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  1. Requiredbuild isnt working as yet.

    this is only a temporary bug, should be sorted today for us

    Now this seems odd because we used yesterday for quite long and we even tested it to be working. It completely blocked players without the latest dev version of playing and we played for hours.


    this was in the server.cfg of the server.

  2. Hey rydygier.

    Do you have any interest in moving your scripts HAC and FAW to arma 3?

    I have enjoyed making missions with them and really appreciate your efforts.

    One thing though. Could you consider commenting more in your code? I know that you encourage people to use your works and it would really help if you comented more. Especially those nested foreach and If sections can be really hard to read and comprehend.

    Just maybe a single // line explaining what is happening in this segment of foreach etc.

    Thanks rydygier.

  3. Step 1. Find modders of previous armas who are on the fence about getting arma 3 due to it being (x/y/z/steam).

    Step 2. Give them a free copy.

    Step 3. Think long and hard at why you have extra money and whose dept it really is.

  4. By curiosity - rest of HAC is working fine on this headless client something?

    It appears so. I have made an mission with 185 Ai units under an single HAC commander. The entire HAC and those units are running under a headless client.

    Server FPS is always over 45 but the Headless client has a frame rate of avg. 25 - avg. 10. Lowest momentary values are around 6-8 FPS.

    First thing that needs to be done is spawn units under Headless client. That is why I was asking about the naming of the troops.

    Making HAC run under headless client is rather easy. You only need to check that the entity running HAC is Headless Client in the RydHQinit.sqf (might not be the exact name of the file, cant check right now.)

    I can later provide more articulate examples of scripts if someone wants them.

    Overall the only problems I have faced has been the artillery issue that like you said is something I need to debug more carefully.

    Second issue is that I need to run HAC script on the entity that also has the controllable units as local to it.

    Example; Headless Client has 100 units local to him. Server is running HAC and does not take control of the troops (at least when not using sub all mode. Need to test this further... It might be that i need to make RydHQ_Included an public variable.)

    Single player could also benefit from running headless client as an way of utilizing more unused cores on the pc.

    PS. What kind of unit amounts have you guys used an single HAC commander for? What about BigBoss ?

    PPS. What are ideal group sizes for HAC? Does it Benefit more from big groups or small ones ?

  5. Hey Rydygier! Any idea as to why artillery support does not appear to work in multiplayer? I know you only do singleplayer, but I was wondering if you had some insight into this mater. I get the artillery support working fine as long as I use it in the editor. As soon as I make the script run on a Headless Client the artillery stops working. What gives ?

    Also I would like to know if your other addon fire at will would work better?

    Thanks for your help!

  6. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for this program. It has made everything much easier and smoother. Back in the day the mod jungle was impenetrable to many but thanks to Playwithsix the jungle is easily tamed. Also your support system seems to be topnotch.

    After all this I also have an idea for development.

    Could it be made that when an user downloads ACE mod for the first time that he is asked to set the arma userprofile name in the settings after it has been installed? Its always the same problem when a new player comes and cant seem to use the ace keys.

    Once again thanks to you guys for making this.

  7. Thank you very much for your help Rydygier. You are the best.

    I decided to do as you recommended and used the inclusion method.

    But now I have another problem. I am trying to spawn groups as garrisons using this:

     _garrpos1 = getmarkerpos "g1";
    _group2 = creategroup east;
    "RU_Soldier_SL" createUnit [ _garrpos1, _group2];
    "RU_Soldier_AR" createUnit [ _garrpos1, _group2];
    "RU_Soldier_AT" createUnit [ _garrpos1, _group2];
    "RU_Soldier" createUnit [ _garrpos1, _group2];
    "RU_Soldier_MG" createUnit [ _garrpos1, _group2];
    "RU_Soldier" createUnit [ _garrpos1, _group2];
    "RU_Soldier" createUnit [ _garrpos1, _group2];
    "RU_Soldier_Marksman" createUnit [ _garrpos1, _group2];
    "RU_Soldier_GL" createUnit [ _garrpos1, _group2];
    "RU_Soldier_LAT" createUnit [ _garrpos1, _group2];
    "RU_Soldier_Medic" createUnit [ _garrpos1, _group2];
    RydHQ_Included set [(count RydHQ_Included),_group2];
    RydHQ_Garrison set [(count RydHQ_Garrison),_group2];

    The troops get included but they are used as regular troops. Do you know why ?

    NVM. I got it to work by doing... something ?? Maybe it was the inclusion of RydHQ_Garrison = [] in the init. Maybe the added delay to HAC init.

    Edit2. Do multiple artillery units work ? For example having a group of podnos and a group of d-30 ? Would they both fire ?

  8. Hello.

    I tried to use the Ryd100 naming method with troops created using scripts. But I am unable to set the names correctly so that hetman ai recognizes them as its units.

     _leadpos = getmarkerpos "Ryd1";
    _group1 = creategroup east;
    "RU_Commander" createUnit [ _leadpos, _group1, "LeaderHQ = this;", 1.0, "CAPTAIN"];
    "RU_Soldier_SL" createUnit [ _leadpos, _group1];
    "RU_Soldier_SL" createUnit [ _leadpos, _group1];

    LeaderHQ = this; does not appear to be working.

    Does someone know a way to name them with a script as if i was naming them in the editors name field ?

    Ps. Does someone know a way to spawn a vehicle full of all the crewmen or do I need to always add them one by one.

  9. You need to create a dummy file named __praaexe inside the @pr folder.

    after doing all this it connects to game and you are able to choose teams but when the mission is finished initializing it just kicks me to debriefing. Any toughts whats wrong ?

    And BTW Good job on the interpolation, BI is quality game maker

  10. With Tarbrush the fog you're seeing on the beach thats super white occurs when either searchlights or vehicle lights are pointed towards the beach, unfortunately ArmA2's lighting engine isn't the greatest so it can a appear very bright white at times. Originally there was a lot more clouds so it felt a lot thicker but the settings were causing some nasty script errors so I was forced to tone it back resulting in much more sporadic lumps of cloud instead of a constant mist. Unfortunately there's nothing we can do about ArmA2's lighting system to improve it :(

    Those lumps really kill the mood. Why not use armas own bad weather effect or just remove them completely. I believe it would be better without them.