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    New update, worse FPS?

    Same for my trusty old 5870. Maybe the stuttering issue isn't related to the GPU at all ...
  2. Seems to me that all your mods related to this bug are dependent on CBA. It's a known limitation of how these mods interact with CBA and how CBA interacts with the engine. The result is that neither FA_Stance, ST_hud nor ST_mapbrightnes and some others which bring new display/hud elements to ArmA will work with a loaded save game in single player. You may adress this issue to Sickboy and the crew behind CBA to develop a workaround though.
  3. Guess Who

    Updated Alpha won't "bring the rain"

    Yes. They (BI) pulled it out cause it didn't meet their expectations. :)
  4. Guess Who

    SP_From Russia with love by FilaMOD

    Some classes have changed with the recent updates; the OPFOR wetsuit is one of them.
  5. Guess Who

    New update, worse FPS?

    I'm on a 5870, so that's not it.
  6. Guess Who

    New STEAM patch update 25th March 2013

    I noticed that the new shadows eat a lot of the frame rate in Agia Marina. This town used to lag a lot. Adjusting the shadows to "high" in combination with object details down to "high" lets fps jump from around 30 to capped 60 (vsync on) on my old i7 920. The shadow quality is not that much degraded thou. On another note: did anyone notice that the object ID switch in the editor stopped working?
  7. Guess Who

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Since when exactly has this thread become the troubleshooting forum? :confused:
  8. Open your "mission.sqm" in a text editor, search for "galkin" and replace all occurances with "ifrit", save and open in the editor. Voilà .
  9. Guess Who

    CIA - SAD Operators

    Played around with these boys the whole day and had lots of fun. Awesome units, thanx for sharing.
  10. But on the plus side they use their grenade launchers alot ... :butbut:
  11. Guess Who

    Wheeled vehicle mouse-steering...

    It's already in. Change the controls for vehicles from left/right to more left/more right. It just lacks the chevron from OA.
  12. Yep. I feel your pain ... I guess a moded CfgDifficulties will do though. :cool:
  13. ... except you really can't deactivate the "laser-rangefinding-command-cursor-thingy" which seems coded by cfgDifficulties and only vanishes if you go above "regular".
  14. The new stable build will be rolled out today according to DNA's post in the dev branch thread.
  15. Guess Who

    5,5Gb Update on DEV Branch?

    He basically said that the changelog will come with the new stable build which will be rolled out tomorrow.
  16. Guess Who

    setting up Module sites

    Manzilla, those modules are not to bring in structures but to populate them. Place an Observation Post/Base module over Air Station Mike 26 with a radius of 200 and watch ... :) Also you could have a look at MacScotties video tutorials on this very forum.
  17. Guess Who

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    Thanx squishall for making the point from a professionals point of view. Considering that those discussions are going on since the implementation of the "new and better" recoil system in that 1.58 patch of Arma2:OA (or was it 1.59?) maybe BIS will listen and revise this for Arma 3. I for one don't like mini games like fighting an overly complicated reload procedure nor my mouse for the recoil. Let's get back to a somewhat realistic recoil system so we can concentrate on tactical decisions.
  18. Massi, you are incredibly fast! Thanx for sharing. :)
  19. The Bushmaster update is handled via A2CCP. Look at the CCP project at devheaven.
  20. Guess Who

    Force Recon

    Very nice, Bink. First download after work!
  21. Guess Who

    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    I don't like Steam and I am disappointed by the decision to go the Steamworks route. But on the other hand I would never expect that the guys at BI are going the path of the quick buck like so many others. I still trust them to deliver on their promises and support what they develop and that longer and closer to the community as anyone else. This is a business decision and I for one am not questioning their motives. And as I see it, this is today's trend. Yesterday I read a letter very similar to the BI Steam blog by Bernd Lehan, CEO of EGOSOFT about their future plans for the X-series and about their motives to go all in with Steamworks. There seems to be a lot of pressure onto small studios of PC game developers these days. Maybe it's time to adapt ...
  22. Guess Who

    TOH flight model- if, when, how?

    AI in TOH is using a simplified flight model.
  23. Yeah, Force Recons would be very nice!
  24. W0lle and team, your decision is fully understandable. There allways comes a time to move on. Let me express my thanks for one of the greatest mods ever for this game to all who have contributed to it. CWR² is another reason to keep ArmA 2 alive!
  25. Guess Who

    Poll: Will you buy Arma III?

    I don't hate Steam. I'm just not accepting their terms and conditions. And I don't wear a tin foil hat while playing ... :p