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  1. -acu-tech

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    I'm in too LJ! :619:
  2. -acu-tech

    Dslyecxi's 'Paper doll' Gear Menu

    Awesome, was hoping for this! Thanks !
  3. Ah ok, sorry can't help you more, I'm quite a newb at this still :/
  4. I think you can use : this addPrimaryWeaponItem "ITEM_NAME"
  5. -acu-tech

    [HMM] Stance Indicator

    I'm taking it! Thanks JamesF1
  6. Thanks for that Dslyecxi! Can't live without it! Regards,
  7. -acu-tech

    Urban Patrol Script

    Awesome! Thanks Kronsky!
  8. -acu-tech

    CO_02 Skirmish at Marina Bay by SilentAce07

    Cool, I had a quick go at it, about 10-15 minutes and it was a blast! Will try it out in coop 2nite with my bud. Good job!
  9. -acu-tech

    Arma 2 on Windows 8

    Hey guys, not that I want to hijack this thread but it's the only one I fond regarding Windows 8... Running RP x64 here, I can't get Steam CO to launch at all, nothing happens. If I launch OA, BAF or PMC separatly they do launch fine, but Combined Operations refuses to start... Anyone else having this issue? Thank you **EDIT: Argh nevermind, just tried running with admin rights, works now, I feel like a noob :/
  10. -acu-tech

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    You might want to test your RAM ascendence, I've seen bad RAM causing this before...
  11. -acu-tech

    Anyone try the Android version?

    Maybe, but seeing it wouldn't even sync with Microsoft Outlook, they lost to an iPhone instead, and boy am I glad I did!
  12. -acu-tech

    WarFX : Blastcore

    I totally agree
  13. Hey great job so far, I love the sounds!!
  14. -acu-tech

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Man that is one nice xmas present! Nice hat you got there OS, thanks and congrats on the release!