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  1. helped me also, i have a 4890 1GB with the graphics problem and adding -winxp seemed to sort it
  2. UKWF-Mental

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Just incase anyone is interested(I have had a look the few days of thses posts and couldnt find it alrdy posted), did that mini game to unlock 2 missions at http://recruit.flashpointgame.com/ typing these codes in the game. OFPWEB1 will unlock Encampment: Control a Spec Ops team, and ambush a People’s Liberation Army campsite in the dead of night. Set in a heavily forested area, move cautiously between tree cover, with the enemy fanning out and trying to flank at every opportunity. The mission will culminate in a fierce and atmospheric firefight, mixing long-range shooting and close quarters combat in and around the camp. and OFPWEB2 will unlock Debris Field: Set amongst the wreckage of an earlier vehicle engagement you must lead your fireteam through burnt-out tanks and APCs to engage superior numbers of PLA forces assaulting a strategically important position. Mobility, cover, and the appropriate use of fully automatic weapons and grenades to suppress the enemy will be the tools to achieve success.
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    Patch 1.03 Satisfaction Survey

    totally agree with ya mate
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    Patch 1.03 Satisfaction Survey

    had no problems at all before 1.3, now im getting crash to desktops every 5mins. :mad: its a shame, this game had so much potential, but for me the game is unplayable and I have given up. Bring on OF:dragon rising
  5. exactly, pointless post, cannot even be discussed about until OF2 is out
  6. I dont know if this is a bug, but ive noticed it a few times with the scoreboard. For example I currently have 6 kills. I jump into a vehicle/mounted gun and kill 1, then my kill score seems to get reseted to 1. where was has my 6 other kills gone to?
  7. UKWF-Mental


    Hey Guys, Im getting a real poor score for my spec of my system and i dont know why,Im using Windows 7 64Bit,my CPU is an AMD Triple Core 720BE, Video Card is an ATi 4890 1GB, i have 6GB of OCZ 6400 Ram,Asus M3N-H Motherboard and 250GB Sata HD. Setting at: 1280x1024 using -maxmem=2047 Texture - Normal Aniscopic filtering - Normal Terrain - Normal Objects - Normal Shadows - Normal Post processing - Low And my Final score is : 2563.41 I find it bizzare as I have seen people with poorer VC or CPU and get much better scores. Any Ideas?
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    I would love to have seen more buildings that you could go into, go upstairs etc for somewhere to go/hide. It wouldnt bother me if they build a huge town on repeatable buildings/ lots of the same, would mean there are other places you or the opposition could go to. I know the likes of the hotel you can go into the front door and into the lobby, but it would be cool if you could then go upstairs to say the roof and snipe etc.
  9. I bit random I know, but im abit dissapointed with not being able to interact with the houses more.ie Not being able to go upstairs, peer out windows etc.It makes multiplayer boring sometimes when theres no where to go/hide.Yes i know theres a few building ie the hotel where u can go in the front door to the lobby, but it would be cool if u could go up the stairs to say the top of the roof for sniping for example.
  10. My game arrived today,just thought id let people know how im getting on. My Setup: AMD3 720, ATi 4890 1GB, 4GB 6400 Ram, In single player, im getting 60-70 fps np at all settings at High(not Highest) running at 1280 by 1024. In multiplayer with 16+ people playing, not so nice, I get around 20-25 fps, even reducing the settings doesnt seem to make much difference. tried this on various servers. But when i go on an empty server i can get my 50-60 fps back again.
  11. Current Set up: AMD3 720, ATi 4890 1GB, 4gb 6400 Ram. Woohoo been playing for the past hour or so and quite impressed with the sheer scale of it all.I have my settings at Normal/High for most things, taken off head bob in options as it does get a bit sore in the eyes. There is alot of graphical bugs on show, and some bizzare AI activities. watched one jump in and out of a truck for about 5minutes. Other than that im happy enough as im sure these will get sorted in time. Gonna go in and have another blast and get used to the controls, just need the rest of my clan to get their copy for the real fun to begin.