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  1. As always, Tangodown.nl organises regular training sessions for our members interested in tactical realism. We recorded a few of our sessions and uploaded them to our Youtube channel (in dutch): wbVNe_gLClY Our wiki remains the central source of information, containing tactical manuals, mod installation guides and more for tangodown.nl. Recently we added an extensive guide for the squad commander (in dutch). For players looking for a more relaxed game, TDNL still has regular gamining nights every monday, wednesday and friday. Just check our Game lobby
  2. It's indicative that you're not using the right Teamspeak version. Make sure you have installed an official (non beta) version and have it updated, and make sure you have the plugin installed to the folder of that TS install.
  3. Rasa-be

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    In business, your product doesn't need to be good as soon as your marketing is.
  4. A community update for TDNL, the dutch-speaking tactical gaming community Our Staff is pleased to announce the release of the TDNL Wiki, which groups all the information about gaming with TDNL in one document. Also contained within the wiki is the definitive Tactical Syllabus for TDNL, a detailed article on Roomclearance, guides to setting up ACE and ACRE and information about our Pro-Op campaign. So if you're dutch-speaking and interested in a tactical and teambased experience without obligations, stop by on our forums!
  5. It will be nice when there's just a stable version that everyone uses.
  6. Rasa-be

    Active community?

    Let's face it, when it was released and b4 it was patched it was super buggy. That's probably where that cliché of a buggy game comes from.
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    The lastest works flawlessly for me.
  8. Rasa-be


    Where could I find a version 1.4.17?
  9. Rasa-be


    Same problem, along with some members of my outfit. We're all running XP (not sure if that's relevant)
  10. Is the ambient occlusion toggle not available for gtx260 cards? I can't see it in my options list.
  11. Rasa-be

    3rd person versus Egoshootermode

    First person perspective already simulates peripheral vision by condensing 180 degrees of view into your monitor.....
  12. Rasa-be

    ARMA 2 CO + ACE2 on non clan SRVR = ???

    There are ACE2 domination servers open. If a clan doesn't want public players, they'd password it. Havoc Company runs one. Filter for [HC].
  13. Bump time. Tangodown is still soldiering on for all the dutch-speaking ArmA 2 players. We organise regular trainings, and play organised missions. Here are a few screenshots from the last operation, where TDNL's 1st platoon moved into Zargabad to rescue a journalist from the hands of the insurgency: All trainings in preparation of these missions is open. If you want to take a peak into what we do at TDNL, head over to this thread on our forums for more information Tangodown doesn't only cater to those that want hardcore scenario co-op, we regularly have more relaxed gaming sesssions on our servers, without the strict organisation maintained in our "Pro-operations". So if you're looking for a regular game with dutch-speaking players, don't hesitate to pay our forums a visit.
  14. Fact remains, it doesn't align until I remove the setpos or replace it with my own relative value one. I realised that it's the setdir part of the init that makes it go bad. I don't see why setpos and setdir are int here, these are both described in the sqm in a seperate field.
  15. here are the ss you asked for. So, I placed on wall with the arma editor (on the left). I opened up the RTE, placed another wall (on the right). Here is what I see while in the RTE: the RTE wall is tilted along with the terrain (altough a bit high maybe) I export it, and the SQF says this [ [], [], [], [ [0, ["Base_WarfareBBarrier10xTall", [2266.22, 15436.7, 0.], -83.1311, "NONE", "UNLOCKED", 1, 1, 1, "", ""]] ], [], [], false, true, [] ] call ION_RTE_fRestore; I merge this with the sqm of the mission, and I reload the map. This is the result: As you can see, the RTE wall is no longer tilted along the ground. This is the code that gets put into the sqm: class Item1 { position[]= { 2266.22, 0., 15436.7 }; azimut=-83.1311; special="NONE"; side="EMPTY"; vehicle="Base_WarfareBBarrier10xTall"; lock="UNLOCKED"; health=1; fuel=1; ammo=1; text=""; init="this setPos [2266.22, 15436.7, 0.]; this setPos [2266.22, 15436.7, 0.]; this setDir -83.1311; "; id=2; }; As you can see, there are two setpos for some reason, which is strange. I can get the objects placement to be correct by simply deleting the setpos. For objects on a height (a machinegun in a tower bunker, for example) using relative setpos values is the way: this setpos [getPos this select 0, getPos this select 1, 3]
  16. hmm, have a little issue with this. When I place an object like a wall on a slope, the objects gets put down fine, tilted to match the ground. When I export the object, merge with sqm, load the mission and preview it, the tilt is gone. Is this fixable?
  17. True. But it's like with prostitution: countries who have it generally have less sex crimes (compare american states). Valves are apparently needed. Question remains wether video games are good valves.
  18. Best teamwork is always going to be with Realism units; just slightly harder to get acces to then your average ctf.
  19. Rasa-be

    Will ArmA 2 support FreeTrack?!

    Hell, any video with take five rocks.
  20. It's not about lag, ping. It's about major FPS drops and glitching when gaming multiplayer.
  21. Rasa-be

    Multiplayer gameplay

    In ArmA 2, you don't get taken by the hand. A squad isn't a physical link, you establish it through comms.
  22. I concur with this thread. Low fps, then glitching, then crash. System comparable to UsesTactics