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  1. Is there a link to the actual script for these things? Can we use them on our own missions?
  2. EvenLease

    Arma3 Videos

    Just tryin' out a satchel charge.
  3. EvenLease

    Sabotaging Vehicles

    They shouldn't advertise that as a feature then if it was just a script I saw at E3's showcase. Pretty sure its not just a script, because even in the satchels description... it says "attach to vehicle" It'll probably be in a later part of the alpha or beta.
  4. I would like to know about all head-wear and uniforms as well.
  5. EvenLease

    Sabotaging Vehicles

    So... tried this earlier, doesn't seem you can attach explosives onto a vehicle it self?
  6. EvenLease

    Better animations?

    They ARE better animations, that's how I can say it. /itsanalpha
  7. Some soldiers like to rest their weapon when its on sling. Nothing wrong with that. This is a Alpha, I agree they should add more walking animations... maybe they will in the future :)
  8. EvenLease

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Yeah, a lot of people just want some fame or attention. Quite sad, but oh well.. in the end those 500 people in the credits at least spent the money to support the devs. Back on topic: Cant wait till later today (Monday), to see the newest video! And tomorrow (Tuesday) will be AMAZING!
  9. EvenLease

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I can see what you're saying, maybe if you set a price of $100 and then allow people to pay more then $100 at their own discretion. If it cost $92, and it doesn't support the team at all... then why is it called the Supporter edition? It must have some effect. Ether way, I cannot wait to buy the supporter edition... and play the next amazing masterpiece in the series.
  10. EvenLease

    Development Blog & Reveals

    It would have to have incentives... because a single game with alpha/beta access isn't worth $200. Throw in the DLC package, maybe a mouse pad, shirt, nice ArmA 3 pen and pad! And I'd throw my money at their office windows. I DO support Bohemia, I have been since 2001. I'm buying the supporter edition because it's hell of a deal, ArmA 3 + future DLC. But it also helps the developers instead of buying the cheapo $32 version when the game it self will be $60 upon release. I do feel sorry for the people that want to buy the supporter edition ONLY to be in the credits like it actually means anything.
  11. EvenLease

    ArmA 3 System Requirements

    I think I'll run at high settings perfect fine with 40+ FPS with my computer at 1080P with a render distance of around 2k. Installing a SSD, so if ArmA 3 is optimized better then ArmA 2 in any way.. then I should be G2G.
  12. EvenLease

    Which version will you be buying?

    I'm getting the supporter package. I've been playing since 2001, and I will continue to play as they release new games. I'm still playing ArmA 2 actively. Cannot wait till Tuesday!
  13. Specs in my signature. ArmA 3 alpha will be put on an SSD.
  14. I'm hoping for a WIP Wasteland mission, even with the limited vehicles and weapons... It would be amazing, the mission could progress as the alpha/beta does.
  15. Since ArmA 3 has gone just a bit futuristic... I want to see a full on Modern day US Military mod including... US Army, US Marines, US Airforce, US Navy (if possible). I want to see US Rangers, Seals, Marine Force Recon. All of this, in the 2013 modern uniform, weapons, and vehicles/equipment. It would blow my mind if done correctly, and very high quality! But if that doesn't happen, I still love the modders for what they DO do. lol
  16. The vanilla visas do have the CCV security numbers on the back. So I believe it should work then, but I'll await your response from someone that can answer it more clearly.
  17. Well, I would be using a vanilla visa. Not sure if that's what you mean, but I hope you are correct. Vanilla visa is a preload, only one load onto the card, then buy from anywhere on the internet or in stores type of card. Usually works flawlessly, just making sure.
  18. Hey W0lle, does Visa giftcards work the same? I use them all the time on the internet (amazon, steam, etc..). I do not use my actual credit/debit cards online. Thanks for any response.
  19. When it comes to how helicopters will react to hitting the ground, or rolling take offs... I'd say wait and see on Tuesday, plenty of videos will come out showing off everything. That'll give you a good idea.
  20. What I want to know is, will these bundles be available on steam as well? Would probably help promote the game in general. (for better or worse lol)
  21. ^ That would be called a bipod. I'm also hoping for a bipod/weapon resting on wall system like done in ACE 2.
  22. EvenLease

    Will Arma 3 Supporter Edition activate on Steam?

    Yes, all editions will activate on steam. You will be given a code when you purchase it through the store.
  23. EvenLease

    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    I'll be purchasing the Supporter edition. I do not care for my name to be in the end credits, I'm buying it because I've supported the developers since 2001 (OFP/r) and I will continue to support them. Including all future stand alone and other ArmA series releases. ArmA 3, including alpha, beta testing... as well as all future DLC's is completely worth it. Can't wait!