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  1. I'm up for trying this MP. Add my on xfire 'bigbadbobned' for pm me on forums. Sounds very good.
  2. nedley

    Should I buy from STEAM or Sprocket??

    I'd love to purchase this from Sproket but for the last 24 hours I have not been able to access the website! (From the UK). Maybe someone has the direct link to purchase screen, instead of trying to click through the heavily stressed site.
  3. Installed Six Updater. From scratch downloaded @ACE;@ACEX;@CBA When I launch I get 'Addon 'ace_c_vehicle' requires 'CA_AH64D' I'm not using Arma Beta patch. I have a running version of 1.05. Any solution?
  4. I'm trying to create a triggerd nuke explosion with this script. I have the 'map click' version. So I've created a trigger, taken out the map-click, and replaced with the script posted by Mtuckner, but it still drops on the player... My 'nukelaunch' is identical. What is wrong? ________________________ Figured it out. 'Nuke1' must be a player, vehicle or building, NOT a marker. silly me.
  5. Hey guys, Is there a knack to refilling the ammo for a chopper at a FARP? It goes up, then goes back to nothing almost straight away. Cheers.
  6. nedley

    The Undead Mod

    Thats what I presumed. So I placed the trigger in a field away from the town, so the infected would run to the town where we where. But they never came. I created a chopper to check and flew over, they just stand in the field doing nothing. Even with AI civs and troops in a nearby town. This is why I was lead to believe they were on the static setting.
  7. nedley

    The Undead Mod

    I'm trying to create a script that respawns a group when the ZEDCNT is <5 I want the spawned group to have the varibale: setvariable "CHN_UNDEAD_SM_GRPTYPE","MIGRATING",true]; How is this done? So far I have: Unit Monitor CHNTimer = 0; Wsupnum=0; _walive = 0; CHN_HELOWAIT=false; CHN_ZEDINFCLD=false; CHN_WINFCLD=false; sleep 15; while {alive player} do { if ((CHN_UNDEAD_ZEDCNT<5) and ! CHN_ZEDINFCLD) then { [] spawn CHN_SpawnZeds; CHN_ZEDINFCLD=true; SpawnZeds _mhpos=position ZedSpawn1; _spgrp2 = createGroup resistance; "CHN_UNDEAD_Policeman" createunit [_mhpos,_spgrp2,format ["ECHO1%1 = this",Wsupnum], 1, "COLONEL"]; "CHN_UNDEAD_Rocker2" createunit [_mhpos,_spgrp2,format ["ECHO2%1 = this",Wsupnum], 1, "COLONEL"]; "CHN_UNDEAD_HouseWife5" createunit [_mhpos,_spgrp2,format ["ECHO3%1 = this",Wsupnum], 1, "COLONEL"]; "CHN_UNDEAD_Damsel4" createunit [_mhpos,_spgrp2,format ["ECHO4%1 = this",Wsupnum], 1, "COLONEL"]; "CHN_UNDEAD_Citizen3" createunit [_mhpos,_spgrp2,format ["ECHO5%1 = this",Wsupnum], 1, "COLONEL"]; "CHN_UNDEAD_Priest" createunit [_mhpos,_spgrp2,format ["ECHO6%1 = this",Wsupnum], 1, "COLONEL"]; "CHN_UNDEAD_Profiteer4" createunit [_mhpos,_spgrp2,format ["ECHO7%1 = this",Wsupnum], 1, "COLONEL"]; "CHN_UNDEAD_Hooker2" createunit [_mhpos,_spgrp2,format ["ECHO8%1 = this",Wsupnum], 1, "COLONEL"]; "CHN_UNDEAD_Secretary3" createunit [_mhpos,_spgrp2,format ["ECHO9%1 = this",Wsupnum], 1, "COLONEL"]; "CHN_UNDEAD_Functionary2" createunit [_mhpos,_spgrp2,format ["ECHO10%1 = this",Wsupnum], 1, "COLONEL"]; "CHN_UNDEAD_Madam3" createunit [_mhpos,_spgrp2,format ["ECHO11%1 = this",Wsupnum], 1, "COLONEL"]; "CHN_UNDEAD_Hooker2" createunit [_mhpos,_spgrp2,format ["ECHO12%1 = this",Wsupnum], 1, "COLONEL"]; _zombiegrp setvariable ["CHN_UNDEAD_SM_GRPTYPE","MIGRATING",true]; sleep 13; CHN_ZEDINFCLD=false; Wsupnum=Wsupnum+1; Init file CHN_UnitMonitor = compile preprocessfilelinenumbers "UnitMonitor.sqf"; CHN_SpawnZeds = compile preprocessfilelinenumbers "SpawnZeds.sqf"; [] spawn CHN_UnitMonitor; Where have I gone wrong? Is there an easier way to do this?
  8. Hey, I've been playing arma2 since release, never any problems. Today, a server goes down while i'm playing, and when I reconnect, connection fails. When i return to the lobby and refresh, no servers are coming up. I have tried a reboot, no change. My firewall is disabled. What is going on?
  9. nedley

    No servers in list

    Apparently its game tracker. I can still join through IP. Awsome gamespy -.-
  10. astral54r - Those are standard 'Hex' errors. It can be anything from a corrupt short-cut, to bad .dll files or drivers. Try to execute the program from the install directory. If not, then have you recently used Windows Update, or installed any other software? I would advise a simple re-install, but be sure to delete all left-over files/folders after uninstall (check hidden files in c:/documents and settings for left-over arma2 files).
  11. That's a little vague. Give me a little bit more information and I might be able to help; Specific error, error message? Operating System Connection Software (Anti-virus, firewall)
  12. It doesn't sound like a typical Firewall/NAT/Port issue, as you are able to connect in the first instance. What it sounds like to me is a problem with either your connection or broadband line. Try the following: Update your system drivers/firmware. Goto the manufacturer's website and download the lastest driver for your network adapter, and try to update the router firmware if possible. Manually assign your connection an IP. Sometimes another connection into your network may attempt to use your IP. Assign a manual IP address something higher in the subnet of the default. For example, your gateway IP might be, and your PC IP Instead, assign this as anything upto the max subnet (249). Wireless connection? If yes, change the channel on your router (1-11). (I have experienced connection drops before using wireless setup, because another near router is using the same channel). Wireless connection utility. Sometimes Windows own wireless connection wizard and some manufacturers ulities conflict, causing seemily random drops from your connection. Usually the best option is to disable the windows wizard and use the utility. Test your connection when the drop happens. Open command prompt quickly as soon as the drop occours. Ping both your router and a website. Type: Ping (or maybe a different address depending on your routers default gateway address). If the connection times out then you have a connection issue with your PC. If not, ping www.google.com (or any other). If the connection times out then you have a connection issue with your broadband line. If that is the case, contact the ISP and ask for a diagnostic test on your line. Sometimes lines are set at too high speeds, which causes routing errors. Packets are sent too quickly and returned to the ISP. They might slow your time to decrease the issues if this is the case. If you need any help how to do any of this, reply here and I will walk you trough it. Will need your software specs.
  13. nedley

    Internet Connection

    Its probably the server mate. When they reach quite high capacity, some (maybe low bandwidth) servers will lag like this. It may depend on the sync with other players and their connection, but if its the AI lagging its usually you or the server. I would look for a server that my ping is no higher than 100 at any point.
  14. nedley

    A little help ?

    One of the two/three ATOW servers that are up has C&H (Capture and Hold) PVP maps. He has made dozens in different areas. These are the best missions that I have ever played on Arma1 and Arma2, made by a fellow called CoolBox. You'll need to ask his permission to use them. They are VERY good.
  15. Probably the best way to learn how to do something is to analyse how somebody else has already done it. Try opening up a PVP template (www.armaholic.com downloads might be a good place to look) and then looking at the type of scripts etc. the original maker has used. Most of these 'templates' are actually there for this reason so I think you'd be OK to edit them yourself or copy them into your own mission. Good luck!
  16. nedley

    couple of questions

    1. Choose a sniper class. You cannot 'change' uniform. Each player/class has a set 'uniform'. 2. You carry a GPS, on your map unless the mission/server disabled it. 3. No, unless you have a laser marker or UAV.
  17. There certainly is. I've joined servers before and been kicked due to slot reservation. I'll search it out and edit here.
  18. If you've not noticed, shadows make a very nice effect on the grass, bushes and trees. Disabling shadows and enabling AA is not worth the difference in my opinion. If I were you I'd wait until fully functional AA. There is no real 'fix' in this post. Not worth the time to read all this crap. Wonder how many posts we'll have from trolls who want to tell us everytime they have low/high fps.
  19. Manually assign yourself an IP address to fix this.
  20. nedley

    The view..

    Let him go. I've got no patience for people that threaten to return their game before even attempting to tweak/troubleshoot their setup.
  21. Sounds like typical ''Limited Connectivity'' alert. It doesn't sound Arma or OS related. Could be a lot of things though, something as simple as someone logging into your network with the same manually assigned IP, or another WIFI network using your network channel. Lets try to narrow it down. Give us some more info on your connection; Wifi/Ethernet? Wifi Channel? Router? IP Setup? How many connections to router? Router Firmware updated?
  22. How did you get on with your problem mate?
  23. A simple search would have returned the results! Read the forum rules. Anyway, here you go. Forward ports 53, 80, 88, 2302, 2304, 2305, 2306, 2074, 3074. If you are having problem after this, launch cmd.exe and type: 'netsh winsock reset' Restart your PC, should be ok after this.