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  1. EvenLease

    WarFX Particles

    is this compatible with Operation Arrowhead?
  2. EvenLease

    Ringtones, wallpapers, themes

    ah i love it!!! Omg i want it! Lol!! Its already driving me insane!
  3. EvenLease

    Some ?s before I buy ArmA II in the U.S....

    1. Yes, they kill me alot like that :( 2. YES! god again i get killed alot because of this. 3. Not to sure, I've seem a couple AI go threw a big house'ish looking building so good question. lol 4. not sure what you mean. i know AI turn rather quickly to suppress and murder me. 5. God yes! Its hard to even get up on enemies that turn, look around, turn, look around. I tend to get smoked pretty good!(move cover to cover!!) 6. Hehe. i was gunning at a squad of enemies on a multiplayer match and saw a smoke grenade get thrown out, not sure what happened after that(damn sniper) 7. There suppress like NO other! i was trying to kill a AI leaning around a corner and he just kept shooting in my direction it was SO hard to get a shot on him!! 8,9,10 will get back to you on that. (or someone else will answer better then me)
  4. Hello, I'm trying to setup a 3 mg nest ambush, its foggy, raining, and i have a trigger far back to set up the mgs NOT to fire on the Marines, then one real close to the MG nests to FIRE once the marines trigger it... problem is, i dont know the right On activations for both... MG Nests are named, pk1 pk2 pk3. i have everything else right, just not how to make the AI hold fire, and then to fire on trigger activation. Thank you for any help.
  5. For some reason they wont fire when i do it that way. Maybe cause they cant move to the waypoint?
  6. damn it didnt work... anything else?
  7. thats a screenshot of ARMA 1 ..... Why?
  8. People on game trailers are saying this is the ARMA 2 Demo??? http://www.brothersoft.com/armed-assault-67172.html uhh what? Source- http://forums.gametrailers.com/thread/arma2-demo-out/842610
  9. EvenLease

    what the heck is this demo?

    thanks man, i was only wondering... as i didnt say, its the demo yay! lol.... But thanks, douche.
  10. EvenLease

    North America Release / Publisher

    I sent them another email, cause there website says its awaiting dispatch, unlike yesterday when it said payment pending. I'M getting to the bottom of this one way or another. Will report back on what they say.
  11. EvenLease

    Blood Effects?

    I think they are the same as in Arma 1, depending on your region of course... like Germany might not have to great of effects as other countries.
  12. i thought view distance in Arma 1 was 800 online?
  13. EvenLease

    North America Release / Publisher

    So... i ordered from CD WOW and i emailed them regarding when it would be sent out, when it might be here. And this is the message i got, So im currently not sure on what to do.