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  1. EvenLease

    RH PDW pack

    Good work! Will these have custom sounds in the future? Some screens I took of this :) Here and Here
  2. They're looking amazing! :)
  3. EvenLease

    [MP:TvT] FireTeam Missions

    New mirror added :)
  4. Units do work! Other then the Error you mention when entering gear they do work. I took some screenshots :) Here Here Here Here here(some sort of weird shadow bug, making it look.. shiny) and here Whoops, just realized I took a bunch of woodland marine pictures ^.^
  5. Testing now.... I can't seem to grab the woodland marpart CBT or Recon outfit out of the USMC Woodland Gear box... Same with the Multi CBT and Recon outfit. Just lettin you know.
  6. Love the script, its helped me a lot! :) One last question, Do you plan on allowing to save a loadout that you put together in the beginning of a 'round', to spawn with, but at the end of the game it be erased?
  7. EvenLease

    Rabbits Invasion )

    Kill em with fireeee
  8. EvenLease

    Dev Build Changes

    Did today's patch fix the performance kill that happened with yesterdays?
  9. What exactly saves the loadout to where it can be loaded through game restart? My PvP mission has no grenades, I don't want them to have grenades or m203 grenades... But I want to allow them to respawn with the gear they died with, doesn't seem to allow that if I change 'disable load/save' to true?
  10. Nevermind Tonic, I think I fixed the issue. I do have one question though, do you know how I could respawn with no grenades or m203 grenades off a basic respawn?
  11. EvenLease

    BaseWar 0.1 Beta

    Hey Chrizzo, may I ask how you got the No spawn killing restriction to work? I'm not that great, or even good.. at scripting. :(
  12. EvenLease

    =BTC= Revive

    Is there anyway to set respawn limit for each side? say 50 lives a side?
  13. EvenLease

    Dev Build Changes

    Seems the newest Dev build has made the game more... laggy, or stuttery. lol
  14. EvenLease

    -E3- Units (new camos)

    Just like that one! Looks fantastic! Do you plan on putting ACU or tan textures on the helmet too?
  15. EvenLease

    -E3- Units (new camos)

    Really liking the woodland! Looks high res textures, love it. I want to see some high res ACU next :P
  16. EvenLease

    server hacking everywhere!!

    It actually IS a bug.... Why don't you use that handy dandy search function?
  17. EvenLease

    server hacking everywhere!!

    Being turned into seagulls is not a hack... It's a bug. Already enough threads on this. /close
  18. When it comes to interior of vehicles, you do know this is alpha right? That the actual full product hasn't been released? I'd rather them free up FPS then work on prettying up the dashboards.......
  19. EvenLease

    7.4 mb update?

    I just downloaded a 21.3mb patch? llol
  20. Hi all, I'm not good with any sort of scripting my self yet. Was wondering if someone could help me find a script that, when you go up to a flag pole you can use the action menu to change it from day to night, or from night to day. Multiplayer compatible and all, it would be nice :P So if anyone can help, would be much appreciated!
  21. How do you enable the save gear feature?
  22. EvenLease

    =BTC= Revive

    Thanks! I'll try it! ---------- Post added at 01:26 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:18 AM ---------- Ok, two things.... When spawning with a ton of gear, like grenades and stuff.. it seems to all be thrown into the backpack and made unusable untill you remove them completely and onto the ground. Second, after the Mobile Respawn vehicle has been destroyed, you can no longer teliport from object to vehicle. Otherwise, love the scripts! :)
  23. EvenLease

    =BTC= Revive

    For some reason my teammates cannot used the object to teliport to the mobile respawn. Only I can, why?
  24. Tried to use the loadoutrecorder script in my own mission... It wont work though, we press save on the flag pole then suicided, and we didn't spawn with what gear we had when we saved. Help?