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  1. Can someone help me how to use Interaction menu functions.

    I tried to add the following action to an airplane.

       _object = _this select 0;
       _action = ["Bum_Jump", "Paradrop Troops", "", {[_this select 0,0.5] spawn fnc_Bum_paradropTroops;}, {driver (_this select 0) == player}] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_createAction;
       [_object, 0, ["ACE_MainActions"], _action] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToObject;

    This was ran on everyone, yet no one sees the action added to the interaction menu of the plane.

    EDIT. The whole thing is running post init BTW if that is important.

    Some documentation was found from HERE!

    Proper documentation for these functions should be a priority, I wonder if the functions are still bound to change and they are not documented on the ace website yet for that reason.

  2. Thank you for this mod and your assistance.

    Bug report:

    If you put an backpack that does not exist on the players back with that function. The player is stuck with the slowwalk and is not able to drop the imagiary backpack to get his normal speed back.

    This might be an erros when mass using this script on players.

    [player,backpack player,backpackItems player] call Zade_BOC_FNC_AddChestBackpack;

    removeBackpack player;

    player addBackpack "ACE_NonSteerableParachute";

    player addweapon "ACE_Altimeter";

    Btw. That script is very handy for making paradrop ready soldiers out of anyone with a fully loaded backpack.

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  3. no that is not the case. all NEW releases will be on youtube. all old links and downlaods will still be avilable. the link for the LCAC has gone down due to some dropbox issues. but as it desperately needs to be updated anyway I will wait until it is updated before re-linking

    I have to ask this, but are you doing this to get some views on your youtube channel, because youtube channels might be one of the worst release platforms I have ever seen. It is very hard to find things there and to realize when something has been updated. Whatever the reason good luck to you but I hope you realize the shortcomings of your release aproach.

    Anyways good luck and good work on the releases.

  4. tf47_m3maaws_heat


    Are able to catastrophically destroy all RHS Tanks from the front in one singel hit.

    This is a huge issue with the HEDP round in particular.

    EDIT: This is with the RHS compatibility patch used.

    class tf47_m3maaws_HEDP: RocketBase










    class tf47_m3maaws_HEAT: RocketBase










    Be sure you have the compatibility patch in use because that is likely where the issue lies.

  5. Can the ace3 maptools be separated from the marker system so that the compass can be used without it interfereing with any third party marker mods ?
    It is separated. Make sure Blue Force Tracking module is set to disabled.

    It is not completely separate. When the marker system is removed the maptools are still used to draw lines on the map (markers.) So any drawing should be part of the marker system not maptools. Currently when I use maptools and sweet marker system I get two lines from both systems. And if anyone suggests, no I will not stop using sweet marker system because it is better that the one in ACE3.

    I do not understand how the Blueforce tracking is relevant to this.

  6. As per your license I am feeding you back the changes I have made to the system.

    I added Los check and allowed the addon to be used in boats and cars.

    I hope no Bugs remain from me.


    Found some bugs. Fixing them soon.


    This is the working fixed version.



    I found that with the LOS check the 4 meter range is quite small, so it might be good idea to increase to 8 meters, but that is up to you.

  7. No, it doesn't right now. I think adding such feature might do it too difficult (and add even more micromanagement) to use the addon in some environments: near/inside bushes, trees etc.

    I understand your fears but such a check is neccessary to prevent exploits of this feature.

    I would edit it in myself but your style of coding is very confusing to me and I am unable to even find the portion where you gather a list of all the units within the x radious who should receive the finger point.

    If you are able to point me in the correct place I would be very thankfull.


    Ok, I found the place where you do it, but why have you decided to check the distance to each playable unit instead of using nearentities command. Was it performance or something else?

  8. Drill, does this script have a Line of Sight check between the players that are within 4 meters of each others? So that a player on the other side of a stonewall wont see the circle if he is within the four meter range.

    To simplify:

    Does the addon check if the players around you are actually able to see your hands or even you?