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  1. I indeed tried that one, but it did not lead to the result I wanted. In absence of enemy it does not work at all and even if there are enemies I'm still not sure if it truly works.

    So I did some more scripting stuff involving forceWeaponFire repective fireAtTarget.

    As soon as Alpha goes out, I'll publish the scripts as well, so if you may need certain functionalities in another mission, feel free to use them.


    There is a known issue with the location based suppression command not working yet, but lets hope it gets solved!

  2. Hello!


    This is a nice terrain.


    What objects have you included from AIA TP to your modpack? These could cause issues and overwrite configs of objects from CUP terrains if that is used at the same time, since the classnames are the same. I urge you to add CUP terrains as a dependency so that the objects you use get the benefit of the CUP project upgrades.

    However if you are not willing to add the CUP TP dependency, which I also understand, could you do so that you remove the dependency to all the parts ripped from AIA TP from the main map PBO. This way, we can remove the extra files that are overlapping with CUP terrainpack and have its assets be used in your map instead. 

  3. Yes we have a roadmap, but don't publish it too far into the future, both so we can react to the player base, and also so we don't disappoint.


    Yes, very many mods have adopted the BIS mantra of "Underpromise, overdeliver".

    This has made long time community mod management and planning very hard and a lot of mistakes get made. 

    However I do understand why this way of doing things is appealing so no complaints there.


    Hope we see some conventional war capable vehicles soon!

  4. Hello Rydygier!


    Could you explain this commands meaning a bit better?



    //only, if at least 6 groups will be closest to given objective, that objective become a perimeter point

    RydHQ_DefendObjectives = 6;




    RydHQ_DefendObjectives = 4 – In “DEFEND†mode this variable controls, how many groups should have already taken objective as closest, to consider it as additional defense perimeter. If set to 0, only Leader’s position is considered as perimeter center/reference point. This variable allows to avoid situations, when alone group or too few of them are defending given perimeter;




    And also, what is a defense center?



    And, should this be added to the PDF guide:


    RydHQ_Taken = [RydHQ_Obj1,RydHQ_Obj2,RydHQ_Obj3,RydHQ_Obj4];//required along with NObj after last updates to make all objectives "taken"


  5. Open source doesn't mean the source is publicly available, it just means everyone can get access to the source if they want to. Just take a look at the Unreal Engine 4 - it is open source, too, however, you still have to register and be activated to get access to the source. The same applies for CUP.


    UNREAL ENGINE is NOT open source.


    Overall I think CUP should remove all references of being open source just to make it clear to everyone what license they are using and how it works. Also consider writing down who and how people can get access to the source and what is required of them. Just so no one gets confused.



    Nevermind. This kind of demanding attitude is why I sometimes wonder why I even do this. 


    Having read these posts I have not seen any demanding attitudes from anyone. Just a confused user.

    PS. Taking breaks does help with dealing with other people. Dont burn yourself out over nothing.

  6. HAL avoids messing with low-level AI


    It could be made an optional feature, toggleable by a variable?




     I wonder, If I would be able to grasp and implement anyhow effective self-learning algorithms (currently no idea, how) and some kind of "passive military advisor" module, but such things, if possible, are rather for Hetman 2



    Sounds really very complicated. Perhaps a simpler method as just those two extra types plus the default would be more than enough options for a long long time. At least for me. Whatever you decide to do I wish you good luck in your coding endeavours.




    As for each single shot in the salvo spread - IIRC in A3 it's handled by some vanilla, internal calculations and I can't adjust that (I did in A2's Fire At Will, FFE ancestor).


    Too bad, especially the mortars tend to fire all the rounds within a very small area, wasting the potential of the rounds. And often looking a little silly.





    Targeting time however is hard to ommit, as it's not just artificial delay, this time is used to calculate real movement vector of the target, the shorter this time, the less accurate prediction, so shortening this targeting delay may have a harsh price. 


    How fast or often are current know targets given to the mortars to fire upon?

  7. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/189479-ai-suppress-command/



    rev 135205

    added commands commandSuppressiveFire and doSuppressiveFire


    I hope rydygier considers using these commands to enhance HAL tactics.


    Also, since I read something about you having a go at enhancing HAL. Here are some feature requests for you to consider:



    Someway to change aspects of AI artillery support, other than ammo count. Especially the time it takes for AI to aim their mortars after they are given a target. Also, artillery accuracy and spread is something I would like to be able to get my hands on.

    Also the distinct leader types such as a guerilla type leader or a soviet steamroller type AIs, these would bring so much variety to HAL .


    Whatever you decide to do or not to do, I would like you to know that your work is topnotch and your attitude has always been great.

  8. People are discussing two different things here. One is the fact that the terrain LODs do not degrade very gracefully. This means that you can sometimes see enemies "floating in the air" when they're actually behind a ridgeline that is far away. This is also an issue in other games, however it's of course only noticeable in games where you have very long engagement ranges.


    You can us this scripting command to help with units floating in the air above hilltops:




    Lower values mean that units are floating less as terrain is rendered more accurately. Some of the arma graphics settings also alters this value.

    This does come at a FPS price and our community has set it so that maps with many hills and large viewdistances has a much smaller terraingrid value set to each player automatically. Maps with not many hills and small viewdistances has a larger terraingrid value as people are less likely to be seen floating upon hilltops.

  9. Hello!


    I have been strugling with this for sometime.




    I am trying to hide those Alpha 1-1, Alpha 1-2, etc. group names from the multiplayer lobby screen as they do not provide anything usefull since they cannot be editted.


    The multiplayer lobby display can be found in class RscDisplayMultiplayerSetup in the ui_f.pbo config,cpp.

    However I am unable for the life of me to find how the listbox CA_ValueRoles is populated. I am not even 100% certain that is the listbox that has the playble slots in it.

    Can someone help me ?