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    I mean these: And also the execute line that I forgot to mark. PS. Would it be possible to create a module that would make a group search for ammo nearby and rearm?
  2. bumgie

    Dynamic Frontline PvP mod

    The idea of the frontline seems like a great adaptation of steel divisions similar mechanic. It should focus the fights well and discourage solo play.
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    Hello! Could you consider adding an cba setting that would remove all interface elements you have added? This would help me customize zeus usage better.
  4. bumgie

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Id like to report a bug or an oversight. When using these settings: nul = [] execVM "RydHQInit.sqf"; RydHQ_NObj = 5; RydHQ_Order = "DEFEND"; RydHQ_DefFrontL = ["S"]; RydHQ_DefFront4 = ["S"]; RydHQ_DefendObjectives = 0; The defenders are positioned correctly to the south, but they often decide to face the wrong way. They even face towards the objective they are defending and not the likely direction from where the enemy will come.
  5. bumgie

    Tembelan Island

    The terrain is very much playable and enjoyable and I applaud your effort in releasing it. Thank you.
  6. bumgie

    Tembelan Island

    Hey! Thanks for the island! The map features a lot of coastline and some nice waterways. I would consider it one of the defining features of the terrain. There are a lot of nice features on the coast itself but this does not extend out to the sea. There are no wrecks, shoals or rock formations out at the sea. Also the seabed and waterways are rather flat and shallow overall. For example Bawah Naval base has a depth of around 1-0.5 meters. So it is only usable by very small boats. Divers or SDVs cannot operate there and this limits the gameplay possibilities of such a nice location. The island also has a nice feel to it. It feels that the island is another place raped by man. For example the Tepi Pantai resort seems like a place that someone would have decided to be built just on that spot regardless of anyone or anything. There are some farming steads that look especially nice. I wish there were more of them. Maybe convert some of the older villages with some empty spaces around them to have some plantations? The island has many places that feel like they dont have a purpose or they feel artificial because they lack some simple things. For example there are many villages with no obvious routes in or out. When there is not even a simple trail leading to houses I start to question how they were built and what people did there. This can also extend to parts of towns that are off the major roads. They dont appear to be lived in. Even a small discoloring around the houses make them seem they were lived in and that they were built there instead of being airdropped on location. The feeling of purpose can also be enhanced by thinking about the intended use of the location. For example a guard is going to take a chainsaw and cut any trees that are preventing him from doing his jobs and change the terrain to suit his task. Same goes for infrastructure. What does it serve? Where is the power from a solar power plant going to? Thanks for the terrain!
  7. Would it be possible to add support for CBA functions?
  8. It would be great if a similar system could be used to add some identifiers on all vehicles. Especially IFV's and other armored vehicles.
  9. Hey! Can the tack recoil effect be added to cars or even static weapons? Can it be done in config for any vehicle or static weapon? Currently some lighter vehicle weapons and static weapons act like laser weapons due to not having any sort of recoil.
  10. I like the microterrain you have created in the forest. Perhaps a similar effect could be added to some parts of terrain besides them. For example ditches to the fields and roadsides. Perhaps some rough patches to non cultivated areas?
  11. Error in Cherno. EDIT: sorry this was already mentioned.
  12. I found a bug. You can embark units to the supression targets. Once inside, they wont get out and appear hidden.
  13. Thank you for your hard work. I have been waiting and hopping for this to come out.
  14. The Zeus suppression module seems interesting, but can it be interrupted? While a group is suppressing, how can I tell the group to end the suppression and start doing waypoints again?
  15. I currently am annoyed by the fact that all the static weapons are lifeless husks when fired. Is there any other way than scripting to add weponshake or recoil to static HMGs and GMGs? I tried the following: class CfgPatches { class afi_staticrecoil_fix { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Weapons_F"}; author="Bummeri"; }; }; class cfgRecoils { class recoil_default; class Bum_HMG_StaticRecoil: recoil_default { muzzleOuter[] = {0,1.0,1,1}; kickBack[] = {0.3,0.5}; permanent = 0.1; temporary = 0.5; }; }; class cfgWeapons { class LMG_RCWS; class HMG_127: LMG_RCWS { recoil = "Bum_HMG_StaticRecoil"; }; }; However it seems that the recoil class has no effect on static weapons.
  16. The latest patch only works 100% with vanilla maps. For example CUP terrain map + STUI + CBA causes the game still to freeze when the mission is loaded on the following maps. Bukovina Porto Desert
  17. Steam workshop version v002. Latest is V004. Just so people know.
  18. Hello! The terrain seems nice as it is but I think it would benefit from some extra details. Throughout the map I think there is a distinct lack of variety in the pallet of objects you have chosen to use. This makes the terrain seem monotonous. Especially all the open fields seem to be fenced by only a few types of plants. Also the lack of stones and rocks around the map is striking. All the forests seem to be very well taken care of and they have very little fallen branches or damaged trees. I hope you would consider roughing up your terrain by adding some of the following: - Add stones and rocks throughout the map. Especially to roadsides, edges of fields. Perhaps some rock faces to the end of hills? - Add some random human garbage or broken machinery near towns and in forests or field sides. - Make the farm fields more genuine. Add some purpose to some of them. Livestock, specific plant growing on them etc. And especially add some stone or some-other fences on the edges. - Perhaps make some of the forests less well taken care of by adding some fallen branches and trees there. Also when making missions it is fun to have some infrastructure on the terrain besides the odd villages. Perhaps add a power grid, water towers, gas stations, Bus stops, some industry etc. around the place. Make it feel more lived in. Thanks for all the hard work that you do for this community!
  19. There is this VERY annoying bug when player goes prone from jog and then crawls forward and then crawls diagonally backward, the soldier suddenly gets up without the player changing stance intentionally. It has gotten me killed more than once. I made a gif: http://makeagif.com/i/ClRiiw Those letters on the side are the keyes I am pressing. On this gif you can see me first going prone, then crawling forward, then crawling backwards diagonally, then when I start to crawl forward again, the guy jumps up without any command to do so. I think it only happens when you go prone from certain stances and movement modes. You might also need to change movement direction more than once while on the ground. I will write a ticket to tracker tomorrow...
  20. Thanks for the info, its very helpfull. That link should be added to the first post.
  21. I think this is updated: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=698224854 Too bad these need to be fished out from the depths of steam workshop. To bad the is no forum thread. Atleast I dont know of it...
  22. bumgie


    I have also worked on these occasionally. However I still struggle sometimes, especially with the top part. Hope you can cope with the data loss!
  23. I have done it thousands of times on multiple surfaces in differing equipment. Snow, asphalt, forest floor, dirt road.I have even done it with skiis and I even remember one rather boring month of my life when I did it on the barracks floor for fun. So yes, I am intimately familiar with this particular movement type, thank you for asking. There is no basis of realism for having it consume huge amounts of your stamina, it is very easy to perform once you get the hang of it and have something to shield your left pelvis from striking the ground.
  24. There is bug with ACE3 advanced stamina. When diving prone from full sprint you lose large amounts of stamina in one go regardless of units equipment or weight. Here is the ticket: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues/4481
  25. Since Zeus is back on the developers table; Could the suppress command be added for Zeus, so that it could command AI groups to suppress locations and enemies?