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  1. Hello! I have been strugling with this for sometime. I am trying to hide those Alpha 1-1, Alpha 1-2, etc. group names from the multiplayer lobby screen as they do not provide anything usefull since they cannot be editted. The multiplayer lobby display can be found in class RscDisplayMultiplayerSetup in the ui_f.pbo config,cpp. However I am unable for the life of me to find how the listbox CA_ValueRoles is populated. I am not even 100% certain that is the listbox that has the playble slots in it. Can someone help me ?
  2. Have you guys asked if the 3BC BAF project would like to contribute?
  3. How can I restrict a zeus from using some or all of the ares modules? They wont remove themselves even if I remove everything else using the game master module setting.
  4. Will there be a way to implement recoil to static weapons in the future?
  5. What kind of standard have you used to make vehicles and weapons to have roughly realistic armor/AT damage interactions, or have you even focused on that yet ?
  6. Hello! The OnRadiosReceived eventhandler does not trigger when a player picks an radio from the ground using his inventory, is this intentional? If it is, is there any other way to detect a player picking a radio from the ground other than using the take eventhandler?
  7. Does each player see this differently?
  8. Are the APi functions to add stuff to the interaction menus going to happen anytime soon ?
  9. bumgie

    Real Armor Mod

    Did you guys find a way to overcome the problem with missile weapons not having "caliber" value working for them ?
  10. I hope that with the EDEN Editor comes the funtionality to make units playable enmasse, along with other edits to multiple units simultaneously.
  11. bumgie

    Real Armor Mod

    How likely is it in your mind for Bohemia to tackle these issues and fix the armor systems? Has there been any work done to this end?
  12. bumgie

    Sweet markers system

    I do not understand how to make the lines bigger. Can someone enlighten me ?
  13. bumgie

    SFP: Objects

    Could whoever is doing those objects, post somekind of tutorial on how to make those buildings?
  14. Has any work been done on civilian vehicles ? Or are those on backburner currently? I think the rule is gone since I cannot see it on the Rules page.
  15. 50 cal Heavy machine guns on mounts such as this: Or Grenade machine guns on mounts such as this: I am actually wishing for something more along the lines of current recoil for small arms on Arma 3. So weapon shake and muzzle climb. Not so much cam shake as I already know how to do that. The static weapons usually transfer any forces from firing to the mount and the ground, so I dont want to use only camshake but to also affect the weapons aiming direction.
  16. Since the script commands and eventhandlers are getting love right now, can some dev time be diverted to this issue with the FIRED EH? Thanks!
  17. Have the guides to porting uniforms from A2 to A3 been posted yet? I would like to try and contribute.
  18. Two guestions: 1. Why is Panthera a requirement for this map to work? 2. Are you willing to release your terrains without the factions?
  19. Yes. Since the way mods are added to a collection is dead simple when using PWS. The time people spend downloading those GBs or MBs is far longer.
  20. Just to give different view: Our community with around 80 player regular sessions wishes for the modular package because we use PWS and would hope to save some modpack space by not having to add all the terrains. Due to using PWS we have no problem with having large modlines as it does not affect the end user. EDIT: Reworded my post after having read yours again.
  21. bumgie

    Real Armor Mod

    I am curious. If arma 3 vanilla models cannot be edited, how is this way of implementing a model based damage system ever going to work for vanilla vehicles? Since according to your documentation the A3 models have been evolving since alpha to include some new ways of doing things. Are you hoping that BIS will change their older arma 3 models to that new way? Or have the old models been already upgraded as soon as BIS has decided to do armor models differently? Or is there something I am missing about this whole thing?
  22. I havent noticed any FPS drops with ACE when there is nothing happening, but once intense firefights begin, there are visible framedrops of 10-15 fps. This is when playing with 70-120 players in TvT. When around 20 players fire continuously the issue becomes clear. This does warrant more tests as there is a possibility it is caused something else than ACE3 but it is the most likely suspect right now.