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  1. How does this module actually work? I've tried to use it to create an 'Arena Style' pvp... to not allow the player to leave the zone. I also want to use it to make sure a Opfor player doesn't enter the Blufor base zone, and vice versa. So no spawn camping happens. Any help would be appreciated, I have searched but as this alpha is new there doesn't seem to be many answers if any at all.
  2. When will all the Dev branch updates be officially released for beta?
  3. Any screenshots or videos of the ifrit with doors open?
  4. Probably because their busy, you know... making and fixing the game as it is? Give them a break, they've shown the community much more love then most game developers.
  5. EvenLease

    Digital Compass Bearing

    I must ask... why make things easier and more... casual? We need an anti hud mod, that.. I'd love ;) Anyways, good work otherwise :)
  6. EvenLease

    AV_IndUs (US Army inspired units)

    Good job, best looking ACU i've seen released yet. You should start a modern mod team, this would be a great start to it! ;)
  7. EvenLease

    Ammo box with scopes?

    http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?149077-Virtual-Ammobox-System-(VAS) :) Have at it.
  8. EvenLease

    Switching weapons

    Seriously... if you were able to create this, they just need to get permission from ya and put it to use! :P
  9. EvenLease

    How to remove animals

    That's like asking to take away tall buildings because you have a fear of heights. But I'm sure someone will be able to help you, we do have a great modding/scripting community.
  10. EvenLease

    Firing Drills - Challenge!

    Orange course again. I don't know how anyone could get below 46 seconds, not sure if I'd believe it ether ;)
  11. EvenLease

    Firing Drills - Challenge!

    Orange course 48.884 seconds
  12. So, I'm bringing this up because well... I'm kind of sick of my gear auto retracting or deploying on its own. This screen shot was a LOT harder to achieve due to this, going slow enough or low enough and your gear will automatically deploy. Trying to hover just over a tree line to scout the area and engage targets without making your self a bigger target? Well... get ready to have your gear deploy. I'm hoping to see a option in the settings, that you can turn on that will relinquish all gear control to the player... deploying and retracting. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=10006 Ticket Posted! Please vote. More control, is better!
  13. EvenLease

    Will we see more civilian content?

    Yeah, I'm sure we will! But nothing much shown so far. http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2011/253/8/d/arma_3_screenshot_61_by_arma3-d49flf3.jpg We haven't seen that car yet. :\
  14. EvenLease

    Dust Storm Composer WIP

    Will the dirt actually hit the player and cause almost a no visibly fog effect? maybe some dusty (blurry but NOT to blurry) vision?
  15. EvenLease

    Skeeko's U.S. Army

    Looks great so far Skeeko! :)
  16. EvenLease

    SOC WIP Thread

    Wow, everything looks fantastic. If you need someone to give them a test run I'm always around ;) Haha. Can't wait to see all your projects released!
  17. http://imageshack.us/a/img197/6003/zyc0.png < thumbnail wont work >.>
  18. EvenLease

    Helicopter landing

    I have to hope they put the gear of jets on helicopters, which will allow helicopters to land at slow speeds like an airplane. I don't see why they haven't done this yet, just put a non static gear on helicopters so it could possibly taxi/land.
  19. That looks great! Definitely keep us updated! :P I could almost picture a humvee shield with .50 cal on top.. haha
  20. EvenLease

    Arma 3 beta helicopter speed

    300kph is around 186mph... honestly the helicopters are going the appropriate speed, its just the small island that makes it seem to fast. Wait till you get on Altis, wont seem that way anymore :) So the Comanche it self was pretty damn quick!
  21. I understand why some people would be upset by this... but man, I don't believe you spent 70 euros for a cockpit simulator. I understand its a lot less immersive but you paid that money for a all around experience. If they don't add interiors to all vehicles, well I hope they spent that time on something better for the game. If they do, then great. Ether way, the game is well worth the money at its current point and will be worth much more come full release. (tanks, jets, planes, ALTIS! and more!)
  22. EvenLease

    helicopters to overpowered with this radar?

    Well, I was more speaking of the ability to lock on to targets from a distance and engage. True in this day and age no helicopter has those radar abilities, what about 20 years from now? There definitely should be some realism work on radar in the game, but I'm not 100% sure how they could change it.
  23. EvenLease

    take and release control of helicopters

    I don't believe it was, I can take manual control of the helicopter through the gunners seat of the Comanche.
  24. Well... there is 1911 9mm's... http://www.gunsprings.com/content/Image/1911_Govt_pistol.jpg So, I can believe its a 9mm.