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    helicopters to overpowered with this radar?

    There needs to be more counter measures, but its definitely not over powered. It's realistic, a bit to easy to do... but not "overpowered", that term really doesn't apply in ArmA.
  2. EvenLease

    All weapons, ammo, gear?

    VAS is definitely the place to look, easy to use as well.
  3. EvenLease

    The more control, the better?

    http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=10006 Ticket Posted! Please vote. More control, is better!
  4. EvenLease

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    Hmm... why isn't independent wearing uniforms? :( Also, found you a bug or script error, http://imageshack.us/a/img824/4830/19hu.jpg :)
  5. I hope they give us a built in 'tie down' script. And a flatbed truck for bigger things. Would be cool to take a flat bed trailer with a ramp, drive a LAV onto it and tie it down.
  6. EvenLease

    The more control, the better?

    Is there anything else someone would like more control over? Landing gear is a big one for me...
  7. EvenLease

    Switching weapons

    This addon would be great, maybe make it take a second to switch... but while on the move is amazing!
  8. EvenLease

    Beta Content Pic Request!

    Heres a couple more... the rest will be in the screenshots thread.
  9. Honestly, without wind factors and a hardly noticeable bullet drop... sniper rifles are instant wins. And it really sucks, they should be ether limited or realistic ballistics put in.
  10. EvenLease

    Switching weapons

    If anything BF3 is more realistic with this. Today, 99% of soldiers have their rifle on a sling... which allows them to drop their rifle to quickly pull the handgun while on the move. If you had to stop to pull your handgun out everytime in real life, you'd be dead or you shouldn't be in the military.
  11. EvenLease

    Switching weapons

    What I don't understand is, you were never able to reload on the move in a previous installment.. (ofp? arma 1?) Then they made that happen, can't they basically just use a somewhat same animation set but different motion... remove the standing still barrier and just show the soldier moving his rifle to his back and grabbing his hand gun while on the move? Not sure how the engine would exactly limit that, if you can reload on the move...
  12. One of the features shown in a video a long while back showed off being able to put explosive charges or satchels on vehicles... Please tell me that will make it into the beta or full release, thats been a needed and wanted feature since OFP.
  13. EvenLease

    Beta Content Pic Request!

    Hmm... hope these are good enough for viewing pleasure :-)
  14. Making sure this is noticed ;) Also had a weird spasm when I first jumped out of the chopper... but I think that was from the rotors downwash.
  15. Ether my guy is REALLY SAD or something is broken with the parachutes animations... Good to be able to finally eject though, loving that you need an actual parachute bag to deploy!
  16. Crap... my missions are broken... was any other class names changed, that aren't present on the dev branch change list?
  17. Are boat lights disabled till the new lighting update? Also... One last time, did ammo always disappear off dead players?
  18. God no. I'd rather test the game and watch how it evolves.
  19. Would be quite awesome for us Nvidia owners. But that's what we get for spending more. But it wouldn't be good to alienate AMD owners.
  20. Would really like it if ammo didn't disappear from dead players online... hope that makes it into a dev build or something.
  21. EvenLease

    Turning Speed

    I'm pretty sure in the heat of the moment, with your life at risk... you would be able to turn around at a snap of a finger... even when wearing 40 pounds of gear.
  22. I seem to be getting a much better frame rate in Agia Marina... is it just me?
  23. EvenLease

    Bohemia Interactive @ E3 2013 - DISCUSSION

    Holy crap! That destruction system in Take on Mars needs to be in ArmA 3!!
  24. EvenLease

    Bohemia Interactive @ E3 2013 - DISCUSSION

    I'm not to impressed with the E3 footage of dayZ standalone. But only time will tell.