires the bomb the the marked position, but should give more reasonable results for lower altitude mid speed range deliveries. A real solution would require altering the configs of the bombs to be like the vanilla bombs values from my limited investigations.
  17. Hi Maturin, I've had a quick look at this, it seems as if the BIS artillery module now gives the units all the ammo types by default. I tested with both spawned and editor placed units and they all have access to SADARM ammo without requiring the designer to manually add the magazines. There is no need to add HE rounds all units automatically have these and it now seems all other types too! this setvariable ["Arty_Ammo",["ARTY_30Rnd_105mmHE_M119"],false]; To stop the ai using SADARM, add this to the AIFO module to stop SADARM use. this SETVARIABLE ["SADARMcount",0,false]; Actually this mod only calculates where and then requests fire missions from the default BIS artillery module. The default BIS artillery module handles all the firing of the units, so it would be something to do with that. Hope this helps Blake.
  18. I have an idea on a way to not have a constant click on map sp movemnet but haven't had the time atm to play around with anything. I have purposely tried to make this mod first and foremost something that increases the air to ground communication as I see arma as an infantry simulator. So the mod is less about realism inside the jet but more as a compliment to the gameplay of those on the ground. Trying to give enough accuracy to be useful and realistic, without being able to be to autonomous that allowed the air units to clean up. This is from a mission designers perspective where it was always hard when trying to add the likes of the cobra etc into missions. You should be able to tab target your own laser target as a workaround for finding the lasers position on the ground if you have that enabled. It could be if you view through the camera and a hill is between you and your original sp, the camera will move the sp to where it is centered on that hill. It is a limitation in how I have coded the camera. I imagine it has something to do with the text aspect of your triggers, they both use the same resources I believe. I'm not an expert on using these resources, just enough to display what is needed :P I can try using cutRsc instead of titleRsc.
  19. I'm glad you are enjoying it. I won't be releasing a script version, but I do plan as soon as I get some time to add the ability to allow for using a different object as the parts mechanism. Most likely by being able to set a variable with the desired class name.
  20. Not sure sorry, not much to go on. Try checking: Is your your "PIP detail" in your video options set to disabled? If so it needs to be enabled. Are you also using the CBA mod for TOH? as it is also required. Is the helicopter the emergency services medium FLIR model? If so it has it's own FLIR functionality which will override my stuff. Hope this helps Blake
  21. I'll look at how to take the safety off. Cool I look forward to viewing it! Also makes timing your speed and flare much easier too! Transport helicopter pilot is one of my favorite roles, and is the reason I actually started playing around with this in the first place :) I can only pose the question, as it is something in ACE that breaks the only reliable way I have found to create a workable pipper. If it is something critical for their mods functionality then you might be out of luck. I believe it would need to be server side as well for the XEH getin eventhandler, though I don't pretend to be an expert on the eventhandler stuff. Oh and your English is much better than my french!
  22. blakeace

    ACE for OA 1.13

    I'm looking at how my PINS addon works with ACE. One aspect I use is the fireattarget to allow an aiming pipper with unguided bombs. When running with ACE this functionality fails. Do you know if their is something in ACE that would prevent this command allowing the unguided bombs from being able to use the fireattarget command? If so is there a way of disabling or changing this feature in a script? Thanks Blake.
  23. Setting up a little test server is one of those things still on my todo list. All of the sling loading stuff is new to me and I am just experimenting around with it all. So until I get around to setting up a server and doing some tests I can't answer your questions sorry.
  24. @ Foxhound and Old Bear, thank you once again :) To cover the basics, Are you using the watch key to fire the weapons? using the default fire button doesn't work? Are you using any other mods when using this? I can confirm ACE breaks the unguided bombs algorithm. My guess is they employ a fired event handler similar to how this does to prevent unguided bombs being able to hit targeted objects? I actually exploit this feature to guide the bombs to an object placed where the freefall position is calculated to be. There is a drift calculation used to ensure that unguided and guided munitions operate differently. Giving more importance to how a JTAC utilises the assets available to him. In the next version I have lowered the drift a little. There is a small amount of jitter, one from trying to limit the intensiveness of continuosly calculating the impact point. Also undulating ground will also cause movement as each sample point is taken. I haven't written anything to smooth it as it is quite an intensive algorithm already. That said it is still well within the limits of being able to use in all my testing. If you are getting bigger movements I have not had any to be able to retify sorry. Cool I'm glad you all like it so far :) Do you mean the map component, for using the single click for setting the SP marker or the whole steering cue box which is displayed surrounding the SP positon in the world? Cheers, yep will be reduced in the next version, experimenting with sizes. I used the BIS's ai range value as a least intensive way of ensuring the weapons are released with hopefully good parameters. I could change it to still display the lock symbol at that point but allow for release at any time? No problem at all, I look forward to seeing how somebody else employs the mod :) It is not a file, but part of the objects dialog screen in the editor. I have uploaded a very simple example mission of how the code is added. Uncompress the file below and place where all your other missions are stored when you edit them. https://rapidshare.com/files/3208566285/test_PINS_lasing3.utes.rar
  25. Updated Version 1.3 available in the first post. Added AI from the same group may attempt to move to a dead FO and retrieve his FO ability. Added code to prevent unlimited ammunition from the artillery. Improved the efficiency of the code slightly. The addition of ai members retrieving the FO abilities means you don't need as many FO's synched in case some die. Though if the new wannabe FO dies before grabbing the ability, no further attempt is made to pass on the ability.