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  1. Maybe there's something what I have misunderstood while making this island... My project directory P:/ca/Japahto (<-my island's project name) In the Japahto folder: [i]Data[/i] [i]Source[/i] Japahto.wrp Japahto.hpp In the Source folder: [i]Terrain[/i] Layers.cfg MASK_LCO.png SAT_LCO.png In the Terrain folder: terrain.png terrain.pbl In the Data folder: [i]Layers[/i] (textures).paa (textures).rvmat And finally in the Layers folder: .paa files and the .rvmat files (+ config files which are in the other PBO) Anything to change? When I imported satellite + mask to visitor, I chose to save .rvmat files as "Text" instead of "Binary", because if I choose binary, ARMA2 can't load the .rvmat files ingame. (I'm not sure if this is correct, but it it's the only way how it works) I pack the whole Japahto folder by using BinPBO tool, where I'm using [x] Binarize and P:/ca/ as a option's data folder
  2. I have been using BinPBO, shouldn't it binarize it?
  3. Terrain grid size 512x512 Satellite image size: 5120x5120 Texture size: 10,0m x 10,0m Satellite segment: 48
  4. This mission is inspired by Air Cavarly, it includes respawn and hours of playing. Mission starts with a small intro action, so don't worry if you'r going to die at the beginning of the mission, the rest of the mission isn't so difficult :) Second advance also includes a high command ability and it's playable with a small player groups too (even one player is enought). DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.raunhofer.net/Raunhofer/Tiedostot/co%2030%20second%20advance.Chernarus.pbo This mission is tested with a large scale of players. By: Raunhofer [ LDD Kyllikki ] Thnx to makers of Air cavalry & Air cavalry v2, you guys rock!
  5. Hi I'm proud owner of Logitech's G25 Racing wheel, but when I tried to use it with ARMA2, it was purely impossible. I tried to drive with a ammo truck. I have to rotate my wheel something about 90'degrees so arma2 would even recognize the rotating. When I have rotated the ingame wheel to the correct angel and I've turned right on the intersection, it doesn't have any effect if I rotate my G25's wheel back to 0'degree position (it stays in 90'degrees position in ARMA2). IF I want my car to go forward once again, I have to rotate the G25 180'degrees back. Turn Left: G25 Wheel Turn Left Turn Right: G25 Wheel Turn Right Please, tell if I have done something wrong in the settings or something like that, but this was the way it worked in original ARMA. AND it's not surprising if the AI can't stay on the road, because the trucks aren't turning very realistic. Maximum turn is something like half of the real world's trucks. I'm sure these are easy to fix problems when compared to possible engine issues, so please BI, remember me in the next patch. Thank you :)