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  1. I have to hope they put the gear of jets on helicopters, which will allow helicopters to land at slow speeds like an airplane.

    I don't see why they haven't done this yet, just put a non static gear on helicopters so it could possibly taxi/land.

  2. 300kph is around 186mph... honestly the helicopters are going the appropriate speed, its just the small island that makes it seem to fast. Wait till you get on Altis, wont seem that way anymore :)

    The second RAH-66 received mission equipment and more powerful T800-LHT-801 engines and continued flight testing from 23 May 2002, including testing of night vision and weapon systems, until 2003.[6] During testing, the Comanche cruised at 162 knots (186 mph; 300 km/h), a "dash speed" of 172 knots (198 mph; 319 km/h), as well as demonstrating an ability to make a 180° turn in under 5 seconds.

    So the Comanche it self was pretty damn quick!

  3. Hello Developer,

    i just tested the Beta

    What you allow yourself anyway?

    Infantry simulator or not,

    You make yourself a Little bit to easy

    I dont want to look through a black Hole if I drive a Tank !!

    Helicopters and Cars have a Cockpit too.

    Why should it not work with armored Vehicles?

    For This (Shit) I dont have paid 70 Euros !!!

    I am totally disappointed !!!

    I sincerely hope that this will be changed to relaise of the full Version !!!



    I understand why some people would be upset by this... but man, I don't believe you spent 70 euros for a cockpit simulator. I understand its a lot less immersive but you paid that money for a all around experience.

    If they don't add interiors to all vehicles, well I hope they spent that time on something better for the game. If they do, then great.

    Ether way, the game is well worth the money at its current point and will be worth much more come full release. (tanks, jets, planes, ALTIS! and more!)

  4. It is as unrealistic as it can be, no helicopter has a magic "I see everything around me" radar

    Well, I was more speaking of the ability to lock on to targets from a distance and engage. True in this day and age no helicopter has those radar abilities, what about 20 years from now?

    There definitely should be some realism work on radar in the game, but I'm not 100% sure how they could change it.