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  1. Fantastic work gents!!!!! The angels on our shoulders...... The smoke actually looks like an angel too lmao! :D
  2. nedley

    Change the Language in Arma 2?

    lol bullcrap You brits Keep just press buttons until you are in game.
  3. My hearts says its a new game, new look, new models, new graphics..... If you like arma1, go back to arma1?? I just think it will take some getting used to. But my head says its a great idea! Use addons/mods instead of an option to remove. That way, servers can decided if they want to allow players to remove the motion blur addon, or force them to have blur and make things fair for server that run PVP for example. I think a lot of people have BAD FPS because they have their graphics set too high, and so the motion blur is high. My FPS is great and so the motion blur is hardly noticable. Better FPS = Less motion blur SO Lower graphics settings = Better FPS = lower blur. If you love blur lower you fps
  4. I have a reply and a reason why this is happening which has put my mind at rest! I have requested permission to post the reply here for you all, so upon receipt I will update this post. My buddy jumped the gun, so here it is.
  5. Welcome to the lonely hearts club. Where did you buy your copy?
  6. I'm going to PM you my key because this sounds like a good idea.... see where the problem/error is maybe?
  7. Did you take down the Securerom request ID so you could try manual registration at the website?
  8. Re-installing the game because you need the Securerom Unlock Request Code that comes up when your typing in your CD-Key. I'll let you know.
  9. Yes, but what the kind lady at kundensupport@gamesplanet.com is saying is that it is possible that securerom is not registering, but the CD key is valid, so it is allowing you to play the game (as if you were not connected to the internet) but not access multiplayer.
  10. I was a little more friendly, so I think they realised they should try to help a little more... Quite refreshingly helpful! Thanks Games Planet customer support!!!! Thank you for your message to the Games Planet customer support. Regarding your request of 5 June 2009........ Make sure that the serial number you have entered is correct - best to copy the serial number from the email into the input window, in order to avoid input errors. It may happen that personal firewalls, antivirus programs and other security applications or any existing emulators, virtual drives, etc. software conflicts with the software activation and trigger the activation block. Please disable such programs for a short time from the activation .. If the automatic activation still not working, please select the option for manual activation. The required unlock code can be found at the following site using the serial number and request the code (from the activation window) to create: https: / / support.securom.com / PAunlock / index.php? lang = en & c = 1000 If this too does not work, please email again. Yours sincerely, ******* Games Planet Customer Support Gamesplanet.com / DE
  11. Great. Reply from the e-mail which sent me the activation code/CD-Key said: Thank you for your message to the Games Planet customer support. Regarding your request of 5 June 2009.... Unfortunately, we cannot in this case directly help. We at Planet Games represent only the download portal available and therefore offer support only for download, installation and activation problems. For problems with the game and starting the game, with questions regarding gameplay, multiplayer problems with accounts and multiplayer settings, etc., please contact directly for technical support the Games Publishers: http://www.armedassault.com/de_support.html Yours sincerely, ******** Games Planet Customer Support Gamesplanet.com / DE Talk about pass the bucket :mad:
  12. You can unpack the missions.pbo file in the addOns folder of arma 2 to get the campaign missions. I tried it on my own system offline with a dedicated server though and when I joined, the 'Cooper' player slot (which is essential) is assigned to AI and you cannot switch it. I assume with little editing knowledge you can change this, but I'm too stupid for that :rolleyes:
  13. Legitimate buyers have their electronic receipt, and a good job we do.
  14. nedley

    Invalid CD Key

    Same problem -.- I just finished downloading, patched up to 1.01 and went for some multiplayer action and nien sorry, invalid CD key. Can I please have the support contact address? I cannot find it. Bought from Metaboli also. Be warned: buy elsewhere!!!