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  1. I haven't seen this anywhere else so I thought I'd share. This requires that you use the AV-8B [not the AV-8B(LGB)] In the unit init: name doTarget (getPos this nearestObject buildingID#); bomb2 = name fireAtTarget [(getPos this nearestObject buildingID#), "Mk82BombLauncher_6"]; This can also be called up by placing it in the OnAct box of a waypoint, I use a destroy waypoint so the AI has freedom to aim. If the AI is too close to hit the target it won't drop the bomb. Also you may need to adjust the flyInHeight of the unit so the bomb trajectory will miss surrounding buildings. This drops a single bomb. The waypoint method can be used to hit several targets, keeping in mind there is a delay between weapon pickles. For example you will not be able to hit two buildings next to one another. Hope this is helpful.
  2. Ok well, see if there are any such scenes in the campaign if you can and find the name of the chair object that can be used for sitting, if such exists. Might try th editor and check for furniture objects, see if any of those allow _with_Cargo. Sorry I can't do more to help.
  3. Try this in the init line of your unit myChair = "FoldChair_with_Cargo" createVehicle getPos this; this moveInCargo myChair; myChair setDir 180; use the setDir command to adjust the facing of the unit as they will no spawn facing the direction shown in the editor (credit to JamesF1)
  4. I don't have OA yet so I don't know if there may be another chair type that will work better.
  5. I can't help you with the animation loop but when changing the Axis you can do increments smaller than 1 for example 0.1 or 0.01
  6. anfiach

    Chopper spawns in air

    does it spawn flying or is it taking off?
  7. try setDir to get him facing the other way?
  8. There's Berzerk in Arma 2
  9. anfiach

    Knife proposal

    Although officially the war never ended I wouldn't say that they are 'actively' at war. US troops are still stationed in Japan, are we still at war with them? Direct contact between US and N.K. forces rarely if ever results in any sort of combat.As for my sources, well, first hand experience is better than second or third hand accounts. It really depends upon where you are and when. A duty post is not the same as a deployment and deployment to Kuwait is not the same as deployment to Afghanistan etc. etc. Personally I would like to see some sort of melee ability in this game but agree with the guys that don't want to see people running around with knives everywhere. Then again, it always comes down to the people with which you are playing no matter what weapons or abilities are used.
  10. anfiach

    Knife proposal

    They happen, and plenty. Anyone that says they don't is either not doing anything hard or wasting a lot of innocent lives in order to not do anything hard. (insurgents don't come outside and let you shoot them)Also, just because your father was stationed in South Korea doesn't mean they are pointless, I don't know how old you are but South Korea hasn't been actively at war for 60 years. During that war there was plenty of need for melee combat.
  11. Ha!, that's just my bad luck. Like a tease at the prom. :P Good luck.
  12. Does this mean it will no longer be for ArmA 2 Vanilla? If so, nuts.... I was hoping to play this at release but it will be a while before I can get OA :( too bad for me then but kudos on the quick conversion work!
  13. anfiach

    Jet Pilots

    backpacks are a separate model. In order to wear another suit, there would have to be a separate model which would make the first redundant.