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  1. Nothing different. I transmit to the high freq signal, it generates a low freq, hard to track signal, I transmit to that one and depending on pure luck it will either advance the mission or I'll be stuck forever. Just transmitting "noise" seems to be all that is required.
  2. Update - Another update - reverted several times and eventually it just worked. Guess just a bug!
  3. I'm loving the DLC so far but this part of the mission makes no sense to me. Instructions are very unclear and nothing seems to work. Super annoying and ruining an otherwise great experience so far.
  4. richiespeed13

    Aspect ratio option removed

    Recently got back into Arma after a long break, unfortunately I can't play because of this. I have three monitors which I use for sim racing, but I just want Arma on a single screen. I simply want to run Arma 3 on my middle monitor, and I can't....
  5. richiespeed13

    Nvidia Surround Issue

    Hello all, Hoping someone can help. I've got 3x 24" 1080p monitors running with Nvidia surround. When I launch Arma 3, it all works as expected, it uses all the screens as expected and there are no problems. However, I don't want to use all three screens... In any other game, I simply set the resolution to 1920x1080, and it turns off my outer 2 monitors and just puts the game on the single, middle screen. When I do this in Arma 3, it turns off the outer 2 monitors, but the image left on the middle monitor is massively squashed and only takes up about 1/3 of the screen. It's bizarre! With Nvidia surround, how can I force Arma to just run on my middle monitor in 1920x1080? Thanks. (Nvidia GTX 1070, i7 4790k)
  6. richiespeed13

    How much damage do bullets do?

    As I said, being shot in the foot will not make any soldier just fall over and start crying. Let's see how you deal with it when you have 2 choices, fall over and bitch and then risk you and your buddies getting shot, or man the f*ck up and keep going until you are in a suitable location for treatment. Point being? Honstly couldn't tell you if they updates Arma 2 at some point, when I played it, me and several users reported, (and proved), that tanks would explode after being repeatedly shot at by an MG. ---------- Post added at 13:04 ---------- Previous post was at 13:03 ---------- It's becoming apparent that you really have no clue Metalcraze. None whatsoever. I here by leave as recommended by nimrod123.
  7. richiespeed13

    How much damage do bullets do?

    @ callin_banc, Exactly. And at the guy I just replied too, would you die if I shot you 20 times in the hand with a 9mm pistol? Maybe your hand would be mush, but would you be dead? This is my point. In arma anything from 1-3 shots to the hand = insta ragdoll death. ---------- Post added at 12:56 ---------- Previous post was at 12:55 ---------- Wow. You are a real piece of work.
  8. richiespeed13

    How much damage do bullets do?

    Umm, ok? I bet I could get several veteran to prove you wrong? Watching one episode of "Our War" would show you. One soldier got his upper bicep blown off by 7.62mm, kept fighting. One soldier got shot in foot with 7.62mm, kept running, kept fighting. One soldier got shot right through the chest, (bullet slipped behind armour), he didn't just crumple and die, he held on for hours before getting medical treatement, and despite losing most of his blood he survived for weeks after. Sadly he passed away, which really, really sucks, but unlike your slightly odd views, he didn't just crumple up and die. And lol, show me a British or American soldier who simply gives up and stops fighting after being hit in the leg or arm, unless their limb got blown clean off, they are generally tough muckers and don't fall over and cry. What planet do you live on?
  9. richiespeed13

    How much damage do bullets do?

    If I was playing Arma online, and died when a 5.56mm round hit my hand, yes, I would be annoyed. For severe wounds like gaping leg shots, falling unconcious or at least dying slowly whilst also being unable to walk/run would be a great comprimise. I understand we need a balance, but getting shot to death via arms, hands, feet, or legs is getting stupid. It is the same reason you can shoot a tank with an MG until it explodes. Hit points I am afraid are very flawed.
  10. richiespeed13

    How much damage do bullets do?

    All I will add is that in Arma it is still possible to shoot people in the foot/leg/arms until they die. It's really annoying. ---------- Post added at 12:06 ---------- Previous post was at 12:03 ---------- Maybe the addition of "crippled" limbs could be a very nice way to stop people from dying via arm/leg shots? Shots to the arms, legs, hands and feet could render a soldier unable to aim/walk/run.
  11. richiespeed13

    unclear when I hit

    Lol I am so confused right now xD He means it is not clear to him when he does or doesn't hit somebody with small arms fire underwater. :p
  12. Yep this is true. In the end it is down to user preference.
  13. richiespeed13

    unclear when I hit

    Unclear? lol. :)
  14. richiespeed13

    unclear when I hit

    Fair enough.
  15. richiespeed13

    unclear when I hit

    Screw the topic, I'm scared...