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  1. Actually using dots is the frustrating one because it's all the way down the list!
  2. Is anyone else experiencing an extremely slow server browser since GS got nuked from the game? Also, what is needed in the server setup to make the server report to steam serverlist?
  3. Rasa-be

    UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    Would it be possible to implement an easy spawn on HC script? Just a config value somewhere that makes all the UPSMON units spawn and run on the HC.
  4. Since the latest patch, ASM doesn't pick up on my Headless client. Is this possible or am I doing something wrong?
  5. I think it would be beneficial if there was a small text popup that informs you when somebody does anything medical to you. It would discourage stealth CAT applications.
  6. Here's some RPT fodder about spawning to HC.
  7. Hi. First of all, I love MCC, it's a great and comprehensive tool for anything from fucking around in SP to creating detailed MP scenarios. I've been playing around a bit with Headless Client, and I can't see to get MCC to spawn to it. The HC itself is working (I can spawn things on it with a script), but when I select spawn to HC in MCC's spawn menu, the "contacting server" message pops up, but nothing gets spawn. Are there any special settings I need to make sure are allright to use the HC?
  8. Rasa-be

    Arma 3 Headless Client

    After the latest patch my HC gets stuck on "connecting". Is this related to the patch? What else could it be? *edit* figured it out steam client had lost connection, rebooted and fixed.
  9. When I select groups and delete them, it crashes my server, anyone else experiencing this?
  10. If the author allows it, DePbo the task_force_radio_items, open up config.cpp, find the class of the backpack you'd like to edit (probably BLUFOR, which is: displayName = "RT-1523G (ASIP)";) and in that class edit "model = "\STKR_BritMTP\equipment\Pack_PredBow";" to the backpack of your liking. Save, pbo it again, job's a good'un. As for disabling automatic radio distribution to teamleaders, it's in the manual.
  11. Did some testing, these came up When using alt to freelock and using the radio at the same time, the radio gets stuck on transmission Shift, the common sprint key, is interfering with using the radio. Spatial when listening to someone behind you is dodgy: it flicks from full left to full right too quickly
  12. I have been testing this mod with a few of my unit-members to see if we could switch from ACRE, and we're all very impressed by how complete it is features-wise and how smooth it feels. There are two small issues that we hesitate about: 1. The 152, being used as a PRR, offers a very long range. Is there a way for the users to customise the range of radios? We'd like to curtail their power a bit. 2. Can the backpacks be changed to have a different model and content size?
  13. Rasa-be

    L85A2 Release

    Take your time man. I mean, no pressure. Only every British-themed unit is waiting for this.
  14. No. I'm very certain of this. I had to spend some time myself to figure it out. The comments are wrong. Just set it up like this: Unbind 'class PTTRadio'. This action's real function is to talk over the currently active radio (by default, the first radio in your inventory, otherwise, the last one you selected) Bind 'class PTTRadioAlternate_1' to your PRR key (default used to be capslock). This function, contrary to what its comment says, directly activates the radio in the first slot (usually, it's the prr you spawn with, otherwise it's in order of being picked up from a crate or the ground) Bind 'class PTTRadioAlternate_2' to the key you want to use for your second radio (typically a long-range radio). This function will activate the radio in the second slot.
  15. Yes. The comments are wrong. "// Talk over radio" = talk over current radio. "// Talk over radio 2nd radio" = talk over first radio. And so on.
  16. Make sure you're editing the right file in the userconfig folder, not the one in @ACRE The commented lines are actually wrong. Where is says "// Talk over radio 2nd radio", it's actually talk over first radio. "// Talk over radio" is talk over currently active radio.
  17. Does it matter? If this crowd brings in more cash that will give us a beefier ArmA3, they can derp around as much as they want. It's not like this crowd will start hanging on the traditional type of servers any way.
  18. Rasa-be

    Challenger 2

    Seems logical considering the average height of a man in arma is 140 % of that irl
  19. Thanks for replying, but I've already resolved the issue. New OS install, needed to DL distribs for c++ and dx
  20. Having an issue: Teamspeak refuses to load the ACRE plugin (and yes, it's the correct 32bit version). When I go to my plugins, the plugin is in red and has the following text: Plugin failed to load: Failed to open plugin. Ideas?
  21. Rasa-be


    Give us the gift of your wisdom, oh Jaynus!
  22. I do, but not if it means change my game into a C64
  23. So a Danish friend of mine has a weird issue. Fresh ArmA 2 and OA install on steam, fresh SU install. Ran both games at least once, both games are patched to latest official version. When I go to the modslist, every mod is "incompatible". Anyone have an idea what the issue here could be?