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  1. As this community is full of resourceful people who have been doing these things on their own, I urge you to contact them and ask for their assistance. I also urge you to make those tutorial your top priority!

    Excellent drive this one is!

    EDIT: I mean people like the authors of these:





  2. commy2;2906624']

    No' date=' due to technical limitations. (No scripting commands)

    ---------- Post added at 23:08 ---------- Previous post was at 23:06 ----------

    Just to clarify. Was that civillian an AI or player? Are you sure this is event causes by being a captive? (i.e. is this reproducable)

    Yes that was a player as a civilian and it is reproducable.

    Also if the radio cannot be take from the player, can you implement so that the user frisking can destroy it completely? This would allow players to prevent captured players from talking on the radio.

  3. commy2;2906499']I suspect that the weapons aren't properly disabled in the "death" animation of that vehicle. In that case the RHS guys have to tweak the animation config.

    Can you disable restrained people from getting to the inventory of the vehicles ?

    Also; Can you make it so that we are able to remove radios (TFAR) from restrained people ?

  4. The new hand launched flares are a nice addition, however their luminesence is far too small and they appear to have no use beyond acting as signal flares.

    The same can be said for all launched flares of RHS. They are not able to light up the battlefield to fulfill their purpose and night operations using only arftificial lighting is not really an option yet.

    Blastcore does beef up the vanilla flares to an usable level, if you need some reference as to what is the level required.

    Also the russian black smoke seems to have very bad coverage.

    Thanks for your work so far!

  5. Note: if you stay in a (even small) slope your angle AND your direction changes if you want to shoot 50m less. So we have 2 new values per change. 4 Changes (50m more/less/left/right). and a high and low variant.

    --> 2*4*2 = 16 new values

    I think the GUI would be too full for such a thing.

    Someone supports me with my opinion?

    The Artillery is also meant to be used with at least 2 man:

    1 adjusts gun and fires

    1 calculates and communicates the angles

    1 spotter who ordered artillery

    1 guard who scans the horizon and protects the artillery while firing

    In the future, yes.

    Which mod you want?

    RDS static weapons I will not support until they use a hud that displays shootingangles.

    I dont quite understand why there would be 16 values. There would be no need to have both values for front/back or for left/right since they would be nearly identical values. So there would be only 2 values: 1 is left/right and the scond is front/back.

    Also, to fix the issue caused by slopes, I suggest that you implement a script that levels the mortars if they are on small slopes, and warns if the slope is too large and does not permit to shoot. A too large slope would be a slope that would cause graphical problems with the mortars being leveled.

    I am afraid to ask, but could you implement this for RHS GRAD launcher?

  6. Thanks for the release.

    I would especially like to thank you for this:

    NOTE : I'm giving the permission to anyone wants to retexture it or even include it in other mods, so no need to ask me for that. Appropriate credits would be much appreciated if so.

    This kind of work is what is needed for this community to really thrive!

    Thank you for that!

  7. RHS Hummers have problems of exploding on contact with nearly anything hard that is placed on the gameworld. Small rocks and pieces of concrete are particularly effective. Yet the hummers have a habbit of withstanding multiple hits from explosives and weapons such as Rpgs. Other vehicles also have these issues but with the hummers they are particularly bad.

  8. Nkey you should write to your installation/configuration guide the following:

    If you want to play with more than hundred people on one channel, change the folowing value in TS3 to larger than your max player count.

    Edit Virtual Server -> Misc -> Min clients in channel before silence

    Otherwise as soon as the channel fills with too many people, the whole channel gets muted.

  9. + scripting news/dedi<>HC related:

    Major change on horizon for AI locality changes (in relation to HC transits)

    from 1.40 onward the 'setOwner' cease work with AI entity (will work only with non-AI object)

    new command 'setGroupOwner is added for AI groups

    (syntax is same as setOwner just the param is group instead of object)

    note: locality transfers only if leader isn't player

    Will it keep waypoints that are already assigned for the group?

  10. Liking your work so far, thanks for doing it!

    It would be great if the dialog showed how much the gun needs to be moved for 50 meter movement at target. This way it would be easy to spread out the rounds to cover some area without calculatin new values for the gun.

    Two values:

    One to show how much the angle of the barrel needs to be changed to move impacts 50 meters farther or closer.

    And another to show how much the direction needs to be changed to move impacts 50 meters left or right.

    Also what are the Burst (close), and the other burst settings ? I thought that they were AI only, and should be removed from the options.

    Could you share to us how this can be implemented for community made artillery weapons also?

  11. There is a strange issue with echoes when firing weapons full auto for a long period of time in a location with walls and buildings. After the long burst has ended and a second passes, the weapon firing sound is played once again unattenuated.

    I will try and see if I can make a video of it.

    The annoying echoing turned out to be due to me having only 32 audio smaples or "sound sources" set in the audio settings. It was very annoying. Stupid me...

  12. There is a strange issue with echoes when firing weapons full auto for a long period of time in a location with walls and buildings. After the long burst has ended and a second passes, the weapon firing sound is played once again unattenuated.

    I will try and see if I can make a video of it.