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    We were able to fix or work around some of these issues with the ongoing work in RHS and the work done by Spartan, however fixing only half of something means that it's still broken. We've hit the wall and the rest is up to Bohemia.



    How likely is it in your mind for Bohemia to tackle these issues and fix the armor systems?

    Has there been any work done to this end?

  2. Thank you, there are a lot of bugs in them as well, its been very low priority for our team.


    Now however our goal is to stop making new objects and make these ones 100%, priority has gone up.


    For next release I will make a better post with which objects we consider done, whats WIP and such.


    Could whoever is doing those objects, post somekind of tutorial on how to make those buildings?

  3. 1. what type of weapons / hmg are you trying to use

       a. I ask this because: is it a gatling gun, or a 50mm or what


    50 cal Heavy machine guns on mounts such as this:



    Or Grenade machine guns on mounts such as this:




    2. What are you looking for, like some dust thrown up in the air from the barrel or the camera actually shaking / vibrating when the gun is fired so kind of blurring the vision


    possibly add a picture of the obj you are trying to bring to "life"


    I may be able to help



    I am actually wishing for something more along the lines of current recoil for small arms on Arma 3. So weapon shake and muzzle climb. Not so much cam shake as I already know how to do that. The static weapons usually transfer any forces from firing to the mount and the ground, so I dont want to use only camshake but to also affect the weapons aiming direction.

  4. I currently am annoyed by the fact that all the static weapons are lifeless husks when fired. 


    Is there any other way than scripting to add weponshake or recoil to static HMGs and GMGs?


    I tried the following:

    class CfgPatches {
            class afi_staticrecoil_fix {
                    units[] = {};
                    weapons[] = {};
                    requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Weapons_F"};
    class cfgRecoils
            class recoil_default;
            class Bum_HMG_StaticRecoil: recoil_default
                muzzleOuter[] = {0,1.0,1,1};
                kickBack[] = {0.3,0.5};
                permanent = 0.1;
                temporary = 0.5;
    class cfgWeapons
            class LMG_RCWS;
            class HMG_127: LMG_RCWS
                    recoil = "Bum_HMG_StaticRecoil";

    However it seems that the recoil class has no effect on static weapons.

  5. I completely agree, having less @ folders would definitely be the best for some of the bigger groups. And having a all in one pack on someplace like Armaholic would be pretty nice. As an example here's just some of the @ files i use: http://gyazo.com/f70d4089fb0a281cf60e04566967c1fd

    Just to give different view: Our community with around 80 player regular sessions wishes for the modular package because we use PWS and would hope to save some modpack space by not having to add all the terrains. Due to using PWS we have no problem with having large modlines as it does not affect the end user.

    EDIT: Reworded my post after having read yours again.

  6. I am curious. If arma 3 vanilla models cannot be edited, how is this way of implementing a model based damage system ever going to work for vanilla vehicles?

    Since according to your documentation the A3 models have been evolving since alpha to include some new ways of doing things. Are you hoping that BIS will change their older arma 3 models to that new way?

    Or have the old models been already upgraded as soon as BIS has decided to do armor models differently?

    BI itself has been moving away from the "Old Arma" method of hitpoint placement. Looking at recent revisions of the game (2015), you will notice that their tanks in particular largely follow the "modified" approach.

    Or is there something I am missing about this whole thing?

  7. I don't know. You claimed it elsewhere. Are you really sure? ACE costs 20 FPS on an empty map, no AI action, no bullet calculations...?

    I havent noticed any FPS drops with ACE when there is nothing happening, but once intense firefights begin, there are visible framedrops of 10-15 fps.

    This is when playing with 70-120 players in TvT. When around 20 players fire continuously the issue becomes clear.

    This does warrant more tests as there is a possibility it is caused something else than ACE3 but it is the most likely suspect right now.