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    The Community Mission

    Done it for you. Please check the main post, and carry on story-line from there. Please be mindful of future posts and how your imput might impact the story-line. ---------- Post added at 11:22 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:19 AM ---------- I have included everyone's input where it is relevant to the continuation of the story. Carry on from here. 14. At the forefront of this struggle are the Native Chernarussians, those that dared to resist against the Russian Separatist Dictator's rein. Loyal to the one glorious Pro-Western allegiance, the Native Chernarussians are secretly funded by The U.S., and plot to take a final stand against the Russians in this long and drawn-out conflict by 'cutting the head off the snake'.
  2. nedley

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    WTB Wants to buy Nvidia 8800 GTS 512MB. Please forum PM me.
  3. Tryout the winsock solution mate. Its very quick and simple, but may fix your problem. ---------- Post added at 08:50 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:48 AM ---------- That is a good point you made though Tajin..... Are your 'My Documents' read only? Have you got the appropriate .armaprofiles files and directories?
  4. nedley

    Autokick for Teamkillers

    Its very simple for each server to implement the 'banana room' into their missions as a standard process to avoid this behaviour. I'm sure they will think twice about tk'ing after spending 2 minutes listening to the infamour banana song, and the only way to avoid it is crashing arma and re-joining.
  5. nedley

    Nothing but problems

    I don't think you can be certain that it is not your system here pal, just how we cannot be certain its not the game itself. The single player missions aren't nearly as half demanding on the system as the multiplayer types, so it could be the strain on your system causing the 'Receiving' loading times. Similarly, it could be the server machine. I have experinced big hangs in-game on slow spec dedicated servers put up on the same machine as a player, instead of the typcial yellow or red chain you get on a dedicated machine. Maybe it could be worth it trying an FPS measurer and experimenting with different settings. Search these forums for tweaks also could be beneficial. For instance, the Advanced menu in graphics settings, changing my setting from 'Very High' to 'Default' in the Memory section improved my fps by 15-25. Similarly, -world=empty in the short-cut target made the loading/receiving times reduce to alomst nothing. I have just googled your problem and found over 1500,000 hits regarding securerom. So maybe a little research outside the BIS forums for that issue would help you. Reading the first one, it says how people with virtual/emulated drives have 'Insert CD' problems. I feel your fustration, but this is the BIS forum, not metaboli or securerom. Vent your anger towards them mate.
  6. Yes I are stupid and I are not shootings bcuz of ma smooth mouse. Tried to help. Hopeless effort. Enjoy being annoyed at a good feature in a great game.
  7. nedley

    Autokick for Teamkillers

    ring ring ring ring ring ring ring BANNANA PHONE
  8. That is strange and I am totally puzzled, sorry pal. Lets try to narrow it down. Are people able to join you when you host? You have deactivated personal firewalls, windows firewall, antivirus programs and other security applications or any existing emulators, virtual drives... What point are you able to get to, i.e. slot selection. Does an error occour or do you simply freeze on 'Receiving'? Maybe you have a corrupt Winsock setting. Windows sockets settings may get corrupted due to the installation of a networking software, or due to Malware. You will be able connect to the Internet, but the packets won't transfer back and forth. This will reset/repair the Winsock configuration. Goto Start -> Run Type cmd Type netsh winsock reset Hit enter restart PC try again
  9. This has gone completly off topic. The situation was that the CD Keys that Metaboli were issueing (within 1 hour or 100 hours, its not the issue) were not allowing players to join multiplayer games. This issue was due to the CD Keys not being registered in the master game servers because they were brand new. This issue has now been fixed. Please keep on topic and only post if your CD-Key is INVALID. If you have simply not received your CD Key from a retailer, contact their customer support.
  10. Oh sorry I didn't understand until you wrote in CAPTIAL LETTERS. I MUST BE STUPID. ---------- Post added at 01:14 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:12 PM ---------- YEH BI WTF I WANT TO BE ABLE TO MOVE A 30KG WEAPON THAT IM HOLDING MOVE 90 DEGREES IN 20 MILLISECONDS WITHOUT MOVING EXACTLY FROM WHERE I WANT IT. Seriously, how old are you guys? Why don't you go back to Quake or COD.
  11. I lol'd. Considering your not trying to be unfriendly you might try not saying that people who are trying to help you are posting here by mistake.
  12. I didn't read your post?! I don't quite understand why you say that. I posted exactly what you said your problem was.... Anyway. What makes you think there is a problem, and its not just the way the game is built? As Mr Fenix said, this is not your average first person shooter. The gun is not stuck to your chest with a motionless structure. If you run, your gun will not be pointing forwards. If the problem is that your gun is taking too long when stationary to move into the centre of your screen, its because you have the float settings on. If the gun moved with your mouse and stays in the centre of your screen in relation to your head and it simply feels slow, its your FPS being low. What exactly is your FPS while standing still? You would not want it any lower than 50 standing still anywhere.
  13. Working now? If not, do you have a Nvidia motherboard? Can they see the game in the list?
  14. Hello there, I'll try to help out as much as I can because I don't want to see players leave this great game because of something that could be changed very easily. It sounds to me as though you are experiencing low FPS. I would suggest download a program such as fraps to measure your FPS while in-game. This game is quite demanding on your system, so please don't be surprised to hear that it could be your hardware. The only other explanation may be the settings in-game. It is possible in ArmA2 to move your head and have your weapon follow shortly after. Please check your in-game options and have a play around with the sliding bar. Sorry I cannot remember the name of the option as I am awaly from my gaming PC (at work, bah). As for the voices: It would not be possible to record every combination of co-ordinates or locations and have the voices pre-defined. Arma2 has a vast terrain and does not follow a small, set path such as the other games you mentioned.
  15. nedley

    Nothing but problems

    I LOL'd. Slight contradiction to your first post. If your running on ‘Very High’ with a 512mb card, your ‘no problems’/receiving/flickering issue could be expected. There is no need to get bitter. I’m merely trying to explain to you that the game will continue to be improved, and its totally unreasonable to expect a 0% error margin when chartering in unexplored territory… The game is brand new, and both BIS AND hardware manufacturers with most games that challenge their limits have to update their software to meet the demands of one-another and their end users!!!!! As for ‘half assed’, I don’t think you can blame BIS for Securerom’s shortfalls. Do you think they would be happy for purchasing Securerom for protection of their game while it is full of bugs?
  16. nedley

    Enemy Accuracy way to good.

    You must not know the server config can change these settings. ‘Class difficulties’ allow you to customise the accuracy and skill (spotting the enemy, reaction time) using a numeric format. Most servers will not have this changed, though the ‘Shadows’ server (release TBA) will have 50% enemy accuracy and 75% friendly accuracy I believe. This should prolong those fire-fights, give the game a more intense feeling (bullets flying everywhere) and mean that the player is not too disadvantaged without being able to spot the enemy and the limited cover in the rural areas. No more 5 kills – 15 deaths on veteran mode with full grass! Although in Arma 1 setting the enemy accuracy too low meant the enemy didn't even engage with weapons, only grenades. Lets hope its fixed.
  17. nedley

    Nothing but problems

    I think of Arma as a work in progress….. I have never played a game that was bug free. Given that, the bugs that we are expierencing are not forefront to this game!!!! Maybe one of the dafult mission is buggy, or a certain setting on your graphics card makes the screen flicker. Bottom line is its A bloody brilliant piece of engineering (Which was probably completely bug-free on the machines that made it, but how can developers predict each combination of software, hardware and settings that each gamer will use? Alas, the plight of PC games, if you don't like it get a console). Those of us that played Arma1 know that the release version is not a final copy, unlike most games. It will improve with every patch released. The developers will continue to patch, fix, update and improve the game for years to come for our benefit!! As for your system…….. Well, what do you expect? Maybe you ought to check the reccomended system requirements.
  18. :confused: Come on people, there must be a way to do this.
  19. It certainly sounds like a firewall type issue. What is your motherboard? I'll bet you a pint your on a Nvidia board. I had a friend, with an Nvidia chipset board (680i I believe), who installed the NVIDIA NETWORK ACCESS MANAGER along with the drivers, which is basically a hidden firewall in your system and blocks a hell of a lot of games. A google search will return a lot of hits as its a big issue. I would suggest making a system restore point (just in case) and removing all the related NVIDIA drivers from the Add/Remove Programs menu in Control Panel. If you have a Nvidia board of course. Then re-install all with exception of network access manager, and all related 'network' options for that matter. Otherwise, I would try to deactivate all firewalls on my computer, including Microsofts security centre with CMD, and limit the programs that start when my system boots (MSCONFIG). Are you on XP or Vista?
  20. nedley

    Autokick for Teamkillers

    You best bet to have a decent game is to join a gaming community or clan of some sorts. I play with ATOW, Arma Theatre Of War, which isn't a clan or guild, but a collective of Arma players who appreciate the structure, direction and organisation of a complex military system. For instance, we play within squads, on two conflicting factions, and you are given a speciality and rank which to can work towards. We play 'offical' large scale (64+ player) battles (towards a campaign) once a week, and organised 'fun day' battles frequently. They have a huge team with a collective knowledge of arma, modding and editing that would blow your mind. Besides that, there players are online daily who you can organise a quick game that you know will be great fun and have a purpose. Quite often the best games are those with small seperate squads, working together within a command structure, and closed to the 'public' (locked server). If this sounds like something you might be interested in, visit www.arma-tow.com/
  21. Is there anything you can do to help us with our issue? Clutching at straws, thinking if you can check the validity can you not activate? I'm sorry, I do not want to pester and any help at all is muchly appreciated.
  22. This happened to me in arma 1 mate, its a firewall issue. You need to forward ports 2302, 2303, 2305 and 2307 both TCP and UDP. Google port-forwarding to learn how.
  23. If the support offices adhere to standard working times it looks as though our issues won't be fixed until maybe next week. Quite fustrating. Does anyone know of a retailer that has working copies to purchase? As Metaboli are now issueing refunds, it may be worth going else-where if they have working keys rather than wait.
  24. I think Metaboli have started to issue refunds since their CD Keys are not working (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=73655)
  25. nedley

    The Community Mission

    *Post reserved for future story-line*